The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Bad wording, I suppose. I believed that M not noticing the MC was spending long nights out and away was a sign that M would pay no attention to what the detective does (at all). And I still believe that the ask (and others making comments about M not paying attention or noticing certain things) is a sign that that really is the case. I do not, however, believe that M will “ignore” the detective. Just what the detective does or says (unless it’s of particular interest to M, anyway), and that’s exactly how M treats UB–and those are the most important people in the world to M.

As for the other quotes you used from me, not seeing the problem. No dating phase isn’t an issue (for me, anyway) and the hand-holding, gushy crap isn’t M’s style (or the style of the MC I have with Mason).

I agree that nothing is set in stone. I’m just going off what we’ve gotten in asks and in book 1 and the demo. Given how long of a wait we have before it’s all over, I think hazarding a guess as to how things with go in all paths will at least keep discussion going and keep us entertained long enough to wait between books. The waiting sucks!


It might be an issue for other people, though, and Sera has never said there would be no dating in M’s romance. In fact she has specified the opposite.

I don’t want other people to think that M’s romance isn’t worth playing because its lacking, and until the games are out we don’t know how its going to happen. Saying things like “M’s route won’t have any mushy crap” in, one, makes the people who do like that stuff feel excluded, and two, we don’t even know if thats true or not. For all we know we might get to have a heavy make out session with M in the carnival and won’t kiss N till the end of the book!

We don’t want to send the wrong message about the books when we have no idea whats going on in them, and while the asks are fun they are not any sort of concrete facts. Nothing is concrete until the books are published. We have to be careful about speculating because we don’t want people to get the wrong idea as, apparently, people already have.


I’m just going to say some of these asks are probably pretty old, so it’s possible that the author have changed things. Like in the older asks deep into the relationship A seemed happier and didn’t have any dimples but in the most recent asks, it seems like A gets more worried the deeper it goes and has dimples now.I’m assuming the longer the books take, the author might change her mind on some things. (and that’s okay because sometimes author’s find things that won’t work out.)

But nevertheless, I still kind of wonder about the M and them being clingy, most of the time when I think of clinginess I think of them blowing up your phone, wanting to follow them everywhere, getting easily jealous and M don’t seem to be like that. (assuming their personality doesn’t change.)


M’s personality won’t change. Sera has stated before that she doesn’t believe that love changes people, but rather love is about accepting someone for who they are and loving them anyway.

If I remember correctly, M’s “clinginess” (which isn’t really the best word in this case) is more physical in nature, insofar that they just enjoy being around the MC, even if they’re not really interacting one on one. It’s just their physical presence that they rather enjoy because…well, they love the MC, so why wouldn’t they want to be around them?

I kind of think of it like when my dogs follow me from room to room. “Oh, we’re leaving the living room? Ok, bedroom it is—oh, you’re just changing your shoes. Oh, we’re going out? Cool!”

Keep in mind, I also don’t think Sera intends for M to come off as the type of person who needs to know where the MC is all the time—that type of behavior is just controlling, and a huge red flag—as much as M just likes being around the MC, which is also something I imagine all of the vamps would do, but that it’s more pronounced in M because, well, M does what they want.

A or N: “Oh, I would hang out, but I really need to finish this report because someone didn’t do it.”

F: “Oh gosh, I don’t want to do this report at all, let’s go out instead!”

M: “N will just write my report for me. Let’s just hang on the couch.”


Well, she has said that M won’t really change at all (as in personality and who he is). He will just get less hostile, lol.

As for the clingy part, I think that clingyness, like romance, might be defined differently. There’s this little gem:

Early in the relationship (and I’m assuming there’s actually a relationship instead of it being during the flirting or banging stage), M literally doesn’t give a damn about the MC enough to bother trying to get them back if they walk (and would immediately look for someone else). But deep into the relationship, M would “slink back” because they wouldn’t want to lose the MC.

That isn’t changing M’s personality, it’s just that M actually feels something so they try to fix things. So I think that, while M won’t change, they just behave differently once they actually care about the MC past “I want in your pants.”

It’ll take a really long time to get there, but once it’s there, maybe the clingyness and other stuff would be more obvious. As @resuri08 said, M is all about action, not words. They may not show affection in the way N or F do, but they will show it. And, who knows, maybe @Mewsly is right and Sera will decide to make M gushy and lovey. Given the things I’ve seen in the asks, I won’t hold my breath, but it’s possible Sera will change her mind. At the very least, what we get from M will be whatever the character can offer to show their feelings, just like the others.

