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What may be simple to us may very well be difficult for others. M may be obvious to others but, welp, there are people who would misunderstand. Its simply how human mind works. If we’re all the same, then it makes us more clones than individuals. Don’t worry your beautiful mind over it. Everyone has their own views and perspective. >w<


For real tho, Idk how my MC’s (and my) heart will take it if it ends up like that XD I’m already giggling over this, trying not to wake my family up. Well done, Madame :clap::clap::clap: XD

Somewhat long

I guess because it’s not as prominent as say, N, F or even really A route. I guess there’s also the fact (in my view and probably some other people view judging on the asks Sera gets.) It seems like M doesn’t see a relationship or a potential relationship(I think even if the mc show signs of feelings) with the mc for now so I guess that mean they wouldn’t see them flirting with someone else as cheating. (Unlike I guess A, N, F who once they realized that feelings are probably on the table kind of stop flirting with everyone (well i assuming for A that wasn’t a problem), I think?) Then I guess there was that thing about M not caring if the mc cried(earlier in the relationship) so those can be seen as M not caring about the mc, idk.
Also this mostly has nothing to do with your question but while deep into relationship it’s obvious that M cares for the mc but it seems(in my opinion)like not really for the mc future child(ren) with them. Like I remember reading the kids asks on the authors tumblr and most of the ros try to bound or support their kids in their own way then you have M and it’s like “geez do you want your kid to hate you?” :grin:


Of course they don’t see a “serious” relationship as something that is gonna happen. But, I mean, that’s not something that was ever up to discussion, was it? Everyone knows that M doesn’t look for that stuff, but that doesn’t change the facts that the way they act towards the MC shows that they care.

I just think of them like that person who says “I don’t want to have a dog/cat”, then they start interacting with one, and they are still there like, nah, I don’t want a pet, but every time they see an animal they are “I want to pet it ~~”, and then suddenly they realise this straight cat they have been “looking after, just for a while” has become their inseparable companion and would die for them :joy:

They probably wouldn’t, but the fact is, they are not flirting with anyone else apart from the MC. Is probably not even a conscious thing they do, but they do it. And in fact, this is something the rest of the UB will comment on for those of us romancing M. In fact, not long ago, Sera was saying how as of book 2, M doesn’t even look at other people.

This is a great example as to how people interpret things in totally different ways, since to me, based on the asks, M is amazing as a parent. They are literally what I wish one of my parents was :rofl:


I loved that M was the only one of the four who got all fangy in response to the supernatural. And that they were like, “nuh uh, you aren’t wandering off alone… where you go, I go, sweetheart.” Of course M had to add that the rest of UB would kill them for letting the MC go off alone, but they have to reason it out in their head because (channeling M here), “Why would I care otherwise??”

I suspect there will be a lot of that kinda thing (“I don’t care, but I’m gonna go save the MC because they’re being stupid!” and moments of the MC or the rest of UB asking asking if M actually cares when they do something uncharacteristic of them and M scoffing, “No!”) before M finally has or realizes there are feelings there. Right now, it’s instinct and magnetism. They’re drawn to the MC and act on instinct when around them, while not bothering to think about why and explaining it away because the concept of giving a crap is too foreign to them.

Like I said, my take on this is that, at this point, it’s more of an instinct thing with them. Even at the end of book 1, M was doing it–when M finds the MC and offers to ‘help them clean up’ (yes, please), and Murphy shows up, M shoves the MC behind them so fast and hard it almost knocks them down. M is the most vehement of the bunch, by far.

Didn’t you love the scene in the office between F and M regarding M watching the MC? When F keeps pressing M till M snaps, “Admit what? That I like looking at her?” Yes, M, exactly. And I love M posing when the MC walks back in to “look more appealing.” That’s just adorkable.

I think that’s the thing people have to get about M is not to go into it expecting the typical fluff. M can be fluffy, but in their own way.

^^^^This!! This is M fluff! And I could totally see it happening this way. Absolutely perfect!!

