The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


You might not have too, A’s death glare and likely icy disregard once Bobby opens their mouth and starts talking might be enough to get him to back down. Maybe. Perhaps…Who am I kidding, there’ know way they’ll ever stop. I just can’t wait to see UB’s reaction to Bobby xD, especially now that we know that Bobby doesn’t like them.


@Dizzie A might be able to put Bobby in their place, sure. But while doing it A can take the chance to go back a few steps too with the detective. That’s what I’m afraid of! :grin:


I think it’d be neat if there was a way to change the difficulty (easy, normal, hard) so it affects how quickly/dramatically a player’s stats/relationships will change. I’d actually replay previously-completed playthroughs on different difficulty settings just for the fun of it. Sometimes it’s nice to play a godlike character who’s amazing at everything, and sometimes it’s masochistically entertaining when a game is extremely challenging to the point of being almost impossible.

(I bet the coding would be a bugger, though.)


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for me…what would be the worst…

is getting ready for that spectaaaaaaaaaacular date with A and N…(hush…let me dream)…and you are having goo goo feeling…when all of sudden you hear that Bobbie…got herself captured by the vilain in one of the tent…and that will ruin everything :sob: Bobbie…get captured on your own free time goddamnit!

F: guys! Guy! you know that reporter…? M saw her get in one of the tent!
N: Oh noo…we need to save her!
A: yes yes…of course . Take the back with M, F…me and N and mc will sneak in-…
mc: noooooo…screw bobbie…I want cotton candy! you promised smoochie in tha booth!
N: frown in dissaproval
Mc: you guys forgetting its BOBBIE? if anyone need saving its the bad guys !
A: She is against Paranormal-uber-strong-vilain and she is just…a human…
Mc: Correction! I’m a human…she is a Paparazzi! she has poweh to get SPOILERS from anyone !



But more of a "Pride &Prejudice &Zombies"Wickham :rofl: Sorry @Eric_knight I know you like Bobby


@Kaelyn I still have no idea why people hates Bobby or Luisa of Love at elevation :-):smile:

Of Bobby here, based on my choice of background with her, our interaction is much like cute bantering :slight_smile:

Had you watch Blause Blut (Blue Blood in english ) , an old germany tv series i watch when i was a very small kid , love the music and the protagonist’s ex , who was also a journalist … but in this case the protagonist ( a fallen baron) drag his ex to help him in the investigation of cases, i was unable to find back this series but the ex’s elegant style is somehow similar with Bobby and Luisa … they were such a cute couple together , i was sad when they couldn’t get back together , whenever i read about Bobby , my mind turn back to this tv series :slight_smile:

Edit @Kaelyn
I sent a link via PM already, hope you found it and enjoy it :wink:


I might take a look at the german version then, it should be Blaues blut or something similar, I guess. could you tell me from which time this series comes, I am german but can not recall having heard about this one^^


I actually like Bobby quite a bit! They’re an interesting character and a more…light-hearted antagonistic character. (My mom is personally quite relieved they won’t be getting a redemption arc.


I agree! Though I am of the party that would like to see them crash and burn, lol, I think narratively they provide something very different than the rest of the characters. Bobby will always be in it for themselves and that won’t ever change, and I consider it something of a breath of fresh air to have a character so selfish compared to the rest of the cast.
UB and Rebecca are going to want what’s best for the detective/the world, so it’s nice to have something conflict that. I enjoy Bobby’s independence and how they act according to their motivations. Plus it’s nice to see them be put in their place every now and then.
Overall, outside of the obvious villains, Bobby- so far- is the only one working against the Detective and I like seeing a character who isn’t necessarily there to benefit the detective/others.


Some humans do go on solo missions (such as Rebecca in her earlier career), but only when they’ve proven themselves.

Agent Mom being a fucking badass and good a combat confirmed :ok_hand:

I love that she is so pro at combat that she is one of the few humans allowed to go out by herself. You go mom :muscle:

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Thank you Rose!

The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)- Full Demo Now Out!

I don’t hate Bobby…as long as i don’t stay in the station. Bugging MC’s office does it for me. You cOME INTO MY STATION! INSULT MY WORK AND BUG ME?! I’d release M on you if it weren’t for A…

If my memory hasn’t failed me yet, there’s one dialogue option to say something along the lines of “psycho vampire being after you” and Rebecca says she has experienced that. Which is super cool and i super want to know how that happened :laughing:


To be honest for me i have a somewhat dislike-love relationship for Bobby as a character. Like they are like rebecca for me where what they are doing could be considered illegal and they’re pretty unconsiderate of others, but they also have good parts about them. (In all honestly i don’t dislike any of the characters really not even Murphy or the mayor) (also im not comparing rebecca to Bobby, two different characters. Lol)


I don’t even mind Bobby that much and I think I’m a rather patient person but I almost dropkicked a dying supernatural who interrupted my Detective’s would be kiss with Nate. If Bobby did it…


I totally agree…I have acquaintance Bobby, so my MC had no real reason to hate them at first, apart from the sleazy tabloid reporting… but Bobby actually has pretty good instincts as a reporter underneath all that sleaze. They are 100% correct about the MC being caught up in a coverup and not being able to talk about it. Of course, it’s just too bad Bobby is so… untrustworthy. I even have a skeptic MC who doesn’t completely trust the Agency yet. But as a character, I love to hate Bobby, and all the fun banter. I’m glad they are not so black and white as an antagonist. Like there was a moment there in the book 2 demo, where I felt vaguely sympathetic towards Bobby for a moment, before coming to my senses. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think people just don’t like being use as tool or as a means to achieve their goals. To be honest, 3 out of 4 of my MCs have some grudge or wary of him since they have experienced how Bobby has used them. However as a reader, I find him an interesting character. It makes TWC cast more diverse and you could see that not all of the people within the story were not plain good and bad but there’s a variety of individuals.


I actually enjoy Bobby. I think he, and the way a lot of my MC’s are so annoyed by him, is fairly amusing. I also enjoy how passive aggressive and snarky the MC can be with him in certain dialogue options. I also think it was pretty clever of Sera to include a sort of “everyday villain”. In the midst of the MC having to deal with these supernatural, very scary, and very life-threatening antagonists and situations where they are in over their head, there’s Bobby. The perfectly normal, human Bobby whose only super ability is being an a-hole, lol.


I don’t hate Bobby per se, it’s just that I see him as an annoying and obnoxious parasite, who sells his friends secrets for profit and I wouldn’t mind if Murphy drained him of his blood then tore his head off his body so he’d leave me alone.


Wouldn’t want to see any character you actually hate lol


Hey, so my mom just came up a 100% NOTP. She’s begun shipping f!Bobby and Douglas for “the evuls” and she needs to be stopped.

On an unrelated note, does anyone else imagine a non-crushing Douglas doing a dramatic hair flip every time the MC asks him to do anything?