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I know right ? one of my mc would be like that…she go Totally bipolére LOL why do you have to be chaaaaaaaaaarming with everyone Natkins LOL remember that scene at the bar in book 1 ???


tina smile in a goofy way and droole as Nat help her to a cab
mc eyes twitch

author: you feel totally zen as Nat help your poor poor drunk friend to a cab , you feel a sense of relief knowing she is in good hand , you are so thank-…



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Sienna (Nate) wouldn’t interfere no matter what stage it was in. If it was the crushing stage, she’d probably just watch from the sidelines to see how Nate reacts because she thinks all the chemistry between them is in her head anyways (she hyperfocuses on the part where UB is there for her protection so to her it’s all professional.) So she’d be bummed out, but she’d be bumped out regardless. If they were dating, still no interference, but she’d understand why the other person was flirting. Nate’s too good looking for his own good. But she’d leave the room for her peace of mind.

Angela doesn’t get jealous, so either stage crushing or flirting she’d let Adam handle it. If anything, she’d probably keep an eye out just to see if their tactics worked and see if she should try them out (though if she did, it wouldn’t work because the way she talks is so straight forward).

Rido (Felix) would be fine during the crushing stages, and if anything join in to boost Felix’s ego even more lmao. Rido won’t pass an opportunity to give out compliments. When they’re dating, he’d be antsier just because he has issues with connecting to people on a personal level, but he wouldn’t really do much other than maybe give a look that he’s uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation.

Blaire would probably roll his eyes if he saw someone flirt with Mason infront of him, and then shrug. During the crushing stage, he’d just let the flirting roll off him. It wouldn’t be a surprise to him to see people flirt with Mason and knowing all of UB is too goodlooking for their own good, he’d half expect someone to try and flirt with them at some point. During the dating stages, I think he’d just shrug it off and feel mildly bad for the person flirting. He has enough trust in Mason to know the other wouldn’t do anything, so it’d mostly be an internal ‘stop before you embarrass yourself pls, I’m dying watching this trainwreck.’


I think there was an ask on the authors Tumblr about What would Ub do if someone was flirting with them and the mc looking jealous from afar, I think for M, M didn’t encourage the flirting but also didn’t reject them.I think it was only N who rejected the person, A was too dense to notice anything and I don’t remember F answer.
But it’s ironic because, in a few other asks, M was the first one out of all to get jealous.Lol Great way to be an asshole, M. (I’ll try to find the asks)
These technically aren’t it but there the main ones I could find(idk why the first one won’t show up Edit: Nevermind) :


(Assuming we’re talking closer to the crush stage) (Got a little too big, so putting them under details)

Lucas/Nat--they're both adults

Lucas (Nat) would… probably feel a little envious. They aren’t officially a couple, but the feelings are, if nothing else, sort of out in the open. He would try his best to sit back and observe; they’re both adults, right? If the other guy did try to do anything stupid, he’d step in and warn him off gently but firmly.

Lucas/Ava--falling in love with a defrosting ice queen is never easy

Lucas (Ava) would be stuck in two competing feelings. On the one hand, he hasn’t exactly been open about his feelings, although he is honest with how much he enjoys being around Ava. The L word is a complete non-starter at this point; he’s no fool, and (assumes he) knows it won’t work with her. On the other hand, his unconscious feelings didn’t quite get the memo. So, a lot of confused envy blended with self-doubt, unless she was open about the other guy backing off.

Renard/Farah--More than willing to give this a try

Renard (Farah) would… It would be a bit much to say that he’d be better at it than A!Lucas, but there would be less envy in play. Definitely some questioning as to how Farah would handle this, but he’s sensing that there’s more to Farah than meets the eye. And he’s open about him liking… whatever this is they have going on. He’s more than willing to hear her out.

Eric/Morgan--the reformed hacker just can't get rid of some old habits

Eric (Morgan) would have difficulty swallowing feelings of frustration and envy, although Morgan becoming more focused on him would make things easier to deal with. He’s a little dubious about if this is going to work, but there’s some sort of bond that the two of them seem to have. He wants it to work out in the end.


I forgot about that ask. Thanks for the heads up. If that’s the case then, during the crushing stage, Lisbeth would probably not to get jealous outwardly since she knows that Mason only wants to get into her pants and feelings, she thought, would be one-sided. Yep, she would probably bottled it up all inside and not let it show it and probably try to distance herself from him and drown it all by working herself to death.


I found a possibly helpful ask for this talk!

Oh, F, you sweet cinnamon bun


Lol, I don’t know why but these asks are making it seem like M likes playing with the MC’s feelings and that A doesn’t know when someone’s flirting with them. I kind of want to ask if I’m right or not.(also N and F are way too trusting.)


To be honest, I am not a fan of “he’s/she’s/they’re mine” line. It makes me feel the person you are in a relationship with is an object that should be owned.


Yeah, I don’t think I ever heard anyone say that in Real life, mostly in fiction. (along with some other toxic things) hopefully, that line and ones similar to it(“You belong to me”, “I hate the way he/she/they look at you” “You shouldn’t wear that”/“you should only wear that around me” .etc ) don’t make an appearance in this game(whether it’s the ro’s saying it or a choice for the mc)


You hear this a lot when two persons are fighting over a person’s affection. I was watching True Crime Daily and one case was two teenage girls fighting over a guy and it escalated to the girl stabbing the other one. D:

Anyway, I hope we could call out on M on this because Lisbeth (and myself) don’t tolerate playing on people’s feelings. ;-;


I don’t know it’s its nessesarily M playing with them if they just kinda like the MC being jealous but still make it clear to the other person they are not interested which is how I read it, at least.


M ain’t the type to play with feelings. At least, not to the kind we know (abuse).

They’re more like the type that they enjoy seeing their detective fired up or have some guts to stand up and fight for what they love. And, since we all know M has their ego, they relish in seeing MC jealous because it shows they like them (or still have an interest with them). They aren’t the abusive type, they just like to rile people up.

Won’t be surprising if M did it to have jealous sex though LOL


I do believe that Sera will not play into the jealousy trope too much. IIRC, she is not much of a fan for that trope so I have faith that she would probably have less jealousy scenes written.


Yeah, she mentioned how she didn’t like the possessiveness of it all? Though, there is still Bobby to worry about. . .Poor lad XD


I don’t know, I read it like M wouldn’t reject them but wouldn’t encourage them, and once it becomes too bad then M would try to apologize or flirt their way back. But I hope I’m wrong Idk.


Yes… I am very much looking forward to Bobby meeting Unit Bravo especially for my Adam and Mason routes. My Nate route have Bobby as an ex-friend so I am looking forward to that and my Felix route doesn’t know him. :joy:

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Ohhhhh, yes!

My Mason route as Bobby has a romantic ex and I am so hyped to see how thats going to shake out.

Maybe they’ll meet… At the Carnival!



Crap, I’m so sorry for the double post! ;; I’m new to this whole forum so thank you! T_T

But gurl, u’d be getting them angry men on Bobby XD are you trying to murder the reporter? :stuck_out_tongue:


Waiting for M to apologize is like waiting for the solar eclipse to explode XD at least, verbal apology.


I hope we get to see M apologize to the MC, I don’t really care why or what their apologizing for I just really want to see it happen. :slight_smile:


I don’t know what you mean…

I have an inkling that they might. I really hope so…