To @Mewsly I would so bet you that N-mancers get a kiss way before M, at this point (and N will likely kiss the MC at the carnival or at least by the end of the book). I don’t think M-mancers will get a kiss, much less a makeout session before the end of book 2. After the ‘long game’ comment from M’s thoughts, I get the feeling that MC’s who want to have some unfettered fun with M are gonna have to wait for a long while. It may be that Sera intends for us to wait until F and N get into a relationship with the MC before our MCs can have a go at M. So yeah, I’d totally bet you an Amazon gift card on what you said!


Yeah, If that’s what the author meant then I don’t think that’s clingy really, I think being clingy is more… controlling. It’s really isn’t something to strive for in a relationship. (and if M was all that I said then that would be a red flag.)

I’m kind of hoping it’s in book three since I think that’s when N route becomes deeper into the romance.(plus I’m hoping for an “I love you” then a kiss, it would seem weird if N and the mc started kissing and they haven’t even said “I love you” yet and because I love that trope.)


Careful how you word things, people might construe this as meaning that M really isn’t capable of physical affection.

As it stands, we can really only guess what kinds of things any of Unit Bravo has a capacity for (when it comes to physical affection) since we’re really so early on all of their romances. I would go as far to say that we’re not even 100% certain what types of things F and N are willing to do, although it’s mainly A and M who are the wild cards.

Sera may have said that M isn’t really the type of person to who feels the need to say I love you, and M might not be the type of person to intertwine their hands with the MC’s, but that doesn’t discount other forms of non-sexual affection that they might indulge in, like wrapping their arm around the MC, or squeezing back if the MC squeezes their hand, or absently nuzzling their head into the MC’s neck while they sleep.

Considering the ask from earlier, we have to be careful about the way we word things because at least one person is already wondering if there might be a disparity in romances when we all know for a fact that Sera is striving to make things even for every player in the game.

Sorry if I sound like a worrywart, but that ask made me really sad to see because I don’t want anyone thinking that half of Unit Bravo is unromanceable because somebody’s posts on the forums confused them.


I mean I was trying to make the point that we don’t know whats going to happen. I’m not trying to bet on whats going to happen. The point is that we don’t know, and won’t know, until the games are out. We want to make this a welcoming environment for new players and we don’t want to confuse them with speculation. This is already a hefty thread.


Precisely my point as well.

This thread, the WIP thread, the old thread, the FAQ, and all of Sera’s asks…

I mean, that’s a lot of stuff for a newcomer to dig through. I can see why someone who’s not as immersed in Wayhaven as we are could have gotten so confused about the M and A romances.

We gotta be careful about how we present our ideas and speculation as the series gets bigger and bigger because not everyone will be so knowledgeable.


That’s why I keep trying to point out the things M would do when I mention things the asks imply they won’t do (like the arm around the waist instead of hand holding). So I’m trying to be careful to throw some encouragement in there when I point out certain things.

You know my favorite one of these Sera mentioned?

I just love love love that M would play with the MC’s hair without realizing it. :heart:

As a fellow worrywort, I get it. And, to an extent, I could understand people being confused. The asks can sometimes make things seem somewhat dire and miserable for M-mancers, too, if you just read certain ones without reading the ones like the one above about the hair-playing.

I do think it’s important for people to understand that the A & M paths will be different, though. If you want feelings in the first half of the series, then you’ll be disappointed with the M route. If you want someone who isn’t repressed, then don’t go for A. N is the ‘classic’ romance, F is the ‘fun’ one, M is the ‘bad boy,’ and A is… difficult and intense as hell. So yes, Sera is doing everything possible to make the romances still romancey, all while staying true to the characters, which means they will be different. M will never behave like N, F will never behave like M (unless he’s doing an impression of him and can run fast enough to keep M from kicking his ass!), and visa versa. It really just comes down to a matter of preference. Like Sera has said repeatedly, A & M 'mancers had better be in it for the long haul, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


This thread is mostly made up of speculation. It will probably be pretty empty if we stop since it will be a year or so before book two come out unless we turn this into a detective or talk about the asks thread until then, but I don’t mind either way.


Speculation itself isn’t the issue. The issue is that people are getting confused on whats fan speculation and whats not.

We need to be more clear. People reading through the thread later won’t have the benefit of being here when we’re discussing things in the moment and will lose that context.


No one is saying we have to stop speculating, what I am saying is that we have to be very clear that, even when we use Sera’s asks or point to examples in past books, we are at the very best  g u e s s i n g  as to what will happen.