Honestly, I think the asks sometimes make things seem worse than they are. You’re spot on about M not seeing a relationship or potential relationship, but you’re talking about someone who apparently has never had a relationship. So M doesn’t even consider the possibility.

That said, M is also seriously drawn to the MC. Logically, of course M would jump to the thought that they just want to get the MC in bed, because that’s always scratched the attraction itch before. But considering they keep going back even if the M never has sex with them, there’s clearly something there. Sera believes in soul mates and said that’s the case with all four romances, and that includes M.

As for the flirting thing, M isn’t interested in flirting with anyone. And a recent ask pointed out that M isn’t even looking at anyone else, at this point. Does M know why? No, and they’d say they “don’t care” but something is obviously different this time. F notices it, at the very least.

I actually loved the M responses to the kid questions. M lets the kid sleep them them and the MC if the kid is scared, is protective but not stifling and doesn’t think the kid should have to deal with bullshit just for the sake of bullshit. Of course the kid would love them! May a higher power help anyone who tried to hurt or threaten M’s kid–they wouldn’t survive it.


My hart is just weak over his loyalty and honesty, UGHHH!!! :purple_heart:

They’re always a rough individual XD But their intentions are a sweet thing. . .Except for when they try to get in MC’s pants.

Cuz that’s just them being cockblocked too many times :rofl:

Don’t remind me!!! ;; My detective is an almost motherly, flirt-shy person and she’s just dying over M posing. HE WAS TOO DAMN CUTE FOR TRYING TO LOOK GOOD, I CAN’T AHHHHHHH TAT bsjsnfhskdndndjd :purple_heart:

Don’t you ever say such a blasphemous thing about the great Asks!

But in all seriousness, it isn’t about the asks. Rather, its the easily misinterpretation of others that kinda made things worse. Sera loves her character and has thought of them for a long time, like a mother learning about her kids and how they’ve been raised. In short, she’s more or less sure of how these characters are as they are. Its just easy for most people to throw the meaning of M’s actions out the window and forgo what their intentions are.

The second the sex option is open and there’s a shy option, my MC is gonna be having her fucking fun CUZ SHE NEEDS THAT VITAMIN M DAMN IT! (Plus, u know, she’s a kinky submissive XD)

F, you darling shipper you ;-;

Considering that A) M is constantly watching over them (not as fussy as N but they are on a 24/7 lookout at least), B) Despite not being a fan of kids, they adore theirs in their own, rough-tough dad ways and C) They’re the kind of dads you should be scared of?

Forget surviving it. Their ashes would be atoms by the time M is done with them XD


Can I say I actually prefer M as a mom? There is something about the idea of having our MC and Morgan kid having a boyfriend/girlfriend and thinking, ah, I hope your dad is not too harsh on me! And then the kid is just there like, “hahaha, my dad is the nice one, you have to survive my mom”.

And then dad MC, with a high people stat is all nice and welcoming, while Morgan is looking at them, until she steps in, puts a hand on their shoulder and squeezes and, holy shit isn’t that really strong for a woman? The boy/girlfriend is already terrified, and Morgan smiles when hearing that heartbeat jump even faster. A terrifying smile, of course, then she leans closer, still with that smile on her face. “I know my kid can kick your ass, but if you hurt him/her/them, I will kill you and no one will ever find your corpse”, then she gives a kiss to dad MC (who looks a bit mortified) and walks away :joy:

I am half asleep, so sorry if this doesn’t make much sense, I am not re-reading anything


I think F is the number 1 fan of their respective ships for A, N and M routes. I hope to see some matchmaking schemes for my two awkwardly couple Alexa and Adam. Probably F will probably one of those people who will help M realize that they have more than physical attraction to the MC. And F would probably just tease N and MC a lot.

