The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)

Moving day. Yay or Nay?

Emma: Nah. Likes her apartment and independence. She’d think it over though, and be extremely flattered if asked. Might eventually change her mind.

Cassandra: Sure. Likes the company, and is very fond of UB.

Hayden: Yes and no? Like, she’d be happy to hang out there most days, but she’d keep her apartment and crash there if she didn’t feel like crashing with UB for whatever reason.


Regarding moving in:

Vivian: lot of thinking, but in the end would refuse. Her own apartment has too many memories and it’s a special to her because its hers. she never thought she’d reach to a place she’d get her own apartment, she thought prison would be her home so it’s also a proud accomplishment for her. She’d still hang out at Adam’s place and would leave some of her stuff for whenever she stayed over.

Lisa: nope. Immediate no. She likes her privacy too much and needs her alone space. Lisa would be also the only one who would prefer to live separate homes with her lover

Grace: whether Farah moves in with her or she moves in with Farah either one is fine as long as there is life somewhere close by so they can find clubs or other entertainment to enjoy


Me: ‘Hey I accidentally sold my house can I live with you guys?’ :innocent:


There. Fixed it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


B-but Sera loves the MC’s car! I do admit it needs an upgrade. :thinking:


UB agrees with me tho :joy:
Maybe we can get A to come buy that new car with us? We can spend the whole day with A, asking them about their opinion on each car
totally not trying to sway you off to ‘New Car’ team using A :innocent:


I mean, except for F, they’re pretty tall for a small car so obviously they agree… * wink wink * ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


A. Might suggest an armored van or a tank. Maximum protection


Everyone talking about replacing our car makes me sad.

It’s been through so much and you guys just wanna dump it at the back of a McDonald’s?!?!



Car at least deserves warrior’s death


I have the headcanon, that our LI throws the car to save our MC and trash it finally with this.


Little drop of rain trickle down the window. I like watching them run on the glass, it makes me think I still got tears to cry for her; I don’t even try to move on, sometimes I just wonder if I still have enough motivation. Then their hand comes to rest on my shoulder.
“You have to let it go.” they are really worried; I know they care, I know they love me.
Still I can’t help but feeling that they are pushing me in a place I’m not even remotely ready to go. Then they softly turn my head, with their hand caressing my cheek. And there it is, the concern, the fear… But as I looked deep in their eyes, despite how much I love them I could see only a murderer face.


I…um…yes, I would very much like that invite, please.




The MC and their chosen LI will be going undercover as a couple.


Why does it have to be undercover though? :thinking:
Why not make that shit real, for a single night. Yeah? :ok_hand:


Because it’s part of the atmosphere of the game, I guess. You’re always almost there but not quite! That’s one of the reasons I love Sera work so much! :hugs:


Just gonna…

Leave this here c:


Try this with A,
I think this is the only way to get them to do something like this. At all! (At least for now :wink: )


I’m slightly worried how M is gonna be like in an undercover couple scenario… XD can’t imagine them being the least bit gentle.


Or the least bit realistic. Certainly can’t see Manson/Morgan taking the idea of acting like a couple seriously in any way :laughing:.

Unless it give them a opportunity to tempt Detective MC further.