The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Imagine a romanced M reading the MC’s diary…
MC: Hey whatcha reading?
M: Some poorly written love story. It’s really repetitive and not that interesting.
MC: Oh yeah I’ve read a lot of bad love stories in my teenage years…errr because that’s all I could find at the youth section in the library, not because I was desperate for romance ha ha [shifty eyes]
M: There’s no real flow to this thing; it’s like the author doesn’t know what a thesaurus is. The main character keeps changing topics for no reason, and the small number of characters are all really boring. It starts getting juicy after they meet this one person, but then it just ends for no reason.
MC: I think you shouldn’t be so critical, the author probably worked really hard on - hey wait a minute! That’s my diary!
M: [smirk] Well you didn’t think I’d actually read a romance novel, did you?
MC: How can you…that’s such an invasion of…can’t I get any privacy…you really think my writing is that bad?
M: It’s a good thing I’m more interested in your other abilities [saunters up to MC]
MC: [incredibly unconvincingly] I am so mad at you right now.
M: Really? Because it doesn’t sound like it to me. I bet I can make it up to you…
MC: [dies]


Nah, I doubt it. Maybe F would, but A, N and M would respect the detectives privacy.


Yah ur right, I just wanted an excuse to write a scenario :joy:


I don’t think M would respect their privacy so much as they just wouldn’t care enough to bother.


I have a question, in the demo (book 2) it shows Rebecca sort of scolding M for flirting with the detective. Does this mean she knows about M and the detective having attraction toward each other? Does you think she knows about the other romance interests?


“I would fight through any technology if I knew you were at the other end”
Bias wrecker confimed


She does! At least the love interest’s attraction to the MC.


Wowow. How many asks have I missed! Off to tumblr!


Samee, I was so ready for my baes M and A, only to find myself completely falling for F and N?! Sera, why ya gotta complicate ma feelings (i love it):weary:


Have fun. There are also little scenes with the ros in tumblr :wink: look up scenario in the search bar to reach them quickly.

Suavewell strikes again im dead


Damn, my heart. Suavewell wants to be handcuffed with mc for a special kind of quality time!? :astonished: :heart_eyes:

See the thing is, you can expect that kinda flirting from M, so it’s sexy and nerve wrecking but u can never tell when Suavewell’s gonna pull one on you in these scenarios, so every time they do get all intense and hot, it always leaves me shooketh.


Guys… I hope that UB will wear other outfits throughout the games, like M in their button up shirt at the Facility.

Imagine N in cute, fancy sweaters, or A in those Under Armor work out clothes, or F in a plaid button up shirt, or M in a hoodie…

… I’ve been thinking about it a lot.


Can I suggest an addition to this: UB in multiple outfits so our detectives can then also steal their clothes (i need the detective being positively swamped in N’s shirt/sweater/hoodie/leather jacket, i need it like air)


I want nothing else, believe me… But… When the mc goes with M to the thralls to check on them in their little houses in the middle of the woods (where M may or may not hold a stick out of your mc’s way), it is noticed by the mc that M does not wear anything of a thick fabric underneath their leather jacket. Despite the fact that it is barely the start of Spring. Making me beleave that M has (very sadly) a personal grudge agaist that which keeps humankind warm during ‘sweater-weather’. Though, naturally, i hope that i am being silly.
And in case I am not… Our mc’s just have to make M see reason… in special ways

I am disappointed in you (no, i am not), what has happened to the sparkles and unicorn themed wonders?
Though i admit seeing F in a button up shirt, even plain white, would be adorable.
As long as the tie is covered with tiny unicorns.

@Celtic_Rune, Indeed! Amen to that, as long as my mc can steal Morgan’s clothes (after she has quit smoking…).


THAT IS THE DREAM, FRIEND!! Samir is s huge hoodie theif, he even still has one of Bobby’s, so I want nothing more than him stealing whatever Masons owns that doesn’t stink

Look. Friend. I totally get you, but a hoodie was me trying to show restraint. I really really want M in a tank top so so so badly… you’d get to see so much of their freckles!! But I’m fairly certain that’s not gonna happen :cry:

But there are hoodies made of thinner material that M might like better! or the sleeveless ones, but that’s just me wishing

I mean I wanted to present ones that could be worn by Felix or Farah so as much as I wanna gush about F in cute, sparkly dresses with unicorns on them I don’t yet know if Felix would be down for wearing dresses… gotta ask Sera that. But there are some plaid shirts where some of the plaid patter in a shiny thread!

But, hmmm… I mean, F in those cute hoodies with ears on it? Or something with raindow suspenders to match their rainbow socks?? OR F WEARING A SHIRT MADE OF THAT MERMAID REVERSEABLE FABRIC!!


I hope a romanced M can be persuaded to give it up. I can see them fussing over the MC always checking if their nicotine patch is on, if they’ve been getting cravings, etc. haha


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that as F is most certainly a hipster, plaid is valid. Plaid in blinding colors, even. You are quite valid.


I am a strong believer in equal opportunity hoodie stealing. Hoodies for all! (,,,except for the partner in question who keeps getting their hoodies stolen, sorry about that)

My thought about that was that M doesn’t so much have something against sweaters (though some might be grating with their sensitivity, but that’s why they just wear the most comfortable hoodies~!) as they have something against showing “weakness”. Given how they’ve started to relax around the detective already in the book 2 demo, I take this as a sign we might see them embracing comfort rather than feel like they have to put up the tough person persona

is this all just a long rambling justification so that M can wear hoodies which we can then steal? yes. 100%. there was never any other point to this.

…y’know who should wear a sleeveless hoodie? A. just picture it, it’d be good (tho, honestly, all of them would rock it)

Also, semi-related but: F stealing the detective’s clothes? Out of all of UB I see them as being most likely to return the favour and filch your hoodies for once

I cannot find either an ask or a forum post rn but Sera has confirmed that we’ll be able to over time (a lot of time, expect this to be as slow burn as their romance i think) influence M’s smoking habit


Vaporizer with really strong stuff in it can knock out senses no worse than conventional cigs. So, there’s an option for a start with everyone happy.


What do they NOT sell lol?



Ohhh my god I’m just imaging F in, like, fake Hipster Glasses. I am living for that. But, yes, bright colored plaid would be wonder and very F.

I support this. Sera, let the MC steal their RO’s clothes!! Or vise versa!!

Well, I mean, in the Book 2 Demo romanced M does think about how they will have to cut back so it’s already happening. And M is at least considerate enough to not smoke in the MC’s apartment in the first book. Getting them to completely quit might take a while, yeah, but they do see to already be considerate of the MC when you romance them.

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