The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Accuracy level of this comment it 110%.

Also I laughed so hard imagining A and N rapping like that.


Question: Who out of the unit bravo boys would be most calm if the detective was pregnant and her water broke. Who would handle the situation best?

Answer: Adam would be the best in that situation. They’re the calmest usually in all situations :smiley:

Thank you so much for the ask! :slight_smile:

Sera, you can’t just say that and expect me not think about it for the next 10 years!


Would they still be calm if it was their child with the MC?


I really hope we get to teach F how to make paper airplanes! F is just so precious! :hugs:


The UB bunker the next day: yes, that is a piloting degree on the wall

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LMAO that’s so accurate! :joy:

thanks @ceecrab ! :heart:


After the meeting with A and N

Verda: So I met two members of the team that the Detective is working with, Tina. Have you-
Tina: slams hands on desk

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So N and blood… what does this mean!!!

Our theories are just going out the window!


This doesn’t make any sense!
If they have such control over blood, then why did they react the most to mc’s blood?
Why is mc’s blood so effective on them?
And why does Rebecca disapprove so much of them dating her kid?
…Perhaps, it has something to do with the mutation? And mc’s blood just effects them?..
But that still doesn’t quite explain about F making that joke about how N needs less blood bags than the others… And I’m not sure that’s why Rebecca is worried about N dating their child. A also seems to not approve of N dating the detective…But if there was a chance N might hurt the detective for their blood, do you guys really think N would take that risk?
Sera is definitely keeping us on our toes, because now I’m more intrigued than ever.

Also confused.


same. until we know more, I’m just assuming sera’s answer is about them controlling their blood cravings around normal people, not the detective’s.


Yeah, Ok, I’m definitely stumped about N. Not sure what other possibilities there are if the bloodlust isn’t a problem. What’s causing them to act so weird on MC’s blood? :thinking:



There go all of my theories…

I love you N…but you are so frustrating omfg.

That said…N is Thor #confirmed!!! :smiley:

Those with strong healing abilities would unlikely feel anything at all except the touch of a leaf, like N.

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N, what is it with you and the detectives blood?..
cue evil Morty theme for Rick and Morty


Guys. Guys. Guys.

Just because N has good control now doesn’t mean they always have.

Edit: And, you know what’s always made me wonder. :thinking: N’s blood thing never comes up in the Love Triangle Route…


MMMMMMM, the possibilities…

I don’t think anyone’s throwing that out, but what I am getting confused by is N’s reaction to blood now when they supposedly have fantastic control. :thinking:

As @Marceline_Reyes said (also HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :smiley: ), it could just be the Detective’s blood that’s *~speshul~* (which, I mean, it objectively is), but I always rather took it as most human blood is like…a Hershey’s chocolate bar, while the Detective’s blood was high-priced Belgian chocolate, which is to say tantalizing and delicious. But now it just seems that compared to regular human blood, the Detective’s blood is literal crack cocaine pizza, aw yiss it’s back.

Like in the WIP for Book Two? Because I could’ve sworn N’s reaction to the Detective’s blood in Murphy’s warehouse is the same regardless of who you romance?


Mayhaps it’s not a matter of them having control but them having flashbacks to when they didn’t have control?

Or maybe it’s just a matter of N being overly cautious because they’re just that sweet of a person and having the MC’s blood tempt them at all got them shook. I mean, N does drink less blood then the rest and has a great control normally. A probably doesn’t get bothered by it since they embrace being a vampire so throughly, same with M and, I mean, F has always been a vampire so it’s nothing new, but N wants to cling to their humanity as much as possible.

Hell, spending time with the MC and other humans probably felt great until this sudden reminder that, no, they aren’t human anymore.


Well, yes, but in N’s ending scene at the Agency hospital where they get unnerved around MC’s blood in a bag. Nothing like that happens in the Love Triangle’s ending scene



i have no words…

I guess Charlotte’s just gonna have to romance the crap out of Nate because holy crap, that precious bean should not feel those feelings, omg. :sob:


Hold on, wait, I’m actually really sad now, let’s talk about happier things!! :cry:

Do you…do you guys think that F only eats the muffin tops then leaves the rest? [uncontrollable sobbing] Do ya think N also gets a bit disappointed by muffin stumps but keeps eating them because that’s what humans do oh god, this was supposed to be happy, oh no [gross sobbing noises] [dying pterodactyl noises]




Happier things?



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