The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Is Sera taking a break until January? I feel like I missed something judging by the tumblr posts.


I got you, fam

Quick Summary: She pretty much didn’t want to jump into Chapter 7 until after the Holidays since it’s a huge chapter and she didn’t want to stop in the middle of writing it. So not a break since she has been working on edits and planning but not writing the next chapter yet


Ohh exciting! That wait until the full release going to be a lot harder now! :sweat_smile:


Excuse me but where did you find actual footage of my mother playing the LT?

As of Book 2 demo, I know I won’t be playing the LT. Besides the guilt, the moment Nat picks up Cara, I was gone.


Currently listening to the Illuminate album by Shawn Mendes, which was part of M’s playlist teased by Sera. I have to say that album screams M’s route!! I can’t wait to see A’s list soon!!


Just listened to it, too, and enjoyed it. There were a few downer songs, but most were really good. Which songs did you find most fitting?

Not digging Alter Bridge’s Foretress for M’s path, though, and wondering which songs fit it. With the exception of Cry of Achilles (which is strangely hopeful) and All Ends Well, all of the songs are about betrayal, pain, and walking out. Maybe it’s for book 5? (if it wasn’t rainy and cold, I’d totally go driving to this whole CD in the mountains, at night… it was just meant to fly to, with the windows down!)

I’ll have to listen to End of Silence and figure out which songs she meant for M. I know Lost in You, but don’t know if that’s one of the songs Sera had in mind for M or not. I don’t know what that other CD is!


So guys, I was thinking as to why M doesn’t speak Greek despise them being from Greece. And I was thinking… Do you think maybe they were mute when they were human? Or maybe they were a slave, and they had their tongue cut off :o oh, the drama.

I just really throws me off how they have a Greek accent but don’t speak any Greek…


Maybe its more like they forgot the language. I’m guessing maybe, after they were turned into a vampire, they don’t have a recollection of how they were as a human, just only that they were once. In short: A price for vampirism is the memories?

Unless M just forgot the language altogether from centuries of living as a vamp XD


Nice idea,
I personally would suggest, that her/his parents were Greek, but after they moved the country and had M, they never taught them actual Greek, but M still picked up the accent of their parents.


Oh that is a good idea, and much less dramatic that mine :joy:

Some times is hard to separate drama from vampires lol.


Just for fun:
We know there are people in the agency, who have a crush on the member of UB (for obvious reason)
How would your detective react to someone, who tries to flirt with the LI while they stand right besides them?
My detectiv would on the outside, be trying to be friendly, Emphasis on “trying”, but would end up being sarcastic as heck.
But on the inside my MC would scream:"STAY AWAY FROM AVA OR I WILL SHOOT YOU TOO!
P.S.: He is also the shy one in the romance :blush:


just unleash Bobby…on them . A reporter and paparazzi…muahaahahaha…mayhem !


It would depend on what stage they are. If MC and UB RO are already in a relationship, then she would laugh, hard. She would be looking at her RO with tears in her eyes from laughing, specially if is A, the discomfort would be priceless. If it was N or F, she would just be thinking, “owww, poor thing, I don’t blame you pal, who wouldn’t fall head over heels for this cutie pie.” If it was M, then she would be looking at him side eyed while trying to hide a smile.

Now. If it was on the crushing stage, all of my MC’s would probably get angsty, because they don’t think they have any right to visibly react in any way, and would be kind of =/ without commenting on it. Depending on the answer of the RO, then they would either forget about it or talk to them later on.


too much logic in there…error 404!!! :rofl:


Sweet lord, I had been thinking about this all f-cking day, I’M NOT PREPARED

If this is friend-stage, then she would be watching carefully on the UB’s reactions to such flirtation (She has Deduction and Psychology). If she sees them unconfortable (A), she would try to give them a gateway to escape (try being a hard word if the admirer is persistent lol). If UB was enjoying the attention or know how to deal with such things, she would probably leave them alone.

In the crushing stage, however, (M, you can see how unlucky in love this detective is XD), she would end up biting back her tongue and try to look away, sometimes crossing her arms and digging her nails into the sleeves of her coat or jacket to have self-control whilst chiding herself for being needy again, not wanting to bother her LI by being clingy.

If her crush ends up blowing the admirer off tho and ended up staying with the MC or at least didn’t show much interest in the admirer, she’ll be relieved and start relaxing, sweeping away the last bit of that green gremlin in her.

(Still working out my MC, I cri)


Ohh thats a fun question.

Though it does depend on the stage of their relationship. In the crushing stage my M-mancer Samir would probably just try to ignore it, though he would be pretty surprised if Mason didn’t return the flirting. In the relationship… Well, I don’t think thats going to really be a problem, from what we’ve heard I don’t think M would really encourage any flirting once they’re in a committed relationship with the MC. If anything Samir is gonna have to try to keep Mason from being too mean.

Rin would probably be pretty hurt during the crushing stage but try not to show it. F seems to be naturally overly friendly to the point it can be kind of flirty so if it seems like Felix is being flirty back she might be a bit upset. Once they’re dating and she knows thats just how Felix is I think she wouldn’t really care too much… Unless the other person is pushy, then she might have to get a bit scary on them.