Actually having either a mom or dad like M IS scary for the future son/daughter-in-law. :joy:


Nothing wrong with having M as a mom too XD cuz either way, they’re still their baby’s parent :stuck_out_tongue:. The only problem is family dinners XD just imagine sitting with your significant other’s family and M is sitting across you…glaring…and thinking of ways to torture you should you step out of line (their job as an interrogation specialist really pays off here XD)

I can just hear @Mewsly getting out a massive banner of F IS BAE or something along those lines XD BUT THEY’RE SO PRECIOUS, I WANNA HUG THEM SO BAD ;-;

I am honestly happy that there is a good amount of M love here XD They would be puking their guts out from all of the affection :3c


I love the fact that M is rough. My MC with Mason loves it, too. She’s used to just rolling over everyone and fighting with anyone who doesn’t go along with her and along comes Mason–who doesn’t find her scary and likes the fact that she’s so bold and in-his-face with what she wants. When she realizes she’s caught the feels, though, she won’t know what to do. Unlike M, who has no trouble admitting feelings once they know they’re there, she is gonna freak (unless Mason gets there first, which I doubt will happen).

I feel for them with that one. Dezh is feeling it, too, already. I so want the option for the MC to just flat out say (maybe after the carnival chapter): So, M, I’m sick of talking about it. Come to my place. And don’t make plans for the next 24 hours, 'cuz you aren’t leaving until one of us is unconscious or unable to walk.

Ditto with my MC. She’s not experienced (and what little experience she’s had has sucked), but Mason has pulled out her inner nymphomaniac…

If Mason and Dezh ever had kids, they’d have a double dose of it (Dezh is slightly less hostile toward newcomers than Mason, but only slightly–she just glared at UB when they were in her office the first time, and refused to speak until they did, mainly because there was no option to ask them what crawled up their asses and died). Neither one of them would be nice, lol. The poor kid’s friends would be afraid to blink wrong at the kid. Hell, the kid would probably be scary, too, so it’d be fine.

Hopefully! I totally want F to play wingman for the MC, but hope F doesn’t push it too much and cause M to back off out of spite or denial. I noticed it was N who made F stop teasing M in the MC’s office.

I kinda want M to come to that realization on their own, though, maybe after watching the MC almost die for the zillionth time, lol. Or, better yet, in the middle of an argument like @Meira_Litch wrote! That is just so M.


Your MC is a sassy person, aren’t they? XD Or are they just a daredevil with dangerous men like M? :stuck_out_tongue:

More like unable to stand XD By that point, there better be ice packs for those aching hips!

At least she’s had some experience, whether bad or good XD My MC has been utterly deprived that she’s gonna be a needy young pleaser for Mason, despite having had past relationships (damn u, Bobby the Fucker) :stuck_out_tongue: All the more easier to please an eager participant.

Actually, now that I think about it…This is gonna go down NSFW so fast but… THIS HAS BEEN REDACTED DUE TO INAPPROPRIATE MENTIONS XD Don’t judge me ples

My god, I pity the unfortunate soul who went to your household XD are you trying to be the Adams family, Hostile vers?


oh my god! I actually choked on my water reading this, meiraaaaaaa!!! that’s  p e r f e c t ~!!

i lov


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Sorry. Didn’t really think that was NSFW, since it wasn’t detailed or anything, so didn’t think it was necessary to go elsewhere. If we take the conversation further, we’ll move it over there.


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Okay. No problem. XD


Congrats, you have forced me out of a good morning time with my bed just of how awake this conversation has made me XD I hope you’re proud

:thinking: Does this mean your MC is the type to ‘let’ Mason win perish the thought just to get close and flirtatious or the type to pin him down and taunt him? XD

TFW when you decided to let Bobby be your MC’s first relationship in their whole life just because of how antisocial they were and they didn’t know any better with Bobby XD

Especially with that sensitivity of his :smirk: I swear, our MCs are a glutton for Mason and his grumpy behavior XD But awwww!! ;; I swear, I would hug your MC if I could! (or my MC would, just cuz she’s so genuinely like a mother LOL XD)

I wanna continue this convo so bad but I can’t cuz I just read this:

And now I am worried that the things I’ll say are a bit too inappropriate XD But hey, judge-free zone from me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhm…is it normal that I don’t have access to the topic? ;; sorry…


The M Romance Litmus Test.


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Would the lack of birthday count tho? Cuz I’m 20 and I don’t usually put my birthday up on the profile XD


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