The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


there would be…alot of teasing…?

Burnout due to sexual frustration…:rofl:

maybe they are eunuch ? :sweat_smile:


Yeah, the teasing crap can only work for so long before it gets old (ditto for interruptions). The burnout would totally happen. The MC I have with M would honestly get to the point where she’s like, “Fuck this noise, you’re all talk and no action.” And just give up.

Of course, giving up is not an option in the game, so she’ll just have to suffer through it, and likely become cold and detached. Should be real fun… :expressionless:


then your only hope…is to do the others romance…and when M finally get something…play it in one go…so you don’t suffer much…with the waiting.


This is just my opinion, but part of what makes M “worth it” is that they’re just really interesting to interact with! Sure, there’s been nothing romantic about these interactions so far, but M’s route gives you the chance to explore a different dynamic than the ones you might have with the other three ROs, whose scenes tend towards the overtly romantic. They’re a wild-card. We don’t really know how things are going to progress with them, and that’s part of the fun.


You misunderstand. For the MC I have with M, I don’t want romance. I want what was promised–a FwB arrangement or at least a one-nighter and then nothing until much later and they can just be assholes to each other till then. Yet, in the demo, it seems even that won’t happen for a long time (due to the ‘long game’ comment from M and Sera’s love of delaying any physical contact indefinitely).

Hell, my MC is assuming it’s gonna be a one-time thing–bang Mason and he’s gone after that–and is fine with that. She expects it and accepts it (and when he comes back for more, assuming he does, she’ll be shocked and pleased).

Feelings? She’s not interested and doesn’t think she can have them, so a ‘romance’ in the way one would happen with N or F (or even A with their instant love and denial thing) doesn’t interest her in the least. But she expects what was promised, which is getting M in bed first opportunity (or even starting out making out, but immediately since there’s nothing keeping them from having a meaningless makeout session or sex, for that matter).

So M having no interest in her besides that is no problem… until she realizes she has to wait months or years (or however long Sera decides we have to wait) to even get that much. If the only thing M has to offer at this point–sex–is dragged out indefinitely, knowing that the feels are as well (and with M not even giving a shit about the MC as a friend to get to know them), there is literally nothing offered in this path until the end, and it’s the only path like that.


you could ask sera…for make out or sleeping with M before the end of the books ? I mean…if they are the kind of character that are more physical then emotional…there is no rules or shouldnt be hesitation right?


There shouldn’t be. And I mean way before the end of the books. There’s literally nothing that should stop either of them from doing as they please physically in book 2. It’s all M is interested in, so if the MC is good to go, why not go? Having to wait until near the end or when M actually catches a feeling (which is right near the end) is a bit pointless. And ruins the entire romance, since it’s put forth as a meaningless fling that doesn’t need anything other than time and a desire to go for it.

And I’ve asked but received no answer.


hum…can’t speak for the author…but maybe they just don’t wanna spoil it ?

from memorie…the few characters like that I’ve seen in video games, the 1st time mean nothing lol and the 2nd time…hook-and-sink kinda of thing :sweat_smile:

though without having said books, its premature to say ‘I’m not getting anything till book #Something’’ .


It’s possible she hasn’t gotten to it yet. The last ask she answered about her ask box she said she had 2,000+ asks left.


Well, we know feelings from M won’t come till #5, per what Sera has said in the past (and that’s the angst one, so it likely won’t happen till the end or it’ll just be misery as soon as M admits it, so no time to enjoy it). And she just said M won’t even care to know anything about the MC for a long time after book 2 (which leaves out 2 & 3, at least).

Throw in the ‘long game’ comment from M and the physical won’t happen for at least another book or two, apparently. So nothing to speak of with M till book 4, at the earliest? Blah…


Geez…thats alot lol she is more like a Pythia at this rate…:sweat_smile:

I can barely think of one ask…hurr durr…


I asked right after the final demo was out, because M’s “long game” comment caught me the wrong way and seemed to imply that now we have to wait for several books to get any action with M, too (leaving literally nothing to bother with M for).


well talking interest and romance , Sera has mentioned they’re the only route who takes the non-traditional and more “let’s just f and call it a day” ? once they realize their genuine feelings (like you said book 5+) then that’s when we get to see how loyal, their version of fluff etc etc Sera has said in multiple posts … but right now I think all we’re going to get is M unconsciously doing things for/ treating the MC they wouldn’t to anyone else before and thinking about it/brushing it off… regarding being physical i couldn’t find a direct answer of when they’ll all start but going off by this

After choosing M as a romance, there will come a point where he propositions the MC, and the MC can choose how to respond. One of the choices will be that they’re game for having fun (a choice they can continue to make when propositioned by M for some time).

and this

Opportunities will present themselves at different times for the different love interests. But, in each one, you will still have the option of if you do it, or when you do it.

i’ve come to the conclusion since they’re the only RO who wants to f since day one and M prepositioning multiple times then Book 3 feels about right no? (istg if the real deep fluff is set by the end of the books then can the physical at least be very early :pensive::fist:


I know we don’t usually agree on much, but on this I do. If the interruptions would drag for way too long it would just be a bit too much on the frustration side, tbh.