Orianna… I mean no matter what she would just join in and gush with them over how good-looking Adam is. Anything to get him flustered.


Ohh I love questions like to get a better feel on my characters

Crush stage:

With Vivian whose LI is Adam, I think depending how Adam reacts her mood would change. I find it hard to believe he would respond to other person’s flirting so she’d be more or less amused, but would interfere if Adam seemed uncomfortable. Now if for some case Adam did respond to flirting in some way (again unlikely, but I like tp explore Vivian’s moods when I got a chance) she’d probably glower from distance while trying to keep any jealousy hidden…but it would leak a bit with her biting comments.

Now with Grace who is completely in love with Farah and so goddamn shy, she’d just watch with sort of “oh so that’s that then”, get drunk later while ranting someone closest to her that “I mean I didn’t even like her that much” then by the next morning, after pondering and mondering trying to understand if Farah was just being friendly, she’d hesitantly and nervously would ask Farah about the person and if they were someone special. She doesn’t fall in love easily so…yeah.

Lisa is so different! Her LI is Morgan and in crush stage if someone flirted with Morgan and she flirted back, Lisa would watch with interest how it would go, and react with amusement. Though she would certainly later make sure to remind Morgan with her own flirting who she should keep eyes on. Because Lisa is one of a kind!
Now if Morgan wasn’t interested in the other person and didn’t flirt with them she’d be curious to know why and slightly pleased/smug since she’d take it as a sign Morgan likes her more.

Haven’t yet thought reactions for in relationship.


Going with early stage…because that’s where we’re at currently.
Emma (Ava): She’d try to act like she didn’t care, or wasn’t paying attention, but likely wouldn’t be able to keep from frowning.
Cassandra (Nat): She’d be a bit hurt, but she wouldn’t interfere, Nat does seem to like her afterall.
Hayden (Morgan): She’d be amused by it, and probably flirt with M as well. (She’d start to get annoyed if the person kept it up though, as which point she’d just leave. :neutral_face: Her and M aren’t an item or anything, so if they want to mess around so be it.) (Further in you bet she’d drag M into a makeout session, other person be damned.)


This question was more difficult to answer for two of my detectives than it should’ve been! For them (Wolfe and Dezh), I had to write it out to see what they’d do. I was surprised…

Flirting/dating stage

Jax (Felix): She would literally not notice. She’d start joking around with the one doing the flirting and be oblivious to it. She’s really trusting and kinda overlooks stuff like.

Nyx (Adam): She’d laugh her ass off. If she’s feeling particularly troublesome, she’d point out to Adam, right in front of the person, that they’re hitting on him, embarrassing both Adam and the flirter. If she’s in a bad mood, she might tell the flirter that they’d get better results throwing their clothes off and jumping on Adam full force, so why don’t they try that, instead?

Wolfe (Nate): She would just fall silent and get withdrawn. If the person continued flirting with Nate, she’d make up some excuse about why she had to leave and haul ass out of there ASAP.

Dezh (Mason): Just gonna assume there’s no ‘dating’ phase with Mason here, since I’m not sure there will be in the game–so just this would be for the flirting or banging stage. If someone started flirting with Mason in front of her, she’d roll her eyes, glare daggers at them both (and she has scary dagger looks), and leave without a word to either the flirter or Mason, because she’d assume he’d be wanting to bang the person that night.

Relationship Stage

Wolfe (Nate): In a relationship with Nate, she’d still be uncomfortable and somewhat insecure about it, but would try to just stand there and not react. Once they got away from the flirter, Wolfe would be very quiet for a long while, fearing that Nate might be interested in the person and, if not, recognize she’s jealous and insecure (and then worry about what she’d say if he asked about it).

Dezh (Mason): In a relationship (assuming that, for there to be a relationship, it’s obvious to her that Mason loves her and has made it clear he’s “not going anywhere”), then there are two possibilities, depending on her mood.

In a more relaxed mood, she’d just move closer to Mason and touch him/lean against him/something similar and snort in disdain at the person flirting with him. She wouldn’t even be jealous, since she knows Mason’s with her.

In a more hostile mood, she’d tolerate it for a very short time, but if it didn’t stop, she’d ask Mason to give her a moment to speak to the person. Whether or not Mason agreed, Dezh would nicely (lol) tell the person to shove off, unless they’d like to be eating out of a tube the rest of their lives.

Nyx and Jax would behave the exact same way, relationship or not.


Out of all my MCs, Teresa would probably be the jealous type. She has her insecurities:her mood swings and Nate being the first person she ever dated. After all, Nate tend to be polite with everyone.

As for Alexa, she will probably find it amusing someone would flirt with Adam and fail. Would probably tease Adam about it in the latter date.

As for Mason, I am unsure. Sera did mention that Mason will stop hitting on anyone regardless if it’s on the crush stage or in a relationship. Mason is quite direct though so I wouldn’t be surprise if he directly say to the person to leave him alone. :joy: