The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


I honestly think that’s way too much work for M lol. I think they’re the type to take the road of least effort, particularly for situations they don’t care too much about.

NOW if the MC had promised them a make-out sess if they could get the prize… then I can maybe see it. Or if we were back in the kissing booth scenario. As of right now I think that’s about the only leverage we have over M :smirk:


So the Angstaraptor is back at it again


So question: how would your MC, if turned—by force or by choice—use their immortal life?


All of MCs would probably learn something that they haven’t learn before. They would try every hobby ever existed in the world. :joy:


wasted eternity between the 2 most important task that will need MANY MANY LIFE TIME!

1- Smooche Ava and Nat :kissing_closed_eyes:
2- Convince ava and Nat to share meh


Other than loving on the RO's? (Which all of them would do, of course.)

She’d also spend a lot of time looking into cold cases, and learn everything she could about anything and everything supernatural. She’s got the time, after all.
She’d probably stick with the agency for the foreseeable future.

Cassandra: Read. Everything. Indulge herself in her hobbies, and acquire many more in the process. Maybe open an animal sanctuary at some point. She’s pretty happy to live her life slowly, so I think she’d honestly be pretty down for the whole eternal life thing.

Hayden: Do some balls to the wall batshit crazy daredevil shit. When she inevitably got bored, she’d probably just travel. I see her coping the worst with it, due to a mixture of boredom and the lack of stakes. (lol) She enjoys getting up to dangerous things that get her blood pumping, and since she’d pretty much be immortal…it’d take away the thrill.

On a more serious note, she’s always wanted to have a bunch of kids, and she would not put herself through that if, say, they weren’t immortal as well. Also, watching the people around her get old and die would weigh her down more so than the other two. (Though Emma’d be a close second on that one.)


Has anyone been able to have the team see her as part of the team, not just like they’d "worked their way into the team’s lives without them realizing it ? I got both and don’t know how


I honestly love reading these angst. They’re my fuel for making my own angst now HAHAHHAA! As I cry over each painful sting those words give

My detective's immortal life

Knowing Lucia, she would be spending her immortal life as a detective still, solving old-age cases and exercising her mind vigorously. After all, she never liked unfinished crimes.

But on a more hobby-styled note, she would have a big ass notebook to record every supernatural, like an encyclopedia, just because she’s fascinated by this new world. In short, she’s going to be that one sponge for every odd knowledge she could discover.

On the UB side, she’ll be with them much like a family addition and being Mason’s wife, mwahahaha! and might end up being the second mom of the vampire family XD


Yes! I have no idea how though…I think I only got it when romancing A.


That only pops up when you’re romancing A. Its just because its N’s PoV where in every other route we’re reading A’s.


With all the time Alex needs we would walk across the world only stopping when he seen and done everything


I’ve been gone awhile so I don’t know if someone posted this already, but it’s the first time I get him on that scene and Nate managed to melt my heart!!:sparkling_heart:


Soft boi Nate.

My girl Bethany was watching like: lesigh

Meanwhile, the left side of her brain was like: You are about to be so screwed girl.


Lemme just ruin the day for everyone :eyes:


Everytime I think about playing the LT route, I’m reminded that I would die.

More power to you all! XD


how is that gonna ruin the day ? lol…

its great news…bringing a basket filled with kleenex! for that inevitable akward picnic…

everyyyyyyyyyone benefit…:rofl:


Now I’m starting to fear this game won’t be released on Steam and it will be only for iOs or Android :frowning:
Promise me it will end up on Steam too? :fearful:


the 1st book was released on steam…so it goes without saying the 2nd would too…


Thanks for reassuring me :cat:


Hard to really give a promise since neither the author or us fans don’t have control over the platform release but there is a high percentage that this will get a Steam release due to good reviews over at Steam.


So… there is a chance book 2 won’t getting a steam release?
Damn… I was waiting for steam book 2 for more than half a year… :cry: :sob: