The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


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Super late to this discussion. I’m not a big fan of this either. I feel like all my MCs would probably have enough confidence in their relationship that they wouldn’t worry about UB talking to other people (Maybe Luca and only if Morgan was really pushing it, even then he’d just sulk about it and feel inadequate.)

But I do have one exception for this trope. If at any point the RO was clearly uncomfortable with the advances, including unwanted touching, then they’d get the ‘Back Off’.

Emma and Nate

Emma would insert herself in between the two and the person would get the ‘death stare’ that she saves for very special occasions. Otherwise would seem calm and would probably ask if Nate wanted get some air with her to give him a way out of the situation with minimal aggression.

Adam and Alice

On the off chance that Adam wasn’t completely oblivious or unable to handle it himself (maybe out of fear of hurting the person if they were human) Alice would physically remove them from Adam’s space although with some restraint considering they value their job. Would try to control their temper by throwing in a sarcastic joke or something.

Savannah and Felix

Finally created a character for Felix who is very unemotional and about as oblivious as A at times lol. She’d notice if someone was annoying Felix though and would probably just deadpan tell the person ‘He’s mine. Go away.’ while giving a little shooing motion.

Morgan and Luca

I don’t know how this would even work considering M is M, so it’d likely just be Luca trying to calm and mediate the situation away from violence lol.

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Hopefully this will make my fellow A and M romancers feel a little bit better!


I really can’t understand why people assume that just because A and M are slow burns, we will get less romance scenes because of it to be honest.

I have already said my view over Tumblr about this but in my perspective, romance are not limited to kissing or saying I love you with each other. Romance, for me, are getting to know the RO, their habits and quirks, their fear and dreams whether they are in a relationship or not.


I thought the author confirmed that A’s route was a slow burn and we most likely won’t get as many kiss , hold handing, I love you scenes like with the rest of the ros except for M’s?
Unless I read your comment wrong, idk.


I believe there is a missing word or two when she typed that out. Yes, those 2 ROs are slow burn. I think what she meant to say was that just because A and M will be slow burn, she doesn’t get why people will assume that there will be no romance.


I don’t recall anyone saying that we won’t get any romance with A or M. I wonder from where did the anon get that impression.

The most I have seen is some people saying that the actual relationship with A and M will happen later in the series, but nothing like “we will never have a relationship with them”.


Wait, there are people who think A and M are not romancable because they are slow burn !?!?!?! Oh my god :man_facepalming:t5:. Are we living in an era where people expect romance on the spot? I appreciate a slow burn romance, especially if the climax is worth it. One needs to look at Mass Effect 2, concerning Jack. I won’t say spoilers, unless you people have played it.


I don’t think anyone assumed they weren’t romanceable. But both M and A reportedly take their time being truly comfortable with the kind of affection that is a given for N and F.

I, too, wondered just how much of M’s deep relationship status we were gonna see in-game. But like…I live for slow burn. I live for the dramatic ‘I want to, but I can’t’, for the angst-fueled kisses and subtle, but meaningful moments. That’s why M and A will always be my prefered routes.


Yeah, I never heard anyone say that we won’t get any romance from A and M. Though there were people talking about M not getting to the romance part until the books is almost over(book five I think) and all those comments about whether or not M romance route is healthy or romantic, but that’s about it.
And most people on the forums really don’t talk about A(or N really) like with F or/and M, which I guess makes sense because N and A routes are I guess in a way boring?(I don’t think they are boring but idk)
I’m assuming the ask is kind of old so they are probably talking about the last thread tho which I wasn’t really active on so I don’t know about that thread.


Bleh, this too damned long, so I’m hiding parts…

@Alexis - tl;dr: Romance is emotional foreplay

Well, it’s a given we won’t get as much of that stuff with A or M as we do with N or F, since M has no feelings for a very long time and A is so repressed he needs to take an entire box of emotional ex-lax. I think @resuri08’s point was that, to a lot of people (Sera included, from what I’ve deduced from things she’s said), the ‘romance’ part is just the build up to relationship and deep stuff.

So ‘romance’ is kind of like emotional foreplay, if you will. Some characters–like N or F–don’t need as much foreplay, because they’re ‘rarin’ to go’ pretty quickly into the relationship and relationshippy things. M and A need a shit ton of emotional foreplay–M, because they literally only want sex from the MC and have no interest otherwise (and no emotions), and A, because, again, has a serious case of emotional anorgasmia, so the MC has to go slow and easy (or just fuck with them by being bold, because that’s more fun).

