The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Maybe you’ll see Bobby if you stayed in the office during book 1 and you’ll run into Dougie if you went with Tina!!



Riiiightttt XD


I’m more worried about seeing the Police Captain or Mayor Friedpants in the carnival XD Can you imagine, seeing your boss or the mayor who has the hots for your mom, in the carnival and noticing your fake date. I know it won’t happen but just imagine it XD


tries not to feel attacked XD

goes back to lurking


A gentle reminder not to comment negatively on how other play their MCs. I hope everyone respect each other’s MCs and not escalate this to which type of MCs goes better with who.

I apologize for not noticing this earlier. I just hope for future newcomers to provide their opinion in a respectful way because some people might not take it kindly.

But I do sometimes wonder if most people here refer to a shy (cannot talk to people) MC or a romanced shy (those who have boundaries when entering into romance) MC. Do they use these interchangeable or are they referring to people shy MC is the trope that they don’t like?

That’s why recently when I described my MCs, I specify that they are romance-shy, not shy in terms with other people.


Whoa it’s OK. I genuinely found it funny! Not everyone plays the same way and I think it’s great to poke fun if it’s well intended :wink: I should have grabbed a bigger chunk to fill in the context


I can’t believe I’m late to the ‘what would MC do if someone flirted with LI’ discussion.

Because Emma, impulsive and stubborn nugget that she is, would unconvincingly smile at the intruder in question, then proceed to drag M off by the dick. She is not the sharing type.


I just remembered. Since Christmas is on the way, does that mean there’s going to be a lot of UB Christmas fanfics/fanarts? XD


Ahh my apologies, I try to be more thoughtful with my comments!

When it comes to shy mc with me it’s more about romance-shy.


MyEmma’s romance shy. :slight_smile:
Cassandra is rather shy and soft-spoken all around.
Hayden is…not. At all, in anyway.


That is a good point, for example my character is normally confident and straight forward, but in a romantic moment with Ava he is unsure and stumble over his own words. Because of this i also said that he was “the shy one in the romance”, to avoid this misunderstanding.


Use a taser, doesn’t matter who it hits. As long as RO or the one who’s flirting gets hit. Taser will save the day. :v:


My Det. Jordan (nat), is def romance shy since she really just can’t fathom someone being into her. Pretty much anything that could come off as the ri flirting was merely them being playful or Jordan just misunderstanding the situation.

Love interest + Jordan = does not compute


Emma (ava)… Yeah no. She’s not.

romancing N

While regardless of the stage in relationship my mc romancing Nate has literally no chill and I wanted to do opposites attract so she kinda acts like M where this is the first person she’s actually had feelings for sooo…yeah I think you know that wouldn’t turn out well :disappointed_relieved:. Not that she would hurt the person flirting or anything just calmy send them a silent fuck off message :wink: No really she’s that petty she would ask F for the agent’s number and text them “fuck off” :neutral_face:

romancing M

If it was the crushing stage, my mc romancing Morgan isn’t shy-shy, but like Morgan makes him sweat. Meaning he’s not shy round other but when it comes to M oh boi. So yeah he knows who M is and how she acts and stuff so he’s always deep down kinda looking for reassurance that she likes him. So if he saw someone else flirting with M and M returned he gesture then he would be pretty broken up about it telling himself things like “Damn, I’m so stupid. I can’t believe actually thought she was only interested in pursuing me…” or “what did I expect was going to happen…”…yeah he’s 6’1 but he’s a big ol’ softie.

romancing A

If it was into the relationship then my mc romancing Ava… Lollllll. He’s all outgoing and stuff so he would proably wall up to the agent flirting with A and go “I know right, look at those cheekbones, and rumor has it that if Ava smiles, you can see her dimples too” and probably laugh about it with the agent…but then turn to the agent and go “yeah, so um…can you leave now :slightly_smiling_face:, me and A got some work to do so… skedaddle” whilst using shoo hand gestures, all in good will as a joke but subtly letting the agent know that A don’t got time to be flirting with u cuz I’m flirting with her..

