The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Yay! This is ask is mine. I love all the answers, F laying in with the insults, M launching them into next week, and A going all ‘I’ll have you fired for this!’ Lol

N I imagine them smiling while having a cloud of ominous aura around them. But I think it would take something really bad for N to hurt someone. But they would probably evicerate the offender in that case. (Kind of really want this to happen in one of the books)


But the question i’m wondering about is: Can A actually do that?


I’m feel like A can do literally anything if they wanted to :joy::joy:


N in that situation.

Also, I totally love F answer. Everyone else gets in between ready to fight, while F is “try that again and MC will kick your ass twice as hard”.

I love the support :joy:

Who is revenge thirsty


My bet? F. A and M aren’t the type to play the long game, if they’re gonna settle the score they are gonna do it right then and there and move on. F 100% seems like the type to plot things and wait for the perfect opportunity. And N… I mean. It’s N.


I could see any of Unit Bravo being this way, at least in the past, depending on the circumstances. A has a lot of pent up anger that could manifest in a bad way. I believe Sera has mentioned somewhere that F has a bit of a mean streak. She also mentioned that N is just as terrifying as the other vampires when angry. And M seems to have had a rough childhood, so maybe an eye-for-an-eye mentality isn’t that farfetched? This all depends on whether or not we’re talking petty revenge or long-con-ruin-your life revenge.

Found the relevant posts


Nice work, detective! :+1:

I’m really hoping that something like this comes up in the series. I love discovering new things about UB.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll go fantasize about Bobby ticking off one of the ROs enough to make them get angry and want to take revenge. :blush:


I’ve been replaying book one since the demo for book two came out and i just love that everytime m opens their mouth to make any sort of flirty comment about the detective n is just like “i’m out, goodbye” they’re just so scandalized it’s hilarious.

also m is killing me here, there’s only so much innuendo’s a person can take and they just ramp it up in book two lol


RIP Bobby. Better start picking out a tombstone now while there’s still time.


there is only one thing they really despise, and that is for a reason (spoilers, though).

cough demons cough

Also, just saw the cake so i don’t know if i’m too early or too late (sorry if that’s the case), but @Mewsly :cake: :fireworks: :confetti_ball: Happy Birthday!!! :confetti_ball: :fireworks: :cake:


Actually, that’s an anniversary cake! Birthdays cakes look like this: :birthday:

Happy anniversary @Mewsly! :sparkles: :sparkles: :two_hearts:


Aww! Thanks, guys :two_hearts:

In the spirit of not getting us off topic tho. I saw something that reminded me of F:

F and MC out Grocery Shopping:
F: stops dead
F: MC!!!
MC: looks back

F: pointing

MC: … F, you don’t even eat food-


Omg happy birthday anniversary @Mewsly!! I hope you have an amazing one :heart: :cake::baby:
Thanks for always coming up with the best scenarios that break us and make us!!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Also, F doesn’t need those lucky charms when they have you! :laughing:


Aww, thanks :heart: but @impeccably-stressed is right, its not my birthday just my anniversary on the forum I think? I don’t see the cake icon myself

But, yes, F does need those! F could probably only eat one or two bites before having a sugar overload but they NEED THOSE. and I totally didn’t buy any for myself ha ha… I’m an adult


Oh, my mistake! Happy anniversary, I hope you have a good one still!
Also, F would probably only eat the unicorn marshmallows because :unicorn: unicorns :unicorn: , go on a quick rampage and bother M and then come back to their bunker before 3pm in time for a nap.


Oh but I do hope there’s gonna be some domestic content in the game tho!

Like the MC teaching F how to wash their own laundry so Morgan won’t pop another gasket. Although, I guess that’s more because F doesn’t want to do their laundry as opposed to not knowing how to. It’ll probably end up being a trick where they get the MC to do their laundry instead lmao.

N and the MC hanging out in the library and going over their collection + how they research without the internet. Then when the MC tries to get N to learn to use their phone/computer, and they need to lie down for 15 minutes to prepare themselves. Also bc they’re a little embarrassed that it’s so alien to them and N seems almost perfect at everything?

The MC seeing M’s room with their only furniture being a mattress and a box of cigarettes in the corner of the room and asking “damn, you live like this???” and then they go shopping. Which will also end up with more cigarettes and an ironic ‘No Smoking’ sign. It’s still valid!!

And A… omg them offering to help the MC with their car after denting it the first time they met in the warehouse? Then it’ll be like one of those classic scenes where A asks for a flux capacitor or whatever and the MC comes back with… a fork.

On a completely different note, when I was looking at how UB would post when making their Instagrams, I came across this vine again and… This is N ya’ll.

MC: Let’s take a group photo! N, you’re the furthest so you take it!
M: Uhh…
A: Uhhhh…
F: Yeah N, take the photo! :laughing:
N: Okay…
Tina, witnessing it from afar:


All that means is you have to use your own money—which F has!

Someone mentioned that A is like Darcy. I would like to propose F as Bingely and N as Col. Fitzwilliam.


Sending all my late love.


Me: see’s fellow wayhaven fans chatting amongst themselves.
Also me:download%20(1)


By the way do you guys think that if the detective had a diary RO would be tempted to read it? I think F (i’d luv u even if u read my diary f) might because they’re curious M wouldn’t in early romance, A, I think would think against it, then give a heavy sigh and check it out. N on the other hand idk… I think they would be battling their morals with their love for the detective.
F: Hey N, do you know the detective is keeping a diary
N: F, stop we aren’t going to invade the detectives privacy
M: grinning why the hell not?
A and N roll eyes
A: N is right
F: I’m pretty sure the detective wrote something about u in there N
N: pretty sure? You didn’t even read it
F: No, your right, but AREN’T you curious now?
N: sweating