The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)

All would be down with small talk.

Emma (Ava) : Her and Ava are already sort of friends, so she’d feel comfortable chatting with her about at least surface level things. (Would hesitate on asking her about herself though, knowing Ava tends to be a bit touchy.) If she picked up on Ava’s love of cars you can bet she’d ask about that. (And probably fail to comprehend any technical terms she might bring up. She’d enjoy seeing her talk about something she enjoys other than work, though.)

Cassandra (Nat): Lover of stargazing, myths, tea, reading, nature, and animals. I’m sure she and N wouldn’t run out of things to talk about anytime soon. She’d also ask Nat about herself, but would try not to pry.

Hayden (Morgan): Snark and sarcasm, with some genuineness on the side. Her and M flirt all the dang time, so without that she’d lean more towards playfully poking at M, and making jokes.


Zoë (Farah) would probably have a meme/cute picture/lame pun/new song that she wanted Farah to check out and it would spiral out from there.

Emma (Morgan) would try, probably commenting on the weather, work, current events…if Morgan doesn’t take pity on her, she’ll babble to fill the silence.


This is incredibly relatable, for I, too, start most of my relationships via memes

Lolol I can’t really see M taking mercy on anyone too much, tho I definitely see a romanced M grow comfortable with a talkative MC’s casual chattiness and-- perhaps-- even feel strangely restless and irritated when it’s not there in the background ;))))

I don't know what to name this

Alex(N): Alex…Alex doesn’t even know what small talk is. He’s either flirting or well flirting. I guess later in the relationship if N were to start the small talk first then it would probably not end up as a flirtatious conversation.

Valentina(A): Similar to Alex except for Valentina knows what small talk is, she just would be interested in other things at the moment.

Daniel(F): If F wanted to initiate a small talk then yeah he would, and they would talk about anything F wanted to talk about.

Maxine(M): She wouldn’t. Mostly because she feels that any small talk she tries to initiate would end up sexual anyways.

Also, we can start asking detective questions on this thread?, because I wouldn’t mind posting one. (Not the ones on the private thread but new, related one.)


Well. . .

With Lucia(M)

She wouldn’t really have much to talk about. She’s a shy, antisocial person and I guess she would simply be comfy with their presence. If the two got together, and M started throwing flirts on her, she would end up clumsily trip or something from getting flustered XD

She’s not really a talker or conversationalist so I think she’ll just end up enjoying the silence till her or M speak up.


Small talk…

Dezh w/Mason

Dezh doesn’t really do small talk. If someone else tries to small talk at her, she’ll tolerate it and she might respond, if she actually likes the person. Or, she might just roll her eyes and walk off. Small talk, in her opinion, is stupid and useless.

That said, where Mason is concerned, she uses random flirting or dirty jokes like one would use small talk. Otherwise, she’s comfortable with silence, and quite likes it.

Wolfe w/Nate

Wolfe is normally outgoing enough to do small talk, but with Nate, she’s more than a little shy and unsure of herself, so she wouldn’t start it. She’d participate if he started it, but she’d probably stutter and blush then, too, lol.

Nyx w/Adam

Nyx would start small talk with Adam by inundating him with questions about his past, the team’s past, battle strategies and combat, and whatever else she could think of. She wants him to open up, and asking him about the weather won’t cut it. She’d flirt with him while doing it, just because she likes watching him trying not to respond to it while totally noticing the tiny reactions he has.

Jax w/Felix

Jax could talk paint off the walls, so small talk with Felix would not be a problem with her. She’d probably start it by asking him where he buys his clothes and asking if he wants to go shopping with her sometime (she loves clothes and shoes). She isn’t the type to talk about the weather or crap like that, though–unless there’s like a tsunami somewhere, in which case she finds it talk-worthy.

She does vacillate between bold and shy with him, though (depending on the situation), so she might get a little flustered out of the blue during the conversation.


Now that I think about it…Do you think Unit Bravo knows about Jiangshi (A vampire from the Chinese myth that hops and takes a person’s Qi)?

I wonder if its like an Eastern cousin species-wise or something like that.


(In theory) I don’t know about the rest of ub but I think N probably would.(after all I think it was hinted at that they like learning about different cultures)


That’s true, I can’t imagine M getting into it, A probably won’t think much on it and F…well, they would at least chuckle a bit XD Imagine if they had been Jiangshi instead of normal vampires. I doubt they’d enjoy the hopping and all that.