The only thing set in stone is what has been published in the app and nothing more. Everything else we have to be clear is speculation.


How do we do that, though, when most of what’s here is speculation? Granted, more than half of it is fluffy speculation, but shouldn’t it be made clear to people that even that is just speculation? It’s all well and good to say A will be relaxed and sweet and M will be a huggy cinnamon bun, but that’s all conjecture, just as it’s conjecture when we say M won’t be a cinnamon bun.

And, when we’re discussing asks, it’s hard to argue that it’s speculation when it’s coming right from Sera’s keyboard. How we interpret what she says may differ in some cases, like when I believed that one ask was deep relationship and you said it wasn’t–really, we don’t know what she meant.

It reaches a point where every post has to be labeled “this is my take on things” before we type. But if we do that, then we all need to do it because, while we don’t want people to get a falsely negative impression like from that one ask today, we don’t want them to get a falsely syrupy sweet impression either. The latter wouldn’t be any fairer to them than the former, since it might result in them believing overly fluffy things that never come to fruition.


I mean, you could decide to say “disclaimer, this is just me having a theory and is not at all what author x and y have actually done in said story”. For someone who’s not a regular of the series per se but can easily deduce the behaviour of characters in games, I can tell when someone is just speculating or not here, but as you said, not all newbies would know for sure. Of course, I don’t happen to go on tumblr as well, so I wouldn’t happen to know how the situation is. I wouldn’t recommend rehashing what’s been discussed before hand to help newbies though because well, I’ve been doing that on another thread and pretty much a new one is going to spring up again (you can probably guess which one)


Woke up just to see M being talked about? Where the fck was I XD Sorry for being late to the party but I’mma leave my two cent here, just because I don’t like M being considered the least romantic person.

My speculations

You guys should remember that M has never really properly dated someone before. As Sera had said, they’re not exactly the type who knows how love is or how that emotion works or even how relationships are, having them go to Nate for clarification. They’re not oblivious of the I love you’s or the hand holding but they’re not like N or F, who shows their affection verbally and physically. M is just more physical and actions, something they are accustomed to. Plus, they go by impulses and instinct when it comes to what they like or what they want to do.

Then there’s the fact M is the type to give independence to MC, letting them do as they like without restraint (hence the ‘not even notice long nights out’ thing. They may be the clingiest but they know when to give free space, just because they understand people need space). They’re new to the romance and they have their own way of sticking by you, not like a fairytale prince/princess.

Would M start throwing flowers all over the MC while loudly declaring they love them? No. Would they initiate romantic gestures? No. Would they stand by MC, letting them know they’re always there to not let MC fall? Deep in the rela, maybe? My guess is these are how M would give MC: Independence and actions that show they love the MC. Plus, they deal with their feelings in an accepting manner. Meaning, if they like the MC and stuff, they would admit it without bars should someone ask them. (I can already imagine M tell my MC, straightforward and blunt, that they like them XD my MC is gonna die red).

And for the love of god, M may be a sexual person but they need consent ;-; Why are people always focusing on the sex stuff when M is just a crass perv? Give them some love and break. N and F may get a kiss first while A and M get their kisses last but…when is this an important thing about the book? Do we really need a kiss or a big hint of them loving MC to be satisfied in a relationship? Learning the interesting parts of those two are part of building a sturdy relationship. Plus, M never knew the romantic aspect of love while A is a workaholic tsundere. Give these two a break if they took such a long time to get any actions.

Loyalty and Love is to be earned, not given.

If I got some details wrong or broke some unspoken rule, I shall gladly delete my post TxT


As long as you clearly state that it’s your view, there’s nothing wrong with it.


Here’s the thing. Sera is often purposely vague with her asks. Heck, she did actually leave things like F knows Echolian out when asked about what languages UB knows before the first book came out to avoid spoilers. Its a fun, side thing she does for the readers. None of them are concrete.


Not only that, but Sera is liable to change her mind.

She originally planned to let the player break up with their romance and initiate a new one with another member of Unit B, but scrapped that a few months later.

While Sera may be answering these questions, they by no means are equal to canon, which so far only extends to Book One because even the demo is liable to change between now and publication.


I can see that. But there are some things that are repeated again and again–like A & M being long haul, A already being in love at first sight, M not having feelings until many many books in, etc.–and, for those things, I figure they are concrete. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be repeated so much and/or she would change her answers or alter them a bit.

That said, she still may change her mind as she writes. As stated above (by @resuri08 I think), nothing is set in stone until it’s published. But I don’t see Sera intentionally lying to us, especially not repeatedly on the same topics.