The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Okay, but… how far is A willing to go to show off?? If MC mentions they want to move furniture around their apartment will A just show up that night like “you mentioned you needed help, Detective?”


A: Today is particularly hot

Takes off shirt

Shy MC: dies a bit Ye-s, yes. Is hot today, indeed.

Blunt MC: while smirking the weather is not the only hot thing today


That’s why Ava wears her hair up so that it doesn’t distract from her muscles!


I am so here for this… :heart:


When you first came into WH forums:

After seeing all the fangasms and how the community is:

This is the most adorable and wholesome community I have ever seen XD PRAISE LADY SERA/MISHKA

Also: Surprise there’s no comment about Nate’s heart attack move, Felix’s charming flair or Mason’s implied invitation XD


I suppose all the excitement was exhausted during the Book 1 thread and early part of this thread. I’m sure it will pick up again when Book 2 will be released.


I think the demo has already hyped us up. When Book 2 comes out, it’ll probably a massive mob of fans XD but yeah, I guess we’re in the process of a cooldown o-o


Yeah, I’m sure when book 2 comes out there will be an explosion of fan screams and theories haha.

Who knows, maybe the forum will experience another boom of new users who want to gush about the game.

All I know is the LT player will be crying at the back


I’m new so, what’s LT player?

RIP the forums tho, going over 10k posts and all XD


LT player is those brave souls who play the Love Triangle route :smiley:


The love triangle route players. =)


Very brave souls indeed. :joy:




I hope you’re proud of what you’re doing to fans XD Because you’re creating a massacre.


I fear nothing, not even the LT route. For I know none of the ROs, including the MC will win in the LT situation. I have accepted defeat. A defeat that I have come to enjoy.


LT players be like

“You can’t have a broken heart if you don’t have hope to start with”

If I wasn’t on my phone I would edit it properly lol


Or in my case, “You can’t have a broken heart, if it’s already broken after Book One”.


Can’t play the LT route. Never have to this day. Because my soul has already been taken by the notorious nougat named Natalie

And i would really feel bad for anyone who would take my nougat away.



Ohhhhhhhhhh my god. Not even look at other people? I didn’t realise M was going so far already!

My heart :sparkling_heart:


Considering their way of life, it’s a HUGE baby step for them XD Brings a tear to my eye.

The M Route in a Nut Shell


Bless M. What a ride-or-die buttnugget.

But also, on the topic of the LT: Y’all keep crying, I’ll be over here going


…I may enjoy torturing A and N way too much.