The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


…Who said we’d want them to be gentle?
God, Tina would have so much fun pestering the MC for information the next day.
Fake date feels weird to me. Hope you can sorta underplay it.


Imagine encountering Tina and her date during the carnival and they saw the RO with you. She’s never gonna let it go


And don’t forget what we learned about Wayhaven in the first book! When one person knows it, than soon EVERYBODY knows it! So this news I think will be spread across the entire village the next day. This is going to be quite interesting with A. I am going to love it!

I don’t think Tina is going to have a date. She just wishes she had one. She will be probably jealous that we took her idea about the carnival date. Or tease us with it.


Very interesting, I’ll leave my part here^^

Adam(since he is my favourite): I like his passion about their job, since it is basically helping and protecting and the way his real feeling shine through

Adam physically: Only the eyes, I’m totally lost for green eyes

Mason: I like his way of flirting^^

Mason physically: the combination of dark hair and light eyes is nice

Nathan: The friendlyness and the will to like everybody

Nathan phy.: hm nothing , but I do not care so much about looks

Felix: the fun he spreads and the lack of care for authorities

Felix phy.: again nothing really :thinking:


Oi! :sob:
Might as well be my birthday too cuz there ain’t no gift that can beat this right now.


thats just Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Totally Natkins Mushyness :hugs:

Happy Birthday! :birthday:


I just can’t with these ROs. I’mma die quick from this!


Some really interesting information on pain and the ROs!


so…anyone wanna ask this question for meh?

why 4 vampires…since the story seem to includes others species . Why didnt we get…I dunno…demon or something ? Like M…could be a succubus :rofl:


I think it was because when Sera was making this story it was the height of vampires in media (ie, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, etc)? I’ll double check, but if anyone wants to correct me feel free to do so!


That is correct. She answered this is an ask already, but it was a long time ago.


Dang, poor M.
Poor adorable M.


What was your highest stat you ever got with one character in one playthorugh?
I got SOMEHOW in my last playthrough
People: 20%
Am I the only one how thinks that this is a little bit high for the first book? Seriously, I think that is slightly absurd high.


This is for the most extreme of my characters:

People: 1%
Combat: 76%
Science/Technology: 47%
Deduction/Knowledge: 29%

I don’t think it’s too high, honestly. One problem I’ve always had with games is that you start the game as though you were living in a box your entire life and never did anything of use. Unless you’re suffering from amnesia or are recovering from a horrendous accident, it makes no sense for an established character to have no skills.

The way I see book 1 is that it establishes your character’s present skills (pre-UB) and gives them room to grow in other areas, as well as keep increasing your strongest skills.

My guess is that Sera will adjust the code somehow (like if a certain action would increase your combat skill by 5%, then if your combat is already >70 (or whatever amount) you may only get 1%. It wouldn’t be that hard to include that kind of adjustment in the code, or to cap it off for each book so you can only go so high by the end of book X.


1% people? Damn she has improved alot since last time


She uses fairmath, so the stats won’t always grow by leaps and bounds. I think @EvilChani has the right of it. You’re establishing your character. The nice thing about how she has this set up is that it allows your detective to grow or change, so no one will be stuck with combat or deduction or whatever if they want to switch.


Yeah, I did a final playthrough for her, now that I understand the character more and have written her a lot. Her skills changed (more deduction than previously, and pathetic people skills!) and her personality got more… difficult than in previous plays. Oddly, she got higher in team player, once she started liking UB. So that’s good, at least! :stuck_out_tongue:



I think a better way would be to use pheromones on the mechanic to convince them to open the machine and give the MC a prize :joy:


Here are the end stats for my main playthrough:

People: 10%
Combat: 47%
Science/Technology: 63%
Deduction/Knowledge: 71%

Since the game uses fairmath, stat increases will be smaller the higher your stats are. My Deduction and Science stats aren’t likely to grow much in the next game unless I exclusively choose the options that increase them.


For my character, Lucia :joy:

Unless the machine is so rigged, its anti-pheromone??? :thinking: But I honestly thought M would destroy the machine XD