However, I have faith on Sera and I still believe we will get something on the physical side on this book. Even if it’s just a kiss with M :joy:.

But yes, overall I agree, in my personal taste, if it was dragged beyond book 3 that would be going too far for me.

But again, I have faith on Sera! And seeing how things were in the demo of this book, my hopes are high.


i was going to say book 2 too but i didn’t want to let my own self down :sneezing_face: but wouldn’t it be great to pop in a kiss and feel here and there this book…in the back of a tent… ah wishful thinking

oh :cowboy_hat_face:?


I think what we need is some patience. Sera doesn’t like giving things away or telling us outlines of when things are gonna happen. In other words, she’s not gonna confirm or deny or be pressured to give an answer about when or how exactly a romance will play out.

I remember when everyone were SUPER worried about how M would play out in Book 1, and look how that turned out. A lot of people were very pleased. The same goes for Book 2 demo.

That may be how Mason/Morgan thinks, but that does not mean that is how it will play out. (Many video games and novels do this btw. This is nothing new.)

And that is all I feel comfortable about commenting on. I just don’t want people to get worked up or needlessly upset over a “what if” scenario.


<but right now I think all we’re going to get is M unconsciously doing things for/ treating the MC they wouldn’t to anyone else before and thinking about it/brushing it off>

Like the smoking thing in the demo. I suspect those will be few and far between, given Sera’s comment about them not even bothering to learn anything about the MC until much, much later, but yeah that’s something. Again, that isn’t my point, though…

Hasn’t the MC already been propositioned? In the MC’s bedroom toward the end of the first book, M was ready to go, despite the rest of the team being on the other side of the door. Now, it seems like it’s just tease, tease, tease, like M has backed off or something, and now they’re assuming they have to sit around and wait for who knows how long to actually get action? That makes no sense when some MCs (and I know mine isn’t the only one) are ready to go for it.

No, not really. It’s better than book 4 or 5, yes, but the one thing the M “romance” has is the physical thing from day one. Unlike N, M isn’t going for the sweetness and light, putting the brakes on because they want to ‘take it slowly’ or like F who wants to know the MC better before getting there. M literally doesn’t give a flying fuck about the MC, as stated by the author (in all but those terms) and the only thing there is that M wants to smash. So, what bugs me, is that if you have an MC who is cool with that, why wait other than the desire to drag shit out more.

All meaningless sex needs is two consenting adults. If the MC is ready to consent, let’s get on with it. If M runs off after and wants nothing to do with the MC, fine, let’s do it and work from a place where the two have to go from a place where M hates them more than in book 1 and no longer wants to bang them, but at least that’s something other than the endless interruptions and the MC being forced into waiting to give consent. The M path needs something that doesn’t just set it apart from the other paths, but also makes it just as juicy instead of just frustrating and eye-rolling.

An aside, the fact that A’s path is turning out to be so utterly annoying is why I’m sticking the MC I have with Adam into the LT–no one with any sort of self-worth would tolerate A’s bullshit for long before they just went on their merry way. The same goes for M, if the opportunity to get physical is taken away.

I could live with this. It’s better than nothing!

Exactly. These are adults, and they should act like adults, not starry-eyed children, especially in the M path! The MC know what they’re getting into, so let’s get to it.

I’m going to assume you’re on there, too (if so, what’s your handle there?)? The cowboy thing just made me choke. Jorrek is a trip and a half! If you aren’t there, then that’s a hell of a coincidence!


ah i took that answer as M prepositioning and MC consenting to each one therefore so many scenes playing out earlier … but yeah #havefaithinSera :bowing_woman:t2:

and lmao i’m not in there but spill the group link/handle please?


Yeah, I think she meant the MC could go along on each offer or not, but I meant in general–M has already propositioned and not followed through. Hence, M is a damned tease. I so want the opportunity to have the MC say that, too. “M, you’re a damned tease. All talk, no action.” And see how M responds… :smiling_imp:

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I would like to remind everybody about spreading misinformation. I know M-mancers are worried how Sera replied on Tumblr but every thing that the author said should be taken at least with a grain of salt until other books are out.
If you find that by Book Three or Four or Five that it has been dragged too long, provide an honest but mature opinion and move on. We really can’t judge how things will turned out since future books have not been read so it’s a bit unfair to assume until we have the actual books in our hands.

Also this concern has been discussed a number of times already and if I remember correctly has been address by the author herself and it has becoming a circular debate on what happens. I have worries with A’s and M’s future romance as well but the only thing we can do is have faith.

And to top it all of, worrying only makes you suffer twice (-JK Rowling 2016) if that really happens.