The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


I personally would not worry too much. I think every route get’s the same fair share.
How I understand/imagine it, is that we get with all four paths a good romance, but with how diffrent the characters are such are the romances diffrent from each other.
As an example, should (finally) the scene with the first kiss come (for which I am sure we are all praying to come) it will be around the same time no matter the LI, but with each one there would be diffrent circumstances. With N it would be to get to do this what a normal couple would do, but they never could do it before, because of the supernatural chaos, that is now Wayhaven. With A in comparision, it would be a major break through her armor of denial, and could lead to them open up more in the future for such things.
That is how I think it will work out, but like I said, I wouldn’t worry to much. Sera has said multiple times, that she tries to make a great romance for all of them, no one excluded.


In a hand-holding, lovey-dovey, cutesy sense? I agree, but the MCs I have with them aren’t into that kinda thing, anyway. I know those are the most common ways of showing affection, but not everyone is into that kinda thing.

From what Sera has said regarding M, he has his own ways of showing affection for the detective, ways that clearly differ from how they’d behave with a non-romanced detective. For example, she said M would be more likely to put an arm around the detective’s waist than hold hands (I’ll take M’s version, personally).

Honestly, the thing that bothers me most about M is the fact that, even deep in the relationship, they’d apparently pay no attention to the detective at all (like there was an ask about the MC spending long nights with someone else and Sera said M wouldn’t even notice it).

As for A, in the ask about the long night thing, A would put an arm around the MC’s waist when around the person they were spending long nights with.

So yeah, M & A might not be romantic in a traditional sense of the word, but deep into a relationship, they’d show their affection in their own ways.

Agreed. I think the problem with A & M’s routes is that, even if the seven books only cover a few years, it’ll likely be fourish years before we hit book five (when we get to the deep stuff with M) and at least that long or longer before A pulls the ginormous stick out of their ass (Sera said A is already in deep, so they just have to stop pretending they aren’t already in love), so it will feel a hell of a lot longer than it takes storywise.

It will be made worse if, after every book, the MC has no contact with UB for weeks or months. Whereas that wouldn’t make a difference with N & F, since they’ll be deep in the relationship by book 3 or sooner. With A & M, weeks with no contact only serves to nullify some or all of the progress the MC has made with them.

Yeah, from what Sera has said, M will never say those three words to the detective or hold hands or take them out to dinner (or even go with them to dinner, according to a recent ask) or stuff like that. But deep in a relationship, M would give up one of their precious leather cords and let the MC wear it. M would choose to save the detective over the world. If the MC left Wayhaven, M would go with them without hesitation. I’d that kind of loyalty and affection over hand-holding any day of the week, and so would my detective who’s with M.


That is… Not true at all?

Sera has said repeatly that M is probably the most clingy in a deep relationship And also is the most lonely without the MC deep relationship.


Yeah in the author’s way older asks it seems that A was more comfortable and happier deeper into the relationship(like there were two asks one about the mc hugging the ro’s from behind and another one where the mc jumps on the ro’s back, in both A seemed happier.) I don’t know if the author changed how A act deeper into the relationship but I’m going to assume A will be the same as they are now.

Yeah, and then there was that ask about the mc having a friendly ex and M was pretty uneasy in that situation so I’m assumeing M’s pick and chose what they’re uneasy about. (like N.)

I’m surprised that M is most clingiest they really don’t show signs of it in any of the asks.


I know (and love) the clingy thing, but what I said is directly from Sera. Here’s the ask:

The specific part:

M… as usual, they’re the hardest to answer for :smiley: The fact the MC was spending a lot of time with someone probably wouldn’t even register on their radar. But, if it was pointed out to them, eg ‘Oh, MC and Blah sure have been together a lot lately. Long nights alone… you know what that means, don’t you, M…’ Things would probably change then, lol. Lots of getting in between them and tagging along. M has never really felt jealous- they are very, very self-assured- so would be clueless about how to go about dealing with the emotion.

So yeah, M would try to insert themselves into it if someone pointed it out to them, but Sera said straight out M wouldn’t notice unless it was pointed out to them.

See above. I think M would be uneasy in any of it if they noticed it was happening.


Shes referring to M not getting jealous over the MC spending time with someone else and not “M will ignore that the MC exists.”


I didn’t say M would ignore that the MC exists. But Sera has made statements on numerous occasions (including the link I put above) that M “woldn’t notice” or “wouldn’t listen” or something along those lines. That was my point, not that M pretends the detective is nonexistent, just that M wouldn’t pick up on certain things or notice them at all (like the MC spending long nights with someone else for work or in friendship).

