The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


I think it would be wise not to presume it will definitely release on Steam … any over expectation may cause “problems” later on, as it happen last time when the release of Wayhaven Book 1 was delay … many fans start to become “Hostile” when the release date was push back .

Hence , nothing is guarantee at this stage :slight_smile:


Eh I wouldn’t worry if I were you to be honest. Book One has already proven to be popular enough to be in top 5 Hosted Games downloads and it’s one of the three games that has the highest rating of 4.9 on Google Play Store.

If anything that should be a possible good clue that Book Two may be released on Steam, it should be how many people has downloaded and bought it. From what I do understand, Steam requires like 100 dollars to publish a game, and the time it would take for the CoG staff to get it done. I’d give it like 80% chance that Book Two will be on Steam but that is merely my opinion, not someone else’s or the staff of this forum.


I agree, Book one not just has the most popular feedbacks on steam, it also sells. For a Hosted Games’ game, it actully made a good sell on steam. Truely hope I can buy book two there~ :hugs:


Let’s not overthink things, guys. That will only put our hopes up too high over something that is decided by the ‘board of directors’. For now, we should be more worried about the wait XD


Yeah, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to start a big discussion about it… I was just expressing my hopes!


Its alright, there’s nothing bad about expressing owo Just hope there won’t be hostile incidents if things don’t go as planned.


When N is finally about to kiss your Detective, and then comes the supernatural to ruin the moment…You know you should’ve seen it coming but you didn’t cuz that scene was so good…


Imagine Adam (well into the relationship) watching the MC leave like…:kissing_heart:

(Why is Jensen Ackles so gorgeous? lol)
And yes, back while I can be. Working and going to college part-time right now, so I have very little free time (unfortunately). Will be checking in as often as possible. Miss you guys! :hugs:


N is pulling out all the stops.


And let me add

Though, as a possibly interesting note, Rebecca did not discuss taking on F as a new member of UB with the rest of UB.

That’s it, mom, protect the baby of the group!


actual, F were not a part of the group, so I am interstet to find out, why Rebecca wanted to have them in the team so much, that she didn’T discuss it with the team, which would with A and mybe M probably not wanted that ball of joy that is F in their team, if they would have been asked


I’m curious can an agent leave an unit to join another unit? Because the only reason I can see F putting up with A and M is if they were forced to lol.


Well at first M and F were aparently in a relationship, even if it was short lived and they became friends and I think F loves to tease A so I don’T see a problem on that site


They weren’t ever actually in a relationship–I don’t have a source (its been mentioned in a few asks on Sera’s tumblr though) but what happened was that M flirted with F, and F was interested until they figured out that M only wanted to be physical, at which point F put a stop to it. So there was some reciprocated flirting but nothing more than that


You are 100% correct. F and M were never in a relationship.


ok, replace “short” in my text with “almost had”, but if anyone in the team whould have a problem with F in the Team, that would be A, for obvious reasons. Maybe it is part of the time N mentioned shortly for the detective, which was so vague, you could make many assumption of how the group was before the MC showed uo, and then thinkl about how the group looked like without F, with only N being a light in this team!


I believe it was because she thought the team needed a fresh perspective and wanted F to function as a kind of “heart” for the team. Give me a sec and I’ll find the ask.

EDIT: Here it is!


Okay, so we already knew M wouldn’t have feelings until near the end, but they have no interest at all for several books, either?

And we have to wait for several books to get any action because now it’s all “long game” per M’s POV?

Is there anything at all to give this RO any worth, at this point, other than holding our noses and suffering through five books before we get anything other than a tiny bit of flirting mixed in with cold apathy?


you say that now but when that damn scene with M at the end happen…you’ll be screaming ow mah ears bleeding and everyone else will be resenteful…:sweat_smile:

I would say that M romance seem like Insanity level lol you go from hard…woof…that almost killed me to…OMG! IM DEAD?! I DIDNT EVEN SWING ONCE! kinda of thing…:rofl:


At the end of book 7, you mean? Hell, I may be dead by then, lol.

I think the thing with M is, I saw it as a romance that would go from a physical thing (for those who were into it and those who weren’t would get M trying constantly, at least) to actual feelings, but if you can’t even get the physical thing for a long time (judging from M’s comment about it being a long game in the demo and Sera’s love of never-ending interruptions), and M literally could not give less of a shit about the MC until near the end, then there’s nothing to build on.

We recently were playing on discord with personality types and I was reminded that M is an ISTP, which are very physical people (and it fits them), but all of a sudden it’s going to take forever to get that? With A, you get instalove with resistance. With N, you get flowers and hearts and crap. With F, you get instalike with fun. With M? Action was promised and without it, there’s no interest. Not seeing an actual path to anything here.