Well, I can’t stopp think of F jumping around all day, just to make fun of the Jiangshi :rofl:


If i am not mistaken , jiangshi is totally different from the western vampire …
Jianshi is more of zombie or ghoul in the sense that they were human once but their body cells had cease to regenerate and it was some sort of spirit occupying a decomposed body …

The more powerful jiangahi in some movie where the original owner maintain a hold of their decompose bodies were likely Lich in western term, because those owner were usually powerful monks or magicians…


Yep, that sounds like F XD jesus, poor N for having to deal with them later on…

:thinking: Huh…I didn’t know that part. I thought they were bitten and converted to Jiangshi like a normal vamp


No…no…no… Lol :-):rofl:

I had watch a hong kong movie called Regal Mortis / jiangshi

In the movie it explain jiangshi is a deceased uninhabited body without a soul, it merely react based on impulse /electric pulse that can move or attack ppl, sort of like zombie for me

Ghost is an undead with soul but without physical body , it can possess living body but since the body is living , that body could die too and the ghost can be chased out

What terrible event was, if the ghost possesses a jiangshi body, which make it most powerful because now the vengeful ghost has an immortal body … which is difficult to defeat… that sound like a Lich :slight_smile:


Welp, then good thing UB ain’t Jiangshi or that would have been slightly disturbing, dating a rotting corpse XD


The guy with the fedora is giving me the biggest F vibes ever.

Is not just that the song is Uptown Funk, everything about him, the way he moves, his smile, I can so easily imagine F in his place lol.


I really love the idea of MC moving in with UB instead of RO moving in with MC. For me it just really solidifies they consider the MC part of their family. Not that there’s anything wrong with RO moving in with MC, but I’m a sucker for ‘found family’ tropes and just seeing how close and strong UB’s ties with one another and how they don’t want to be parted from one another warms my heart.

to those who are curious if my MCs would move in with them

blaire - absolutely would! hed prolly ask to have his own room just on the days where he cant rly handle ppl and need to isolate himself (tho it wouldnt be used as often as they would think) oh and he wants a kitchen installed. but hed be more than happy to move in with them if asked
angela - hmmm im not entirely sure. it seems like a 50/50 bc she wouldnt wanna necessarily intrude on the dynamic they have and then theres the matter of actually getting used to living with ppl again and wanting her bro to be able to visit without having to explain why she lives in the middle of a forest. but the idea would be something shed warm up to
rido - absolutely. at that point hes experiencing his first real connection with ppl and would want to stick as close to them as possible.
sienna - maybe. shed be a little bummed out bc she likes having her own space and siennas never had to deal with roommates before. truthfully she just likes the idea of playing house comin true but further down the line she might.


That’s really sweet that they don’t want to be separated from each other. Family isn’t always blood. :slight_smile:

As for my detectives and moving in with UB:

Dezh: She’d move in with them in a heartbeat. She’s already at the point where she’d defend them with her own life, so by then, she’d likely readily admit they’re the only family she’s got (unless Rebecca manages to mend fences with her, somehow).

Nyx: I’m not sure. She might.

Wolfe: Hell yeah.

Jax: Hell yeah! An opportunity to live with the love of her life and be able to annoy Adam and Mason on a regular basis? She’d never turn it down.


Though all of my MCs wouldn’t mind moving in with them, Alexa and Teresa would be hesitant at first because they have been enjoying living independently and moving freely in their own home. Not to mention having to see your crush everyday, I don’t think it’s good for their health. XD

Lisbeth would immediately agree to move in but she might have a problem of having Mason near her though. She would probably spend most of time flustered. All of this I assume if they are all in a crush stage or getting to know stage.

But if in a deep relationship with a RO (lovers stage) my MCs would prefer having her own place to have some privacy. As much as I love UB if the MC is in a relationship, it’s much more better to live separately in my view because if lovers have a quarrel under the same roof, it will affect the other members of that household and also, it would be comfortable for them to flirt without bothering someone else.


Knowing my MC?

Lucia would definitely be ecstatic about moving in with them! Once she’s past the planning, the anxiety of what she could and couldn’t bring due to the vampires’ sensitivity, the embarrassment of bringing her special stuff without the others knowing and the fact she’ll see M coming out of the shower at a lucky encounter.

But legit, she would be the second mom of the house Hooray for N in not being the only one to deal with kids! After living a solitude life, always cautious with new people and keeping a professional distance, having her step into the warehouse where UB are the family she’ll be living with…Jesus, she’d be getting teary-eyed over the warmth.

And I feel like this might be M? XD


Watch murphy fandom be like: Maybe this is the reason why he turned to the dark side, murphy was never evil he just didn’t grow up with his mom. Let’s give him a chance :slightly_smiling_face: