The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


M does have feelings for the MC tho.


Maybe I read this wrong but in my view, I guess that’s all we know about M? from book one to the book two demo M only really sexually flirts with the mc and since we really don’t know anything about book M except that it’s easy to go to that, I guess.


Whether they do or not, its not right to say they do have them, simply because they haven’t even realize or know that feeling. As of now, I think M is just following that feeling of the MC being an interesting ‘challenge’ (that or they felt like MC is someone worth the chase). And because the MC reciprocates (more or less), they would continue the chase and along the way, they’ll catch the feels (but again, this is all just theory.)



And that is the problem here. People making claims and applying their interpretation to it and presenting it as fact.

I think this argument is getting rather circular. We just need to be careful how we present the information. As everyone can see from the ask, it causes misunderstandings.


As much as I’d love to buy into that, I recall an ask to Sera wherein she stated that M really was mourning their cigarette instead of worrying about the MCs life or death state. Of course, M also shoved the MC behind them to protect them from Murphy, so maybe that was instinct and M just doesn’t realize there are feelings yet. Judging from what I’ve seen on tumblr, though, M doesn’t feel anything yet.

Okay, since there seems to be some thought that I invented M not yet having feelings:

Pertinent part:

Book One Mason/Morgan, no, not really. By the end, they might have more respect, but that’s about all.

So yeah, end of book 1, respect is the best the MC has.

On an entirely different note, who had a character who did this? I loved that scene…


I still haven’t gotten over the tree puns :joy::joy::joy: Felix, I love you but god, don’t kill me

Altho, this made me worry about seeing Rebecca and Mayor Friedpants interact…


I actually had an mc who did that, at first I thought it was based on your relationship stat with UB so I’m supprised to find out it wasn’t.


Just noting the evidence for this–we know that M isn’t going to repress their feelings the way A does, just that M doesn’t recognize them when they start to appear.

And for some ~mysterious reasons~ M hasn’t been interested in one night stands since the drama with Murphy and the MC, wonder why M. Wonder what’s happenin bud. Hey M. What’s up with that. What’s up M. What’s up with that.

And I haven’t played M’s route, but if I’m remembering my hearsay right, F makes some comments at M about their interest in the detective? Don’t recall what they were but given that F recognizes M’s feelings before M does they’re probably relevant


You mean… the part after they made sure that the MC was alive and was getting medical attention? After they had to be pulled away from the MC by another character because they were checking on the MC and the doctors needed to get to them?

M is a Romance Option and this is a Romance Game… I don’t think them having Romantic Feelings is that much of a stretch.


Rebecca would chew up Mayor Friedpants and spit him out, then pick her teeth with his bones. That man couldn’t handle her for five seconds.

But yes, the tree puns killed me. As did Adam’s reaction to the whole thing. That made me fall over laughing.

I had one MC (Jax, who is with Felix) do it and it was priceless. I want more opportunities to hide from responsibility for her, lol.

F, walking into the detective’s office: Detective?? I can hear your heartbeat…
MC, peeking out from under the desk: Shh! Hiding from the captain. He’s such an asshat!
F: laughing loudly
MC: Shh!! Get under here with me!

And, five minutes later, Captain Tightass catches the detective and Felix under her desk. Try explaining that one…


I thought M doesn’t have any feelings for the mc until later? That’s why I took that scene as M wanting to sleep with the mc instead of them worrying about the mc.(that’s from book one, I think right?)


Yes. It’s from Book One at the end of Murphy’s fight.

I really think that everyone have already said their piece. M’s (and to a certain extent, A’s) route is pretty much up to each our own interpretation. If a person think there are no feelings that’s fine. If other people think otherwise, that is also fine.It is best we move on.


In that link I included above, Sera says that, at the end of book 1:

With a romanced MC, M has more a draw towards them, but it’s not an attachment or emotional thing. Not yet, anyway, lol.

So no, there aren’t any feelings yet. Just a draw. Enough to keep M from trying to get in anyone else’s pants, which is quite a draw, so there’s that.


