The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


So, uh…

This is unreasonably cute. Combined with the “A, how do I look?” dialogue, I think N is going to be much dorkier than I expected, which is a pleasant surprise.



May I request to include this ask about M’s romance in the first post of the thread? Sera has address the issue about M and this recent ask has assurance in it that need to be read. =)


I’m not sure current forum users will see it, but hopefully the newcomers will read it at least.

I think this is important to note from that ask, Sera says:

If you’re coming from the forum, then I wouldn’t worry about things being said about M’s route. Only Book One and the demo of Book Two have been released and I’ve never stated when certain things are or aren’t going to happen. It’s unfair and, honestly, upsetting when people assume and say things will happen a certain way to confuse others when nobody but me knows how the story is actually gonna play out!

So let’s try to keep things positive and not make assumptions. :slightly_smiling_face:


I completely emphathize with Sera here! As an author I would be pretty upset by misinterpretations and heavy assumptions about how my story is going to play out and discourse being had about it when no one actually knows but me. The only options that leaves an author is spoiling their hard work or being left uncomfortable by misinformation as new readers get confused. I’m so glad she cleared it up and look forward to romancing M (after my main play for A of course~)


I’m just here to smooch Adam. :kissing_heart: I can’t wait to make the angst man fall even more in love with my detective in book 2.

Do something about it, Adam, I dare you. Seriously. I’m here for the slowburn but don’t be too much of a snail about it. :disappointed:


OK. So I don’t remember if this was a thread or not, but I def identify with A. my first inclination for most emotions is to bury them or ignore them but on the inside I’m a terrible N.

So my question is, who, if any, do you identify most with of UB. if not, the general universe of WH.

If this has been done before, please feel free to carry on.


F is probably the best bet for me lol. They’re just so lively and out there, just like me. lol I’m extroverted times 4. I take big risks as well and dont think of the consequences. When it’s that time of month though, Im definetly a hard Adam/Morgan, like its best if you keep away from me cuz im always in a pissy mood or dont wanna talk to anyone.


Probably either A, since A is for awkward or Verdad because he’s like, living my best life right now.


Probably A, because…well…they’re a grump and so am I.


My personality is super F…to the point where I barely choose to romance them because its just EW…Too weird for me! Irl I’ve dated mostly N’s with the ocassional M :heart:


I wonder if an eclipse is a boon for supernaturals. A solar eclipse is pretty much nighttime during the day, so it would make sense if supernaturals got stronger during one. But then there are lunar eclipses, which are sometimes called blood moons, and those are totally dripping in myths and legends!

Jeez, now I want a scene with the ROs outside during an eclipse :eyes:


If an eclipse makes supernatural stronger, I wonder how the Detective’s blood would affect that since the detec’s blood is already a booster for supernatural on a normal day.


I put my money on their supernatural senses/abilities going haywire. Maybe even getting more emotional. Maybe my Detective can finally get a confession out of A :eyes: :eyes:


Ooh… I’m undecided on who I think would handle that the worst.

F is a born vampire and might have a better handle on fluctuations like that, perhaps? A is so fixated on control and self-discipline I feel like that unpredictability would really bother them… but could also see that making N feel very, very vulnerable and perhaps bringing up bad memories :’( And with M… can’t decide whether it would really bother them, or if they’d take it as one of those ‘it is what it is’ situations.



Ok so I guess I’m super late to this series… I’ve only just finished reading book one and the book 2 demo for the first time. And ahhh, all I want to say is, I so hope we will be getting to explore that very tempting library…with N… :stuck_out_tongue: :heart:

Well overall, I’m quite impressed with the level of role play variety/flavor and detail in this series so far… there were relatively few instances where I felt like there were no available dialog choices that could fit my MC. I always feel I’m forced into playing a very particular sort of character in most role playing games and VNs. I do appreciate the opportunity to focus on non combat solutions to problems and defeating the villians… and actually having them succeed.

Characters are all very lovable so far. But the angst with Rebecca, oh my. I’ve got tense relationship Rebecca and it’s just so… heartbreaking to read! I’m just as invested in finding out whether my MC will manage to repair their estranged relationship, as I am invested in the romance aspect. Anyway it’s going to be pretty hard now being patient for book 2 to come out!


I think you guys are all missing something…

Super big Moon…check!

everyone Horny ? check!

Bobbie Snooping around the corner ? check!

werwolf 101 : everyone get droolie
vampire 101: romantic outing and make out opportunity!



I’ve been thinking about this for a while and on a scale from 1-10, how likely do you guys think it is that Bobby is gonna pop up to be their usual annoying self while the MC is on their pretend date at the Carnival?


@Dizzie I swear to God, if Bobby comes up while I I’m finally about to kiss with A I will kill him. No matter what happens next I will write my own HG and KILL HIM.
So help me God, Sera… don’t you DARE.


Does Bobby ever mind their own business? I’d say an 8.

(Also, since we’ve established A as Darcy and N as Bingley, does that make Bobby Wickham?)


Well…If Bobby pops up, just use a taser.