romancing F

My mc romancing Felix… Ahhh. Let’s say this crushing stage. Honestly, like someone has mentioned F has that lovable and outgoing personality that someone may think they’re flirting. My mc if it was the crushing stage may mistake it for flirting, if it was the dating stage they would know that’s just F being sweet and would trust them regardless. However even if my mc may mistake it for flirting they would know that they don’t have a right to say anything cuz it’s not like they’re dating F. So she would probs walk up to F and intrude on the conversation to ask help for something to sway F away but not in a clingy annoying or possessive way. So yeah she would also be pretty jealous since she’s an aries and always wants he lover’s/crush’s attention but she would never show it.


Not to go off topic but I was watching through fist fight again and this same scene came up and I kept thinking F would do this with their kid if they had one
Except they probably wouldn’t apologise at the end for using curse words :joy:

(Basically the girl on the stage is getting bullied by the one who’s laughing at her in crowd with her freinds so her dad shows up to do this dance piece with her and show the girl off)


that girl mouth wide open :rofl::rofl: so worth the click! Thanx for sharing!


Emma sounds like Wolfe. Wolfe isn’t a shy person, but in romantic matters (both sex and love), she has no clue and is very unsure of herself. Jax and Nyx aren’t like that at all (Nyx is full-on bold with Adam, and figures that’s the only way to deal with him, and Jax vacillates between bold and shy with Felix, depending on her mood and the situation).

Dezh, on the other hand, is the opposite of shy, but she doesn’t do ‘feelings’. So, as long as it’s just sex with Mason, she’ll be comfortable with it and just as in your face as Mason is about it. As soon as she starts feeling anything (or recognize she’s feeling anything), she’s gonna get uncomfortable, and, all of a sudden, shy (though she won’t recognize it as that and will just freak out).


I knew I wasn’t alone! Hahaha


Emma sounds like Wolfe. Wolfe isn’t a shy person, but in romantic matters (both sex and love), she has no clue and is very unsure of herself.

Indeed. Emma’s fairly confident in her day to day life (usually), but romance…romance is tricky.

I actually see Hayden backing off a little once she realizes she has an actual thing for M. She’s well aware of what her and M have (and initially cool with it) so suddenly realizing she’s got actual feelings for them would cause her some pause. (I don’t see her letting that go on for long before saying something though. Not her style.)


Yeah, definitely not alone. I’m just glad Wolfe is with Nate. She might’ve worked with Felix, but she saw him more as a brother. With Adam or Mason, there’s no way Wolfe could’ve handled it! Mason would’ve destroyed her (unintentionally), and she would’ve given up on Adam after the patrol scene.

Yeah, Dezh is well aware what Mason wants and is not only fine with it, she wants it, too (immediately, so this ‘long game’ thing is going to frustrate her–she wants it NOW, since meaningless sex shouldn’t require ‘getting to know you’). She’s been with all of two guys and they both sucked in the ‘physical’ department, so she loves the idea of having wild, no-holds barred sex with someone who knows what he’s doing.

The funny part with her is she’ll back off after the first time they have sex, since she expects it’s gonna be ‘one and done’ with him and he’ll be on to his next target. Once she realizes they’re f-buddies, then she’ll be bold again. Until the dreaded feelings…

It’ll take her a while to realize she has actual feelings (past caring about him as a team member and f-buddy), and once she does, she’ll freak. Unlike Hayden, she would not say a word about it (not where he’d hear it or to anyone who might tell him, at any rate) and would just keep it to herself and try to pretend everything was normal while she freaked the hell out and tried to keep her mind off of it by seeking adrenaline rush activities. Not a healthy way to deal with it, by any stretch of the imagination, but she doesn’t know how to process that kind of emotion and she knows (since she isn’t reading the series, lol) that Mason would never have feelings for her other than “wanna bang till I find someone better?”.


Bobby: h-