In other words, the romance is like what we’ve seen in book 1 and the demo–things like A trying to impress by hulking trees around like they’re made of paper, M slinging the MC over their shoulder to ‘help’ them over an obstacle, N being all sweet and romantic and about to kiss the MC before yet another interruption, and F… being hilariously F. The touchy feeling things like you’re talking about are for the relationship, not during the ‘romance’ (adding a qualifying ‘I think’ here), so we won’t get to see any of it from A or M until near the end.

@blackrising A, M, & angst

Not very much, if I had to bet, but you know that’s what you sign up for when you sign onto the M route, right?

I don’t see so much angst with the M route, unless the MC has feelings for them quickly. I can, however, see a more sexual MC becoming quickly frustrated if the ‘interruption machine’ keeps churning out things to keep the MC and M from “having fun.”

With N and F, it’s been said repeatedly that there is nothing keeping the MC from getting into a relationship with them and it’ll happen pretty quickly. With M, there’s really no reason other than choice to keep the MC from banging them like a Salvation Army drum, so if things keep getting in the way just to draw it out longer so it lines up with ‘feelings’ way down the line, I may throw my laptop through a window.

Edited to add: The only reason I can see to hold back on sex with M is the knowledge that, once M gets some from the MC, they’ll be done with them and looking for the next notch in the bedpost. However, there are narrative ways around this problem (since the MC is ‘the one’ for M, even if M doesn’t know it yet). So bring on the fun, dammit.

With A, yeah I see the angst. Though, my MC with Adam doesn’t really see it as angst… she just likes being bold flirty and watching him show tiny reactions. She doesn’t figure anything will ever come of it, anyway.

@Alexis and @Meira_Litch Yeah, I don’t recall seeing anyone saying we’d never get a relationship with A or M.

And yeah, @Alexis, I was one of the ones who dug up the ask where Sera said it’d be book five before we got to M actually having feelings for the MC, which she described as deep romance/relationship. I don’t get the people who think M’s route is unhealthy–M is as honest as they come about what they want, and their kink is consent, so there’s really nothing unhealthy at all.


I don’t think the ask was worried that A or M weren’t romance options, just worried that we won’t get to experience their deeper romance in the books, which I know a few people have concerns about.

I’m glad that we are going to get to see that! And the journey to that point is going to be just as fun and romantic!


I think it should be pretty apparent from the Book 2 demo that isn’t the case. A and M are already developing feelings; there are signs of attachment already. Perhaps that ask was old or that person didn’t know about the demo and just read the old threads where people were mistaken with their theories. :woman_shrugging:


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I haven’t been to CoG forums much, but this is the game that made me join it. Belated Happy Birrrthday, Sera. I totally love your work.

Is there gonna be a second demo? If yes, any ideas when? I’m having a hard time being out of Wayhaven.


It’s already out!


Sorry, I left out the words “just because” A and M route are slow burns… @spunkycatninja was correct. What I meant was why people equate slow burns =/= less romance scenes. I edited my post. I apologize for the confusion. :joy:

Based from what I read in Book Two so far, A’s and M’s romance scene variation are as good as N’s and F’s. =D


You know what they say: the flame that burns twice as bright is half as long :wink:


Yeah, I noticed that there were a few people talking about M being unhealthy on the demo thread so it was really only a matter of time before someone posts about on here. I don’t think M is abusive or harmful, but I do think that A’s and M’s route probably won’t be that romantic deeper down the relationship. I really like A’s route because of how they second-guess themselves and try to make excuses earlier in the relationship(which I think is pretty cute) but if going to keep happening 5, 10 or 20(I don’t know how many years this game going to take place in) years down the line then yeah I don’t think it will be all that cute. :grin:
For M based on the asks it just seems like there’s really no difference in how they probably treat you deeper into the friendship route and deeper into the relationship(aside from ‘suggestions’). I don’t know it just seems like M will never say “I love you” and all their romantic interactions will be sexual and not really romance romantic. (like sharing clothes)

Yeah, they all good in their own way, but I do think N’s route is more romantic(for now) than the rest. After all, in their route, there was almost a kiss scene.(but I hope all routes will get their almost kiss scenes.)


I wouldn’t be worried about that. IIRC, Sera love those scenes very much that I wholly believe those scenes will be incorporated on each route one way or another. It’s just N has more faster pacing in terms of making their feelings known.

I doubt Sera will make A’s and M’s route stagnant until the very end since she really did clarify that TWC is more a character based story so we should expect more character development scenes compare to some other HG or CoG titles, which concentrate more on adventure, fighting the villains and such.