The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


I read something like that too, although I hope we can get them to give it up altogether and not just temporarily or have it replaced by something else.


This seems weird to me. Mostly because I always picture my primary M romance character as someone who also smokes.


I honestly think it’s weird that M doesn’t try to limit their smoking around Rebecca considering she’s their handler and M clearly respects her. I do like that Sera is including M already trying to be thoughtful of the MC and their poor human lungs


I am not sure if this was address before but if you want to include it perhaps give Sera some feedback on this. Of course, she has a final say but she might consider it?


It completely skipped my mind that’s not something we can pick our M/C as doing.

Adriana smokes quite often in my head even before she met UB.


I shall send feedback at once!


Habits like these seem to be left to the reader to headcanon.


Perhaps it’s one of the small changes in M when you have a relationship with him like Mewsly said.


That means M cares about the MC so much that even if they are already a smoker they won’t contribute to their chances for lung cancer.


While I can agree smoking isn’t a good habit to have, that’s still a choice that could lead to some nice scenes with M. In regards to the habit.

Though I also feel it’s something that should be decided by the player instead. But I like having those kinds of choices, especially when I get really into making specific characters. So this character smokes, big deal. No it’s not a good habit. But neither is drinking.

I’ll love the book regardless, but I agree it’s something to bring up. Just because you give the choice to let some characters be smokers doesn’t mean you’re encouraging the habit, it’s just another depth to your character you can choose to have, that as said before could lead to some pretty some nice scenes with someone like M who also smokes.

Idk. Just differing opinions as usual I guess.


In my view, it wouldn’t hurt give your feedback, we are still in WIP so I still think all feedback is welcome. :joy:


Are we talking book 2?

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger :slight_smile: I agree that having more options would benefit the game more. However seeing the addition of MC height and reaction to their personality, that could be a tall order to ask for.


It might be an issue of it being a lot of code as well. I mean, it on its own is a small thing but it on top of 6 paths, 10 personality traits, 4 professional stats, different ways to approach the romance including tracking it, and now height variations? I can see why Sera would just let it be up to the player to headcanon. You could still imagine M and the MC sharing a smoke outside of the games.

Plus, I don’t think it’s weird for romanced M to still be conscious about the MC when they’re a smoker too. If they have a cigarette in their mouth how is M gonna smooch the MC?? By holding it? If they’re holding it then they can’t touch the MC and that won’t do! M has their priorities!


The thought of mc wearing RO’s clothing …i need it…it makes me feel…download


If anyone has played it, I really liked how the handled Yanagi’s smoking habit in Collar x Malice. I thought it was cute that the MC didn’t mind the Tobacco smell which reminded her of him, but she also didn’t like repercussions from a smoking habit.

I mean, I have asthma so the only thing I can think of when M starts smoking is choking around them lol.


Let me… Let me love your brain <3

Yes, to any kind of hoodies. Yes, to anything with rainbows and F combined.
And: YES, to seeing F wear something as… special as that mermaid fabric. I can practically hear F announce when they enter the office unusually late: ‘today i am a mermaid/men!’
And some of the mc’s would hopefully throw some water at F, saying that they looked thirsty. Sadly, my mc would not… Even when in a relationship with F she is too… serious(?) for that.

@ZealousImagination, indeed! Though I honestly doubt M would let our mc’s ‘fuss’ about them. That does not matter that the mc’s would not try, however.

M and A will not like it, no… But that does not change anything!

You are doing fantastic and what better purpose can there be than having M in a hoodie?! Think of all the possible snuggles (deep, far into the deepest and darkest parts of the relationship)… <3


I really hope we get more clothing options in book two because i desperately need my mc in an oversized hoody or sweater because sweater paws

Also i was thinking at work what kind of cats UB would be for like a cat au and I just started laughing because handsdown M would be the asshole cat and F the super needy cat who constantly lies on your keyboard


Also with me replaying the games I just love how different my detectives were with their ro

Like I had my main my Luka who basically got through the story on sarcasm and spite but if mason so much as breathed in his direction he went into .exe is not working mode and got so flustered he could barely speak

Then there was robin who was extremely cranky and tsundere towards Felix and just didn’t understand why the man would bother flirting with him. Since most people thought he was an unsociable hardass

And then there was Cassius with Nate who flirted with him for fun and was just very nice and easygoing and upon realizing Nate might actually have feelings for him kinda went “o fuck I actually want to date this man for real”

And finally there is Abel who’s just…so dense when it comes to Adam and it’s causing everyone secondhand embarrassment watching them

(Rip I didn’t mean to get so wordy there)


F would just make little hearts on it… Or…

F: Hey! Hey MC, look at my back!
F: turns around
F: I asked M to write “hi, MC!”
MC: …
MC: … That’s… not what they wrote.

I'm sorry but this is instantly where my mind went



M’s smoking is something that is already going to be a choice in-game. There will be a variable tracking how the MC reacts to it, and the more the MC asks M to stop or shows a dislike of it, the more M will gradually begin to adapt to it.

If the MC doesn’t care or shows no worry about it, then M will also react accordingly over time, lol :smiley:

Hope that helps!


Nice to know about this! @Kanaya will be happy. XD