The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


I don’t think that they are jerks if they don’t forgive easily if MC did something that upset them. It just goes to show that the MC can’t just easily do whatever they want with RO that pushed their buttons and get away that easily, just because they are in a relationship, whether platonic or otherwise. The important thing though the ROs will eventually forgive them if the MC provided a sincere apology for it.


I know but(in my view) if the ros(except F) are holding grudges against the mc for something that’s simply a mistake and the mc apologized for it, lol I’m just saying it would make the ros seem like jerks.(which the way the question was worded I took it as that idk about anyone else lol.)(also a little ironic because A has been trashing up our office since the beginning and never apologized for it but they’re are going to give the mc silent treatment because of a mistake? Lol but I still love their route.)


From what I understand from the ask, it more like if the MC crosses the line, not a minor offense. But I suppose it really depends on how you interpret it.


I don’t think the ask was implying that the other ROs would hold grudges though? Like, if the MC is hypothetically late for a dinner date, and F forgives them as soon as they get there but everyone else takes thirty seconds, that doesn’t make the other ROs jerks for being slower to forgive than F is.

The details would probably depend on what exactly happened, but the ask doesn’t say anything about whether anyone in UB would be liable to hold a grudge over something the MC is apologetic for. It just says that F is an especially forgiving person


I’ve been wondering if the Agency would ever ‘weaponize’ the MC’s blood for dire situations, kind of like a reverse DMB. Has Sera said anything about that?


I think it was already confirmed that the agency doesn’t keep the mc blood.(or at least they only keep it for the mc sake.)
Idk I’ll try to find the ask.
Edit: this isn’t exactly it but close enough.


Okay, one thought for everyone:

Parent RO gets their hair covered in pink ribbon just because they can’t deny their daughter and those cutesy puppy dog eyes :3c

Edit: Apologies for using question, my brain wasn’t working XD


I don’t know what part of that was a question but I’ll say yes anyways.


so riddle me this ???


what does the Viking dude and snow flake woman has to do with each Ro

unless its a generated thing. playing through al the Ros
V for N and F
snowflake woman for M and A
could it have something to do with how each Ro came to the agency or even before that. or is it just a random character encounter

anyone has a clue?


It has something to do with the stats, Warrior or people skills = snowflake lady?
Viking guy = Deduc and science
Was this the one the encounter in the agency?


yes the one in the hal

I think I just forgot that one of my mc had high combat skills for A but I he didn’t have them for M. maybe I just forgot


So, I managed to wrap my older sister into Wayhaven HALLELUJAH and since she won’t have the time to play A and M’s route (she’s gonna go through her final year of college), I told her a bit of M’s route (no spoilers, just how his behavior would be to the MC) and how he’s my RO last night.

She still hasn’t register how I can be such a masochist XD But she’s more likely an N-romancer? Felix would be her second though. The beauty of inviting innocent lives into Wayhaven :3c


Did sera take down her ask recently? Ive been trying to submit a question but can’t find the page. . .


She closed her ask for a while since she was busy during the holidays. Better wait for next year.


She will open it on the 2nd January, to be more precise:


Okay, I gotta ask and I know it’s probably answered before but…

Where was it said that Mason made out even in a ventilation tube? I’m too god damn curious for my own good.


On her tumblr.


Time to go tumblr hunting…again.


Well, after my first qeustion, how our MC’s would react if someone flirted with our LI got so many replies.(by the way thanks to all who replied, it made me smile :slight_smile: ) So I thought I would bring my second question in the round before this year is over.
How would your detective start small talk with your LI. Flirt or similar options not available. Just you two (or three if you go with the LT). Or would they be too shy to start to talk on there own, would be fine too.

My "Main" MC with Ava

would be a little bit shy in such a situation, but he is very dutiful and would work around that angle. He would ask Ava about the supernatural world, and what she thinks is important for him to know, when he is working with them. Additional from to above mentioned benefit for the use in his work, he is really relying on his smarts (Science and Deduction) and would love to learn more, especially from someone who is experienced as Ava. And even if Ava is not the person for small talk, he doesn’t think she will have a problem with telling him what he should do and what not :smile:


All of my MCs wouldn’t mind starting small talk.

For my A route, Alexa do appreciate the silence during working hours but she would initiate small talk even now and then. I imagine that Alexa would like get to know Adam better especially if she realized that she has feelings for him.

For my M route, Lisbeth is a curious person so she would probably ask a lot of question to Mason until he said something that would probably flustered her. :joy:

For my N route, Teresa could initiate small talk if she’s comfortable enough with a person in question but in the beginning would be hesitant to do so. However if it’s a topic that she’s passionate about, she could go on for ages. I think Nate does makes people comfortable so Teresa will be comfortable enough to talk to Nate a lot.

I haven’t fleshed out my MC for Felix’s route yet. I really need to start on that in the future.