If it came off that I thought M would just completely ignore the detective’s existence, then I hope this clears that up.


But you also need to look at the context of the asks. The ask above was how would UB behave if they had a reason to be jealous. M isn’t the jealous type so they’re not going to notice if the MC is spending time a lot of time with someone because they wouldn’t even think to look for that. Theres nothing about how they just won’t notice the MC, period. I mean. Just read the books. M clearly notices the MC a lot.


This sounds off to me–Sera has said that M doesn’t do the “usual romantic gestures” in terms of getting flowers and whatnot, but I’ve never seen her say that M would never say “I love you” to the Detective or refuse to hold hands with them or take them out to dinner? In fact, she’s said the opposite: that they would have no problem expressing their feelings once they realized them, that they would cuddle, give MC pet names, be the clingiest, and would be comfortable with casual affection and everything a romantic relationship can encompass.

When you say that “deep in a relationship, M would not notice the detective at all,” that comes off as them–well, not noticing the detective at all, aka ignoring, which isn’t true, as Sera has stated that M is the clingiest RO and one who is very aware of the MC’s actions. In fact, she said M would be completely devastated if the MC ever left Wayhaven! I haven’t seen anything saying that M wouldn’t hold MC’s hand if they wanted to, or say I love you, or get jealous–in fact the opposite–so it’s interesting that you read it that way. :thinking:


My only problem with the asks you listed is that it’s just M being okay with those type of touches(not really initiateing it back) and one was meant in a sexual way. I think that yeah M will be in love with the mc but won’t initiate their love in a non-sexual way. (basing on the asks.)


Yes, based from the ask. All in all, these are theories based from different reply provided by the author.

From how I understand it, each one have their own interpretation and this is getting circular, let’s lay this issue to rest.


Uh, the way I see it, it’s like M is a cat.

They won’t really initiate affection unless you call out to them and make your desire known, but that doesn’t mean they’ll run away and hide or gripe through any kind of affection, and I’m certain they’ll still enjoy it because it’s the MC giving them affection aw yissssssss.


I’m not so sure. Yes, the context is in a case of jealousy, but she does come right out and say M wouldn’t even notice the MC spending mass amounts of time (and really long nights) with someone not them unless it was pointed out to them. Personally, I’d notice if the object of my affection was gone most of the night every night, and spending time with someone else so often that others feel the need to point it out to me. M doesn’t seem to be wired that way. Maybe that’s the ego thing Sera mentioned in that ask, and M is just so sure of themselves that they don’t worry about what the MC does or where they go or if they spend the majority of their time with someone else.

But yes, I agree M notices the MC a lot–when they’re around them or about to see them. When M gets to the point where there are actually feelings, I imagine that will shift to M thinking about the MC when they aren’t there as well, especially given the comments about M being the most clingy. But if they don’t even notice when the MC is gone for long periods of time and off with someone else all hours of the night–which is what Sera said–then that’s a different kind of ‘noticing’ the MC and they apparently don’t do it.

I mean, I get it–Sera says in that ask that M isn’t the jealous type so it wouldn’t bother them, but the part about M not noticing was specific in that they wouldn’t even notice the MC was gone with someone else that much. At least, that’s how I took it given the way she worded it.

For the three words thing…


The words aren’t something M would say often, or ever, in fact!


There’s also the fact that no where in this ask does Sera specifically say that this is “Deep Romance” M or just in general.


Okay, you win that one. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just assumed it was deep romance. It still could be deep romance, though!


For M, “Action speaks louder than words.” not in a sexual way.


Agreed (both in what you said and in the general sentiment). I merely pointed it out because @rinari stated that M would say the words. Sera basically implied that would never happen. Best we recognize that up front, right?


I don’t think M wouldn’t ever say the words. Maybe not unprompted, at least early, but I wouldn’t discount it.


No, offence but you kind of did.

And while I would hazard a guess on M’s way of expressing themselves, I wouldn’t set anything in stone. There are a lot of books left so we’ll see where Sera takes us!

I for one am looking forward to how disasterous M is romance wise


The context of the ask was about M processing jealous feelings, though, not about how they would feel about the M spending time away. Given there’s an ask where Sera directly says that M is clingy, it kind of goes against what Sera has said about her own character to say that this ask shows that M isn’t going to pay attention to where the MC is.

And given the way the “pointing out” is worded within the ask,

if it was pointed out to them, eg ‘Oh, MC and Blah sure have been together a lot lately. Long nights alone… you know what that means, don’t you, M…’

It seems pretty unambiguous that what’s being pointed out is that the events warrant jealous feelings, not just the fact that the MC was spending time with other people