The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


I mean…that’s pretty early on…she could get back there pretty quick…


Be a good sister… or play F’s route again… hmmm…


Lol, I’ll add a all of the above love triangles for you. Then you can vote for that.


Play it! She can re-do her playthrough. Plus, she will want to as i doubt she’ll still remember what she read.

I know, that’s why i wanted Brazil to loose too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do small towns have a pride parade in real life or is it a big city thing? :thinking:

That’s adorable! :yum:

But imagine the kids being really bratty and almost destroying the parade (the way only bratty kids can) and UB has to babysit them, but they can’t stay put for a second and are constantly running around…

@Querida I don’t think you can edit polls, plus i don’t think many people feel like i do anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow. I’m… actually surprised. From the votes, it seems like the majority are very faithful and loyal lovers, sticking only to one LI. (I really thought that you guys would have chosen the love triangle routes with your favourite 2 ROs.)

And then, there’s the second majority, who is fickle and capricious lovers. (I can’t say this is unexpected.)

What extreme tastes you guys have. :slightly_smiling_face:


I wouldn’t say it’s so surprising for people to not want to hurt another person’s feelings, even if that person is entirely fictional and the route is completely optional.


Can i please get an invite to the nsfw thread ?


I’m surprised about the popularity of just one LI also. I plan on playing through every single route, personally, but I can’t help but wish for an M/A triangle. Even if it would never happen. I don’t care :sob:


And hurt my two favorites at the same time? Um. No thank you.

… A poly-route with my two favorites could be fun tho


This. If it was poly, then, damn yes, but love triangles are the worst. It makes me feel terrible to have to chose one over the other, it’s just not cool…

But my favs are Mason and Felix. A poly relation with them… poor MC, I think her brain would shut down with so much sexiness. But also, cuteness overload.

MC and Felix are laying on the sofa, they are eating popcorn, watching a movie. Mason walks in.
-Are you watching again that shitty movie?
MC and Felix throw popcorn at him and shush him. Mason rolls his eyes
-Sometimes I wonder why the fuck I love you.
Even with the complaints, Mason moves closer to the sofa, looking at them silently, straight away, they move to give him room, expending the rest of the night together as they do most days

This, yes, choosing between them, nope nope!


M and F Poly-Route would be amazing! I’d imagine it just be F and the MC BURRYING M with love…

I hope you don’t mind I used your MC, Meira

edit: fixed it up


Oh god, this is PERFECT. THANK YOU.

presses like really hard


Invite to the nsfw tread, please?


I’d also like to be invited to the nsfw thread, if that’s alright?


Could I also get an invite to the NSFW thread pretty please?


Umm… guys are you all gone on nsfw thread or something??? If so can i get an invite as well? :upside_down_face:


If I could have an invite I’d be grateful too


Can I get an invite for the NSFW thread too please?


i come bearing questions, not too sure if these have been asked before though…

i'm just being nosy
  1. If your MC could relive any childhood memory what would it be?
  2. If your MC could relive any memory but had to make sure the outcome was different what would it be?
  3. What is their greatest physical weakness?
  4. What’s the worst pain they’ve experienced?
  5. Do they have any compulsions?
  6. Where would your MC put themselves on an alignment scale.
  7. What was the best/worst advice they were ever given?
  8. To those with multiple MCs, how would they react if they woke up on another MC’s canon route? (example being Blaire suddenly waking up in Sienna’s route)
  9. To those with single MCs, how would they react waking up outside of their canon route? (for example, if your MC mainly romances A, how would they react waking up in an F route)

i’ll answer these myself in a little bit


Just a little M joy for the future…