The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


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Somehow, I am not even surprise with the words ‘After Dark’ XD


No problem! Now you can go talk NSFW stuff about the series without issue!


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Something that is probably a bad idea XD Simply because this shows we’re perverts over these lovely vampires. :laughing:

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And also, random question for all of you: What if UB goes to their kids’ school where the children’s parents show what they do for work? (Idk what you call those, we don’t have those here in Malaysia TwT)


Oh, I know what you’re talking about!

We didn’t actually have those when I was growing up, but I have thoughts on this anyway.

I think that A would be cagey about this type of thing, but might relent if it’s part of their poor kid’s grade, although they’d be incredibly evasive.

A: “I’m a government official.”

Student 1: “Do you kill people?”

A: “Pass.”

Student 2: “Do you know the president?”

A: “Next question.”

Student 3: “Do you know what we’re having for dinner?”

A: “…Vegetable medley.”

Student 3: “Thanks mom/dad!”

A: “Any other questions? No? Good.”

N, I think, would be super up for it but would manage to avoid having to reveal anything of what they do by just telling them cool stories that have nothing to do with their job.

But then their phones rings and N tries desperately to turn it off but ends up having the entire classroom yell instructions while they just get more and more panicky until the battery just falls out somehow and then N starts lecturing them on the dangers of technology.

F, I think, would open their mouth, fully intending to spill the beans because they haven’t thought this through, until A suddenly bursts in and drags them out bodily, saying something about, “Government work” and then closing the door as quickly as they came.

M, I think, would say that that’s a very stupid thing for their teacher to grade on, but would come anyway, only to have the teacher suddenly end the section early once M starts talking about the time that they had to fistfight a bear and then gut it to stay warm.

And then A bursts in and starts dragging M away “something something government work” only for the MC to tell them that they had watched the Revenant the night before and M cracks the hell up at the sour face that A is making.



Always a loving parent they are, eh? XD It’s so sugary, i’m getting cavities!

Someone help me, I’m dying over this adorable cuteness ;~; I’m so weak against children that are just too adorable and polite for their own good!

God forbid it was MC or F calling just to freak them out

A du Mortain, arrived to ruin save the day for the young, youthful minds of the next generations XD

Shall I proceed with more scenario questions? :3c

Lowkey can imagine A doing this regarding Felix and MC


That’s just beautiful :joy:


Hey I liked that original link it was quite the post to read out of context :joy:



Aww!! M really does consider the MC to be part of the team now!! I love fangy, snarly M…


His reaction was for me, by far, the best. But I do love my aggressively protective ROs any time of the day :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Awwwww, M!!! ;-; How they have grown…

Some more than others :smirk:


WOW lol I missed a lot for the 3 days I was off the forum.

can I just say, that as soon as I saw that gif with N I just thought…

N as Bobby speaks to them


N as bobby turns to leave


I just love the idea of a very open loving N, secretly very annoyed by Bobby and their presence.


You know it’s bad when even N is annoyed with you enough to make a polite smile XD

I kinda expect F to make a snarky remark against Bobby’s flirts.

B: Are you from Tennessee? Cuz you’re the only ten I see.
F: Oh good, then you know I’m way out of your league too.


A little off topic from the other topic(which my opinion would probably be biased since I like Bobby character lol.):
I know that these asks are vague and it probably doesn’t mean deep into the relationship but (in my view) that ask about who would be the most forgiving if the mc accidentally made them angry hurted me lol , why does that make the ros(except F) seem like complete jerks?( . )
This is the ask for anyone wondering:


I don’t think it’s that the other ROs would be un-forgiving–it probably depends on what the MC did and which RO it was exactly, but there’s no reason to believe that the rest of the ROs wouldn’t still accept a sincere apology. Just that F is especially likely to be forgiving


I thought it was about ‘Out of the four, who is the most forgiving’, not ‘who is willing to forgive’?? .-. or is it not?


Hmmm, really? I think most people get upset at times and this ask seemed more hypothetical as in “let’s say RO got upset cause of something mc did something wrong”, it’s pretty vague and I think more as a reference/scenario to see which vamp is the most forgiving or a comparison basically. Like @HomingPidgeon says it doesn’t specify what mc does, it just say’s mc does something to make ro upset. So yeah lol, I wouldn’t read into it too much, at least not as far to go and say the RO’s are complete jerks cause we don’t know the situation fully, more so that F is the most forgiving out of unit bravo but that isn’t going to say that they aren’t forgiving and to a certain extent.


I want to believe that what she mean as well, from what we got about N’s(and maybe even A’s or M) personality they seem to be able to forgive the mc if it wasn’t something terrible.

@AliciaWolf2488 yeah that what it means, I was just saying it makes it seem like the other ros would hold grudges against the mc for a minute.


Right??? Things move fast 'round these here parts :joy:

Hmm. On the note of forgiveness… I wonder what Sera’s stance on the greyscale of good vs evil is, and if that will be reflected in the series. I wonder if her antagonists will ever be in that grey area somewhere, and if redemption is something possible for any of them.

I say that because it would also be extremely interesting to know how UB would feel about such a scenario. In lining up with that ask, would F be the most likely to accept the idea that people can change?

Also bc reformed villains has got to be one of my favorite tropes of all time ever (know I’m not alone there) and I’m wondering if that is a possibility for the series in the future. Honhon


Yeah that’s definitely something I hope to discover moving on in the series. I wouldn’t count out A or N for realizing the idea that people can change because they’ve been around for so long I think it’s something they’ve experienced themselves in how much they have changed over the course of time (maybe change isn’t the right word, perhaps grow) and how the people around them have as well. Then again there’s always the chance that they’ve met people whom they thought would change from evil to good only to be disappointing in so yeah that is pretty interesting. Although I think this ask was more a short term mc making a mistake thing rather than a long term villain turning good.

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