A bit late into the convo^^ But have been working until late yesterday und just got my kid ready for school^^

I love the A and M route best, and thats mostly because it is not the typical hollywood romance style. I just love the way Sera makes you realize the LI´s feelings with just changing a word or two. I´ve played the demo now several(cough, yeah only several, not like 20+ times^^) just to get every nuance and every answer possible. It is wonderful in many ways. The scene with A I liked most was, after crashing the plant, when you answer that Tina will kill him. That was really wonderful.

And in M´s route, to me it seems that he has feelings for the MC in the end, just not hollywood romantic ones and I am more than ok with that. The M route is more a play with the fire and thats definetly something many people may like. It is a lot of teasing without any pressure and so much fun to read, in my opinion.

Sera made a wonderful job in giving every LI a different aspect of love, so that everyone has something to like, some even more than one route^^

I am all in for the slow burns, there are plenty ways of showing the MC that they really care aside from hand holding and kissing^^


I am coming in late, and I haven’t read the whole thread, so my apologies if this has already been answered.

Something that a lot of people seem to forget when it comes to M is, that we can play with an asexual MC, and they will never try to force anything. We can already see glimpses of this with the shy MCs and how M never touches them when flirting, while bold MCs have physical contact with them.

So please everyone, do not worry about M harassing the MC or thinking with just what is between their legs.


Unit Bravo: h-

Wayhaven Fandom:

(I swear, this is my last one.)


Yeah, I mostly meant that what we know about M is really limited, especially if we going by the books instead of the asks. So I guess it makes sense why there some people who think that M only thinking with what’s in between their legs because that’s all we really got from M personality wise.(at least in my view, maybe someone sees it differently?)

Lol I know what you mean by this but still I wouldn’t say A route isn’t a typical Hollywood movie romance. Maybe not in the golden age years but I think in the recent years most love interests are pretty icey towards the mc. And you have all those YA books for a romance similar to M.


I think is normal that some people can get that impression, but me being so obsessed in love with M, I guess maybe I pay more attention to all the details?

For example, how M thinks they have to stop smoking as much around the MC, or how they actually throw their cigarette if the MC asks. Also, when in the demo 2 we encounter that supernatural, the way that they shove us behind them, growling and showing their fangs to the other supernatural, and how they have such a hard time to leave without us.

This is only book 2, and just the start of it, and they are already showing so many signs of how they care about our MCs.

And of course that is just my opinion and my interpretation, but, I don’t know, how could anyone see all that and just brush it off as nothing?


Gurl, you ain’t the only one XD But I guess its because we know what kind of person M is that we see the little hints they leave, honestly.

There’s also the fact they glanced at the MC more often than not XD Pretty sure catching M’s eyes are a BIG hint, since M seems like the type that doesn’t glance at the same person they’re not interested in. At least, in a way like MC. They are, after all, instinctive.

And congrats, now I wanna replay Book Two demo and cry my eyes over the agonizing wait again because of your mentions.

Well, one of the reason could be from people who hadn’t really see anything pass the romantic norms (kisses, hand-holding, etc). I know there r people who never seen the little things in a relationship and focused on the fluff stuff (not to say its bad, of course. Its simply a person’s experience of relationships or lack thereof). So, yeah, M is a difficult person to understand but they’re still adorable to us all. :kissing_heart:

Good... Good..


I guess that could be a reason for some people, but still, is so obvious (to me) that they do care about the MC…

Obviously they don’t even know it, so if anyone asked them they would just snort at it, but then, if 2 seconds later a possible thread appears, M would be in front of the MC snarling at that possible enemy in 0,00000001 seconds, lol.

Also, before people was talking about them saying I love you. Am I the only want that really wants an “I love you” in the middle of an argument? I am such a sucker for that trope :rofl:. Can you imagine?

M: Stop being so fucking reckless, shit!
MC: I am not being reckless! I am doing my job!
M: Your job almost gets you killed more than once!
MC: Yes, and I knew that was part of the risks when I took this job! And why do you even care? You are always moaning about how I am a pain in the ass most of the times anyway!
M: I can’t help it! Every time you are at risk, I just jump to save your ass without thinking about it!
MC: What the hell are you talking about now?
M: For fuck sake MC! I love… remains in shock, silently looking at MC I… I love you? Holy shit, I love you.
MC: shocked
M: shocked

I am laughing so hard, god :joy: