The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


It’s certainly a bit mind-boggling that Bobby is clearly still attempting to use Detective MC and all the while think that they’re clearly going to fall in love with him (either again or for the first time).

Bobby: Now let me just piss off Detective enough to get some juicy bits for my latest scoop and gloat to them about it afterwards.

Also Bobby: (Poses with a smirk) I know you already love me. Don’t deny it.

Gotta admit, it’s almost amusing to see the ridiculous levels that ego takes their thought process. :sweat_smile: Can’t wait to see how a meeting with Bobby and Mason/Morgan would go.

And because Bobby is a perfectly normal human, I’d say that they’d have a pretty hard time climbing out of a well by themselves should they accidentally fall in one. :grin:


Are they, tho? Are you sure? What if they were playing us all along and they are some supernatural we know nothing about…


That was joke a few of us made in in the first Wayhaven Demo thread; that everyone in MC’s life is a supernatural and they’re going to find that out soon. :laughing:

Bobby doesn’t strike me to be someone more interesting then a leech, but I guess they could possible be the Chupacabra.


On a serious note, most of the supernaturals in Wayhaven would just appear as regular humans to most people, because of their use of glamours, is that right? Except obviously in places where they feel free to be themselves and appear in their true form, like at the Agency facility, etc? Or to certain people who can see though the glamour and recognize what they really are. Not that I think Bobby is one… but I guess book 2 will address this more. This is just the impression I got about how the supernaturals work in general.


@harmonia to be serious I really think Bobby is human, it would be really difficoult to explain if they were supernatural. First of all The Agency would likely know unless they were a rogue supernatural off the grid, second Unit Bravo may find a supernatural scent on yourself that could be a threat, third he would hardly react the way they do when the MC debunks the audio tape from the office and last of all they wouldn’t threat to expose what happened in the office because the Agency would be upon them to cover their tracks; they could be a good actor/actress, sure, or they could be turned into a supernatural later in “Book 2”, but it’s a lot of "maybe"s!


Yeah I agree it doesn’t make sense Bobby could be one, but explains how other supernaturals are able to live amongst humans for so long without being detected by them. We know the Agency tracks them, and watches if they start getting into trouble or go rogue. But I’m just wondering if glamours are something the UB team have as well? Or if they changed a lot since becoming vampires. Haha I guess that is getting into spoiler territory and I will just have to wait and find out when we learn their backstories.


IIRC, Sera did answer on her Tumblr ask about their physical appearance. If you become a vampire, your physique really changes. N has the most transformation. She mentioned that they were not as tall as now.


I wonder if Elidor is as hot as he appears… I mean the first time my MC seen Elidor I’m sure he blushed violently at the idea of the fae nursing him! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


If UB had glamours, then the detective would affect them like she/he did with the supernatural in the demo for Book 2.

Yes, becoming a vampire makes that person the “very best” version of themselves. See in this post here:


Wait, The vampires can do that? Lol Then why did they have a hard time finding Murphy, even after the mc vist him.
(Also late i know, but i always thought Bobby was a succubus/incubus or a witch/wizard. I mean it kind of made sense for me.)


M is expecially keen on recognizing other supernatural scents even lingering ones as he told us when we went back to the hospital. And all Unit Bravo was able to smell the presence of Murphy during the patrol… I don’t think they can really track a scent, I think that’d be more a werewolf job :sweat_smile:
But again, mine was just a thought not a fact. We have to consider for example that the exceptional fragrance of MC’s blood may confuse their senses!


For those that need a little swooning or pick-me-up today…


Right into me feels


As soon as I read this, I wanted to hug them so badly!


hug isnt enough honestly…

Just grab your heart from inside your body and throw it at them…blood and gore and all…just take it already A and N…I’m fraking doomed as it is…

No more debt…take it away ! :rofl:


That “I need you” from Adam tho. I can’t. :sob: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Like the panic on A face when they thought MC was about to die at the end of Book 1, I swear while I was reading it I almost forgot I had to breathe!


there is nothing more delicious…then make A who is all about self control…unwrap like a gift…:smile:

I had a funny-make-jokes mc in that scene…and what A said…it was like taking an arrow to the knee…:rofl:


This is an appropriate response! :+1:

This is… a bit extreme. LOL

But…but…A needs you. :wink:

@Simon_Tremelay Indeed! And you know what A was saying, right? Have you seen that on Sera’s tumblr? Oh ho! So good!


come now…

do it all the way or dont do it at all !

and that sounded pervy…:sweat_smile: I just mean that reaction pale in comparaison…to having the choose down the line between A and N . (not saying she should change it…which she should…but I aint saying it!) , what I mean is…if you are doomed…may as well go with a BANG!..

In this case if I’m doomed to have a torn heart cose I have to choose…then I plan to make the best of both of them before time run out…before my heart is cut in 2 and half of it dissolve forever…

Let the drama come out and flowwwwww! for tomorrow you be dead and feel nothing !

is what I think anyway…I think I drunk too much coffee too…:joy: