The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


I like this theory. Now I imagine Adam being in the army and donning that blue, red, and white uniform!


I can very much get behind this theory! It’s pretty much where I was at, too, tbh. I was sitting here going, "Oh, man, they could have been a Gaulish Celt! That’d give us the French basis they so obviously have (du Mortain, come on), and it could easily explain a lot of things about their skillset, and, tbh, anyone that old still functioning reasonably well would have to have mastered adaptability in all the ways A obviously has - but would also have to be a stubborn enough SOB to persist through the parts where adapting wasn’t viable!

Plus, you know…the Gauls are interesting. <.<

tldr; I like this theory!


It also makes me think about the Agency. The way its structured globally would either mean it is old and started out as a secret, private (as in not gov’t/state affiliated) organization that eventually merged with countries/territories as borders stabilized, OR it is relatively new (like WWII new? Since there was a lot of global cooperation in the aftermath). Either way I would guess A has spent the vast majority of their time as something other than an Agent. Doing what?! The mind boggles.


I guess it depends on when the first portal opened and when supernaturals started going through. The Agency seems pretty old, but it’s hard to judge if it’s 100 years old or 1000 years old.


I can’t wait to see all of the interesting things we’re going to learn about the Unit - and possibly our MC - in this book! I’m sooo excited!!! :grin:


Maybe I’m slow and dumb but!!

In this scene, spoilers from book 2 demo

The feel of a sudden gaze on me draws my eyes back up to find Morgan staring at me. She continues to keep her attention on me, and I find her focus seems to help drain the nerves from me.

Once my fear has fled completely, Morgan rubs a hand over her forehead, fingers shoving into her long hair before she snaps her attention back to Rebecca.

Is this Morgan using their sense/abilities to help relieve the MC if they react poorly to Murphy being mentioned?


Just finished M’s route as well last night. I am very curious about this. They did the same with Kate in Book 1, didn’t they?


Personally, I thought that it has more to do with the fact that M is very sensitive to emotions from others. Especially if M likes the other person (though I doubt M is at that stage yet with the MC). And the distress the MC feels somehow effects M. Perhaps it gives M a headache?

Or M does not like the thoughts they get when they feel the MC’s distress and literally try to dispell those thoughts by rubbing at their forehead, unaware of it themselves (much like shaking one’s head when they do not like a memory that popped up in their head).


Ohh yeah, that could be it! Seeing as how the other LIs do react to the MC’s distress too but none of them react like Morgan since they aren’t as affected!

Can't wait for my MC and Morgan to get on this level



When M calmed Kate in the first book it was through the use of their pheromones, which (un)fortunately do not work on the MC. If M tried to do that to MC in that scene we’d probably end up either completely unaffected or with a migraine like during the patrol scene, I’m afraid


True… I forgot that the MC get headache when pheromones were used. Very intriguing though but if you look at it in a way, the MC was “inspired” by M in some way. :thinking:


Just being head over heels in love whilst denying it pokerfaced, is all c;


I took that scene as “the magic of feels”. Only the RO you are romancing notices your distress, and when you realise they are there, somehow, is when you feel more relaxed.

You know, like when you are stressed or scared and someone you love squeezes your hand and then you feel better? Well, the same applies here.

In fact, this makes me think, has anyone do that scene without a RO? What happens then?


I haven’t played through it myself, but sneaking a peek at the code: there’s a moment of the detective centering themself (if they were affected by the mention of murphy at all), but it isn’t acknowledged/recognised by anyone else


M isn’t using their pheromones, no. As @Celtic_Rune says, the MC wouldn’t be affected or M would have to use intense levels of pheromones, in which case it still wouldn’t work but the MC would get a blinder of a headache :smiley:

It’s more to do with the LI in that scene being aware of the MC and picking up on how the MC feels in that moment.

A is drawn to the MC to make sure they’re OK, even though they don’t realise they wanted to do that until after, then they’re trying to have an internal argument as to why they wanted to comfort the MC…Uh huh, A, like you don’t already know…

N wanted to offer comfort to the MC and calm whatever reactioin they might have had.

F was also disturbed by being reminded of Murphy and wanted the MC to know they aren’t in it alone.

M is more complicated in that they noticed the MC noted Murphy’s name and reacted, and M more kind of just took note of it rather than pro-actively trying to comfort, because they’re not at that stage yet in the romance.

Hope that makes sense! :smiley:


SJALKD I LOVE ALL OF THEM hhhhhhHhHh I can’t wait to see what else happens!


@Mewsly and all other Douglas fans…

Can’t wait for us to read it and see if it has anything to do with whether or not you’ve stepped in and saved him or not. Or if it’s getting some backbone by standing up to a gruff/jerk detective. :scream:

So many possibilities…

Me @ Douglas



M is always so complicated! :yum: This is what I think I am most excited for. I can’t wait to see how everyone grows throughout the series. It’s impossible to imagine now, but going back after book 7 and rereading the scenes where you can really feel their relationships shifting will be… well. I’m a sentimental bonehead and will probably cry lol


Welcome, @caelestys! :slight_smile:

Oh God, this is perfect for those romancing M, even better than the sleeping beauty kiss ask. :laughing: Could you see M’s reaction to the detective coughing up flower petals?

M: What the fuck! N, get in here. The detective ate flowers and is puking up petals! stares with a disgusted frown, thinking the detective is an idiot
F: comes in with their phone to take pictures to harass the detective with later Do flowers taste good?
N, ignoring F: I read about this in an ancient text. It’s called Hanahaki Disease… it’s caused by the person being in love with someone who doesn’t love them back.
all eyes turn to M
M: What the fuck are you looking at? That sounds like made up shit…
N: If their beloved doesn’t return their feelings, they’ll die. Though I think there’s a surgery to fix it. I better find that book…
M: You better find a surgeon. lights a cigarette and leaves
F: You’re all heart, M. takes more pictures
A: walks in, looks around, shakes head and leaves

Every ask like this just makes me love M more…

Quote: M would growl and launch the loser far, far away from the MC and then stalk after them to teach them a further lesson, lol!