The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Most of the puppies are probably dead now. :confused:


Well now I know you’re just trying to make me feel better. N could never work twitter and we know it.


F helps so it’s still valid!


F does all the computer work, while N hovers behind their shoulder and dictates? What if A is a good photographer and they’re responsible for taking the photos, just for N


Omg and M helps by posing all the dogs… WeRateDogs is an entire UB team effort! :heart::dog:



F can’t spell half the words N says, N can’t work twitter so they never realize that F is just winging it.

F: Ok, how would you describe this goode boye?

N: Beautiful. Effervescent. His zest for life is infectious. A true pleasure to witness.

WeRateDogs: 13/10 goode boye would pet again good job


N probably runs a puppy adoption agency that spans the world. Also here’s a picture of golden retriever puppies. image


F: Look at this dog, N!
N: That looks like a service dog.
F: Says he helped find missing people after a building collapsed.
N: See, these are why dogs are amazing. They can be trained to help people and they ask for nothing in return. What truely majestic and wonderful creatures, we-
F: posts tweet while N continues in background
WeRateDogs: WE GOT A RARE 15/10 PUPPER!!


Half the popularity of the account comes from the fact that N is in all the pictures with the dogs

F: Okay, here’s the one M had to use their pheromones on to get her to sit still for A to take a picture.

N: I remember that one!

F: You remember all of them.

N: I do!

N: She was incredibly rambunctious but not boisterous, simply preferring to live her life to its fullest!

WeRateDogs: s a s s y g i r l 10/10

Then the post receives 3,000 notes, 1,000 for the dogs, 1,000 for N, 1,000 for both.




F: Remember the chihuahua?

N: Yes! That little spitfire! Kept nipping at me even after I was holding her, though she was trembling like a leaf, but eventually I earned her trust and—

WeRateDogs: 🌶️/10 spicy taco dog


It’s a good thing instagram wasn’t around for that long, otherwise N would be some kind of dog-posting cryptid.

“Have you heard? That instagram’s been posting for over 70 years.”
“I hear the son is running it now”
“But they look so similar

Also imagine A taking time to secretly work on their camera work to get the best dog pics for their bff. F (and Rebecca?) help.


A: [tries to sneak in a cat rate]
N: We have a brand, A!


I kinda love whenever we talk about UB doing stuff together it’s like “Oh! N and F being cute and A being supportive in their grumpy way! … also M is there.”

M is just in the background while the other three are being adorable.


But M provides a vital function! A may have the patience required to be an animal photographer, but M’s presence is what calms the doggies in a way that A, a cat person, cannot.

I’m also working under the fact that N might just get too excited to use their pheromones on the dogs to calm them and M has no such qualms, lol. They would be there all day with a single dog without M, but with M they have a huge volume of posts every day. It’s really quite lovely.




M has to keep those puppers in line or they’ll get fur all over their dark clothes.


What if every April Fool’s it turns into WeRateCats with A as the one in all the pictures??

F: Ok, so this is a picture of A with…a cat…?

N: It’s a Maine Coon, you can tell by the size—

WeRateDogsCats: b i g b o y e 10/10 absolute units

And then every Halloween it’s pictures of M with unusual animals. One of my in-game headcanons is that weird animals love M for some reason. Last year it was bats, this year it’s raccoons, F has a stockpile of pictures of M with snakes, so that’s probably next Halloween. WeRateSneks.

And on F’s birthday it’s just F’s selfies. WeRateF

They’re all 10/10.


Alternatively, the account turns into :unicorn: WeRateUnicorns :unicorn: on F’s birthday.!

N: [does a beautiful unicorn oil painting for F as a gift]
WeRateUnicorns: :sparkles: LISAFRANK :unicorn: /pointyboy, wish it was real :star_struck:


Amazing. Even better. :sparkles: