The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Has Sera said anything about the ‘I thought you were dead’ trope? I feel like that would be perfect for angst. :smiley:


THE AU and TROPES LIST Because we definitely need it.

Anyone is free to tell me wrong, don’t be afraid to share your opinion!


Where the universe is based on the stories of the classics!

Adam - Mulan (I know it isn’t technically a fairytale but this is literally MC and Adam’s trope, regardless of the MC’s gender.)
Ava - [TBD]
Nate/Nat - Cinderella (Imagine having three balls with this prince/princess! WOO! P.S: Murphy is your evil stepdad and we don’t have enough mean characters for stepsiblings unless you want Bobby be one :cry: I’M SORRY
Felix/Farah - The Little Mermaid (I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want an adorable, sassy F with a purple mermaid tail?!
Mason - Beauty and the Beast (Just because we all know he’s a grump XD)
Morgan - [TBD]

The Baby Vamp - Where your RO has turned into a kid by some weird magic! Try dealing with a vampire kid who thinks you’re their babysitter.

Snowed In - You and your RO has been snowed in! OH NO! And look, the electricity has mysteriously cut off! Whatever shall you do?! (Yes, I’m a melodramatic fangirl, sue meh!)

Swimsuit - Where you and Tina got back from swimsuit shopping and tried them out again in your apartment and, because we know our RO to be protective in various ways (plus, you gave them a spare key to your apartment), they walked in on you in your swimsuit! Tina: Wait, why do they have a key to your apartment?!

Romeo, oh Romeo - Will thou not drown in poison before checking my pulse? shoots self for butchering Shakespeare

Elementary, my dear Bravo - Where Unit Bravo are a group of Sherlocks and you’re the Irene Adler or John Watson, depending on which side you wanna be.

Parent-Teacher Hook-Up - Meeting one of your students’ parent for a teacher-parent conference was the agenda, not falling in love with them!

Cop vs Rebel - In which you’re an officer and your RO is a criminal and vice versa!

Pirate’s Life For Me! - Where you or your RO are the most notorious pirate in the seven seas, attracted to the nobleman who has stowed away on your ship to save their fellow comrade! (UB for your Noble!RO and Tina, Verda and Douglas for Noble!MC)

Pet Bravo - Your RO has turned into a domestic animal! Looks like it’s time for the rest of UB to track down the witch that turned them into one in the first place. At least they have you to smother help them out in their furry predicament!

A - Cat (Probably Persian breed XD Just cuz the fur is so fluff!)

N - Dog (Labrador or Labardoodle? I CAN’T DECIDE, THERE’S SO MANY ADORABLE DOGS!)


F - Conure bird (Who couldn’t resist F grooming their gloriously beautiful feathers as they fly around the room?)

M - Hamster Bunny (A dark brown rabbit to be more specific)

Mafia Bravo - When your neighborhood is in new management, you never expected the mob in charge would be four gorgeous vampires, with one of them ready to take a shot on your heart!

(I’ll try to update this post if I think up some more! Feel free to help out in filling this list!)


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I love that trope! :heart_eyes:






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M would actually be very happy to have the MC sit in their lap or even sit on the MC’s lap, especially later in the romance (and, shock horror, not even would there be a sexual comment in sight much, much later in the romance ;D).

I propose that sitting on M’s lap is now the test for how deep into the relationship you are with them. If you do and they don’t immediately start being lewd then Congratulations~! :sparkles: You have reached Deep Romance with M~!

edit: also a good excuse to sit on M’s lap!


I am pretty much looking forward to this. I am so excited!


@Mewsly and @resuri08

I feel like I’m gonna cry just from reading that part cuz now I have this headcannon of the detective reading a book and snuggling against M on their lap (or M on the detective’s lap) and just being such a comfortable duo and loving each other’s presencendnasjdnaskdnasndak <3

Not to mention the fact I have been wrecking my brain over this Christmas fluff I have for Mason and these asks are killing me slowly with more fluff opportunities GFDI


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But yeah, very much deeper into the romance, they probably would. M would enjoy knowing there was a little piece of them with the MC always.

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Oh my goddddd happy birthday @Seraphinite! I hope it’s full of tea and fun :heart: