The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


What about this. Your MC rating UB in a WeRateDogs kind of way?


lmao, Genius! Can someone actually do a scenario where mc rates each of them.


I think that would change on who you’re romancing, lol.

A!MC: trust me, they're good sometimes 9/10

N!MC: 100/10, incidentally it's how many languages they can speak

F!MC: :sparkles: :unicorn: :sparkles: without a doubt the bestest

M!MC: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 10/10 is good

LT!MC: :eyes: :sweat_drops:


Felix: Rin, do M!
Rin: … 4.
Felix: No no, you can’t go below 10!
Rin: … but it’s out of 10?
Felix: Yes! You see-
Rin: That’s now how rating systems work, Felix.
Felix: I know, but-
Rin: 4 was generous anyway.


Here’s Ripley’s rates!

A: We’ll / O
N: Bang / K
F: O / We’ll
M: K / Bang

In conclusion,


Charlotte: Uhhhhhhh, I can’t choose! You’re all great in your own individual ways!

Nate: Aw, that’s so sweet—

Adam: [suddenly competitive] That’s not how these things work! Do it again!

Charlotte: [sweats nervously]


Ummm, this is true even if the MC isn’t romancing them. If they are they just add “World Class Snuggler.”


Just jumping into N conversation. This might be me reading too much into it, but having an amazing self control doesn’t mean they don’t feel a huge temptation. You can be very severe with your own diet, and still walk past a pastry shop, smell the freshly baked goods and wish you could eat all of it.

So, what I’m going about is, what if they haven’t feel temptation in a very very long time, but now with the Detective they feel it again. What if that is what terrifies them?

I am kind of rubbing my hands with this, because, what if them having less blood is self punishment for something they did in the past? Maybe that is their penitence.


I discovered The Wayhaven Chronicles a couple of days ago…and it’s amazing. I have already replay it so many times! And then I just discover that there is already one demo for book 2?

I have been reading a bit of this thread since I learn about this game, and you all look like very nice people, I can’t wait to join in the conversations :smiley:


Welcome to the fandom Diman! Do you have any favourite RO? And most importantly, OLD CAR GROUP, OR NEW CAR?


Guuuys, guuuys, quick question. Has it been confermed that N or any of Unit B has never had any mutated blood like the MC’s before? Since I mean in every sense during book One how Murphy acted about the blood and their come down from a taste. It almost seems like the blood is like an addictive drug even before Murphy altered their blood. So that makes me wonder? What if N had mutated blood before? Like not even on purpose and that is why he had such a strong reaction?


Thanks for the welcome! I like all the romances but Farah has to be my favorite. And I’m firmly team old car. We’ve been through to much with it to let it go.



Felix is my favourite boy, and old car all the way.


welcome Diman! and glad to have another member of team old car!


Sort of a long post, but this is what I’ve figured so far. There’s probably something wrong here, so take it with a grain of salt. Longer than I realized, so under details.

Wild-ish guess here

I don’t think it’s been exactly confirmed in text. The mutation is natural, comparable to ones providing resistance to the Black Plague and HIV, although the initial mutation seemed to imply some level of exposure to the Supernatural. Thinking about it, I don’t know for sure if this happened as a result of that exposure or was just coincidental (my first thought are spicy peppers, which came about as a way to prevent animals from eating them; humans came to like them in their food just by accident). But, for now, I’ll assume the mutation came as a result of exposure.
Given that the Agency surely had to have known of this (some way of creating a reliable test to run on the MC, for one thing), it wouldn’t be shocking for N or any of the rest to have at least a vague experience with the mutated blood. It may even have happened before they joined the Agency (I don’t remember if it was mentioned in the game, but I’d hazard a guess that the mutation happened at least within a millennium before the start of the game, certainly up to a couple of centuries after the first Human/Echolian encounter).
We don’t know the details of when the members of the team turned (or came to Earth, in the case of F), but (and this has been brought up before in the forum and on Sera’s Tumblr, so this is nothing new) I’m leaning towards the idea of something happening in N’s past that involved the mutated blood. Nothing on the level of Murphy, but enough for them to have a reaction and counter-reaction to that event to where they want to hold on to their humanity as much as possible. Something to keep them grounded.


Yah it’s somewhere along the lines of that…at least that’s what I think.

Just my theory

N had some thing in their past that had to do with blood, and it was something bad. Like they just lost control and instead of the N we all know and love, they turned into a blood thirsty vamp…and now they’re trying to make sure something like that never happens again, not just them but I think the agency knows about N’s past too, as does Rebecca and A. Therefore N gets less blood than the rest to keep them humane (If u remember in book 1, F makes a joke about N needing less blood than the rest of them and N tenses up). Then again, like u said it could go more into something with the mutation.


That makes a lot of sense, but what about them needing less blood, when they have such good self control? It’s like only around the detectives blood they act like this. Lol I’m actually about ready to give up on u N, and just wait till book five (cuz u all know sera is gonna bring the angst) (unless this whole blood thing has something to do with N’s backstory)


I’m not even sure if we know who turned N into a vampire (or A or M, and one of the current theories is that M was some sort of science experiment). Maybe the one who bit them (what’s a good term for such a person?) didn’t quite teach them certain skills. Later on, they had to learn those things the hard way; I’ll need to replay it to see how much of the restriction seems to be self-inflicted.
Actually, when I think about it, N being around the detective might be like a former addict being around someone that reminds themselves of their old life.


I’ve heard the term “sire” in other stories about vampires, but I don’t know whether it’s something Sera has commented on or that Wayhaven has special terminology for. Or whether it’s something the fandom has discussed and come to any kind of consensus on


Honestly, aside from this and the CoG series set in Memphis (and Monsters of New Haven High), I haven’t read much of anything vampire-related. But that sounds about right. Hopefully we can get that sorted out sooner than later. Along with the rest of their backstories.
With the above, though, I might have to remind myself that this is also Fantasy. It blurs the line between science and supernatural, but using conventional biology only goes so far.