The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


The term Maker is also used.


Hmm… I wonder if those human threats are just those amateur supernatural hunters that everybody else thinks they’re crazy.

N doesn’t like pizza??!

N and M sort of tied in angst level


I am not surprised, pizza seems like it would be a vampire’s nightmare. So many different flavors all at once? N probably would like fancy pizza tho.

Also now I know the real reason my MC dumped Bobby.

Bobby: No.

Pineapple pizza is delicious, Bobby! What is wrong with you??


Yes! I really don’t get why people don’t like pineappleon pizza :laughing:


Because NO. That’s why. Keep your sweet off my savory. Even if you only get it with pineapple on half it leaks onto the rest of the pizza! I’m sure the vampires (other than F) would understand the pain. :slightly_frowning_face:
(That said, you do you.)


M and A probably don’t like pizza at all so they are no authority on good pizza toppings!

I like having a little kick of sweetness to make the savory pop! It’s good!


I’m not a fan of having them mixed in general, just too weird for my taste buds.
A strikes me as the type to have at least minimal food/cooking knowledge. :thinking: (Though I could of course be very wrong.)


I remember Sera answered an ask about who on UB is a good cook but that’s like ages ago! You’re probably right about A and I think she said N is the best cook. (someone correct me if I’m wrong)


Answer from Tumblr:

F is probably the worst at cooking-can’t really see the MC enjoying the meal that much, but F would still put their heart and soul into the meal as much as possible!

M doesn’t cook-they’ve never needed to learn the skill what with having… other dietary needs… So any meal they attempted to cook might be, uh, hard to stomach, lol.

A is not a bad cook, not chef level, still decent. Their souffle might deflate, but it would still taste pretty good (why does that sound like an innuendo? :D).

And N -probably kind of obviously, the almost perfect being that they are at romance, lol-can cook very well!*

So yeah, N is a great cook even with the struggle of tech. They can at least manage that much…even if they don’t like it, haha!

Hope that helps :smiley: Sorry I havent’ been around much here or the WIP thread, super busy at the moment, but I’m still around!


Hell yes, the only ppl who don’t like pineapple on pizza are ppl who haven’t tried it!


must… resist… making… dumb… joke… about… A’s… soufflé…

Show of hands, who’s brave enough to try F’s cooking! raises hand



Am I the only one who thought N’s route wasn’t gonna get angsty or at least it would be much less angsty than M. But will the whole blood thing, I’m not too sure about anything anymore…


quietly raises hand and waits for F’s love


sera actually rated each route’s angst level before.

on a scale of 1-10: (i can’t exactly remember them though)

A - 9/10 (or is it the LT route?)

M - 7/10

N - 6/10

F - 5/10

I probably got all of them wrong

And with hints about N’s reaction to MC’s blood, yeah I think N’s route is gonna be pretty angsty.

edit: i apologise for not providing links to those asks, i just can’t find them.


If you don’t mind me jumping in, just gonna drop the ask you’re talking about. And hey, pretty spot-on~!

Adam/Ava = 8/10… oh yeah, it’s up there!

Nate/Nat = 6/10

Felix/Farah = 4/10

Mason/Morgan = 7/10

Love Triangle = 9/10 :smiley:


thank you! though I think Sera should update that. LT should be 12/10!


F: I cooked for you, MC!
F: places food(?) in front of MC
MC: …
F: … I understand if you don’t want to eat-
MC: picks it up and starts eating
F: How is it?!
MC: …
MC: tears running down cheeks it’s great.
F: Yay! I’m so glad! walks off
A: … MC, are you-
MC: Take me to the hospital.


What if F asks N to teach them how to cook??


I’d do it. I’d regret it but I’d still do it. Just to see how happy F gets.


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why N spent three weeks in the psych ward.