The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


M changing for the detective? :exploding_head: They’re just full of surprises lol


I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with M smoking. On one hand, I hate the smell with all my soul, it also gives me a headache if I inhale to much smoke. On the other hand, I don’t want to take from M one of the few things that makes their live and this sensitivity more bearable? Specially considering that it doesn’t cause them any harm. I don’t know… Maybe I will try to have an agreement where they don’t smoke around the MC and are free to smoke the rest of the time.

Unless, we are presented with an alternative to deal with their sensitivity, then… Bye bye smoke :wave:


M doesn’t really change in the romance at all. M smokes to help with their issues, to give them a focus. If you’re romancing M, they may just find something else that helps give them a focus…or someone…Their need to smoke won’t be quite so intense.

I’m just sayin’ :wink:


:eyes: !!!

This is the content I’m here for. God bless your soul Sera.


M…hm, gonna have to give a non-answer for M, not because the tattoo thing is actually gonna happen but because their reaction touches on spoiler stuff.



All of the answers are gold. But as usual, F warms my heart the most :heart:. Yes F, is forever. Or for as long the detective lives


Hi just wanted to say I enjoyed the first book a lot :slight_smile: Currently on second char.


So, I don’t know if this is the right place to say this, I’ve been confused since the book two demo was released in a new topic lol

But you know something that we probably won’t have in any game but I’ve been thinking a lot? A talk show, or a quiz show with the MC and UB. Maybe something like “Good evening everyone! Today we have the visit of this handsome detective that has solved the terrifying Tomato Juice Case, along with their 4 hot partners! Can you guess who’s the Scooby of the team?


Get this person a prize!


:eyes: :eyes: :eyes: Bless these mental images.
MC getting hit by M while training because A distracts them with all that tensed muscle under some tight underarmour…

“I’m from the Echo World, but you probably haven’t heard of it”

! Niiiiiice. I wasn’t planning on making M quit but also



We’re talking about clothing ! Yayyyy. We need to be smart about stealing the clothing guys. A will definitely be on their toes as will M to make sure they keep their clothing safe. But once we get it it’s ours! As for F and N I’m sure we can “bribe” them into “lending” their clothing. F’s colourful socks should be number one on everyone’s list. And N’s sweaters ahhhhhh I wanna fit both of us into one teehee. Also I’m pretty sure we can bribe M into letting us wear their clothing (give them a little something and get something back in return :wink: )


This is definitely something that I am looking forward to. It’s nice to hear that it won’t be unbearable for M if we have them stop smoking.


Mc and N sharing a sweater!? :scream: do u think they would?


I can just picture a short MC nearly being smothered into N’s chest.
MC: This was a terrible idea.
N: …I’d have to disagree.
F: laughing their head off
A: rolls eyes, glances out the window again
M: …leaves


rolls eyes, glances out the window again and tries not to die during the love triangle route :kissing_heart:


Nooo A! I forgot u had feelings babe :tired_face:. Dont worry we can share some clothing too… Oh wait but what about N, won’t they mind since we are kinda dating. UGHHHHHH CURSE U LOVE TRIANGLE.


Hey guys just read the demo… Gosh all of the routes were amazing. Im gonna go ahead and say that when i marry N we’re moving here and idc what the agency, Rebecca or unit bravo has to say about it download%20(8)


I already posted my general opinion in the WIP thread, but I think it’s just very important to state that Adam is my cute, angsty fluffball and Ilovehimsomuch.

I also love that there’s an option to have (symptoms of) PTSD. My MC certainly does. I hope it will eventually be named to spread awareness.

And I’d like an invite to the NSFW and Detective Discussion threads :smile:


Doctor: You have 1 day left to live

Me: plays twc book 1 and book 2 demo on repeat

Doctor: Ok it turns out you actually have 2 days left to live, maybe u should say goodby-

Me: Runs home and goes through all of seraphinite’s tumblr asks one last time


This is kinda random but imagine if all of unit bravo’s personalities were switched. F would trade with M. A would trade with N.
A would encourage the mc to flirt more and be much more open about their feelings.
M would be less sex driven and more romantic, they would also love cracking friendly jokes and also be more open about their feelings.
F would be only sex driven and have a much more dark sense of humor, they wouldn’t really enjoy the detectives company unless it’s…intimate let’s say.
And N wouldn’t be optimistic or happy go lucky, they would lock up their heart, and be stoic, stubborn and tense as hell.
It would be so weird but amazing to have M or A be sweet or kind.
Then with N or F it would just hurt my heart.