The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


They’d just be different (but still the same) people then.


I don’t know whether to love that or despise it.
Mc flirts with A
A: flirts back with a smile and dimples
Mc: :heart_eyes:

Mc flirts with N
N: brooding we should be getting back to work detective
Mc: :frowning:


That sounds apocalyptic. Standoffish Nate would break my heart :confounded:


I was about to say, “But couldn’t you then just switch to a for once openly caring Adam?” but then I realised.

It wouldn’t be the same.

Adam? Emotionally available? Not the man I love :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yah same goes for N being all stoic, my life would no longer have meaning.
F acting like M might be interesting but I want my bundle of joy to be a bundle of joy. And M, their personality just fits :wink:


One thing this discussion does have me wondering about though, is a body-swap episode. F and A, N and M swap? M and A, F and N? Either way, it’d be one hell of a sight


Ahahhaaha, that would be a hell of a sight, would they still have the same voice or would the voice be the same as the body?



F in N’s body: I FEEL SO HUGE!! Ha ha!! I can grab things off the top shelf!!
N in F’s body: F, please.
F: putting N’s stuff high up Hee hee.
A in M’s body: laying on floor
N: How are you doing, A?
A: … I think I can feel sound…
N: M, is there anything that could help A?
M in A’s body: looking down their shirt … damn.
N: M!


ok but like what if there was de aging thing for the detective, some random supernatural hits the detective and suddenly bam teenage detective.

it would probably either be hilarious or heartbreaking depending on how they acted

For luka it would a mix of heartbreaking and just general oh shit moments because he did not have a good childhood boy howdy


Would it change their personality back to that of a teen then, or just their body?

(My)Emma was a really shy teenager…that’d be interesting.
“So detective…how are you holding up?”
Pan to Emma, arms crossed, pressing herself into the corner of her office and refusing to look anyone in the eyes. “…” shrugs

“Isn’t it past your curfew detective?”
Adult Emma stuck as a teenager: “Farah I swear to god…”


personality and they wouldn’t have any memories of ub maybe?


But a change in one of their deeply ingrained habits is a big deal! It looks like someone has a soft spot after all…:wink::wink:


Maybe, but I’d think they’d have to find out sooner or later. It’d be difficult to change them back otherwise, and staying a teen (and ignorant to danger) with so many supernaturals roaming around would be…stupid.


Just imagine F and A swap, with F going full throttle on the British accent

F as A: Golly gosh, look at the time! Now, if we dawdle any longer, we’ll surely miss the six o’clock cricket game at Lord Jollybottom’s mansion!

N: gasps You know Sir Frederick?!
M: gasps You know what cricket is?!
A: What did I do to deserve this…


What about… F in M’s body.

M in F’s Body: Where the -beep- did F take my body?!
A and N: shrugs
F in M’s Body: walks in wearing this
F: Hey!
M: glares but they are F so they look like an angry puppy


I can’t be the only one who wants a unit bravo rap battle plus Rebecca :joy::sob: (N and A rapping would be downright terrifying)


Terrifying DOESN’T begin to describe A and N trying to rap :tired_face:.
I love u A and N, but please for the love of all things wayhaven NEVER RAP EVER.


As someone who cannot stand Rap in general. I wholeheartedly agree with this.


I second this statement.


An A and N rap would probably look something like this