The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


I love the blunt approach to M, not gonna lie, I just like giving them of their own medicine, with a sprinkle of feelings here and there to throw them off lol!


In the demo, I chose the more genuine, happy responses, like “Smile and say, ‘It’s nice to see you again, Mason,’” and to thank him instead of reacting in any definite way (bold or shy), just to see what would happen… Hooooly crap. It was hilarious! :joy: He was just like…



Dog park date with N lets go :dog::raising_hand_man:.

N @dogs


N, petting the dog after asking if it’s ok, and the owner giving full permission and thinking about asking if N would like to pet them too…
Dog Owners @N



This I got to try. I don’t plan my MC for M to be romances shy forever. I am very glad that Sera decide to the RO routes this way, now I can make my MC not always flirt or get flustered depending on the situation.


oh that ask is priceless…

got me think about the LT route …


N seeing a dog and spazze lol

my MC see Natkins spazze…and spazze too! Lol

and Ava go…can’t compute emotions…lol


oooohhhhh I think some Bobby fans here might like this ask!

I get those vibes too. My poor N… :cry:


To be fair, for those MCs who who choose to go out with Tina in the first book, you get a glimpse of Bobby probably caring for your MC in the alley way for Book 2 when they say they don’t trust Unit Bravo and when you give a snappy retort, they don’t respond. That, in my opinion, seems to be a hint of genuine care, as oppose to if you stay in the office. There, they still have a sway over you in comparison and so, in my opinion, are just teasing the MCs.


I think sera explained that part to be the first time bobby had not responded with a quick comeback because they realized mc would never get with them again.


Can someone help me please??? in book one, I can’t get around Murphy during the fight without getting hurt by him! it’s maddening!!!


I mean, there’s that as well. Just me taking multiple viewpoints though.


Look at the second post of this thread under book one specific questions


There is actually no way to avoid being hurt period, but you can avoid being bitten.


What I am also counting in the next book: that finally Unit Bravo meets Bobby!
Seriously, I was surprised that not once in the first book they met, but they better do in the second book.
I know Exactly what my MC would tell the rest of the team:
MC: “Should you meet Bobby, pleasle let M and A handle it.”
N: “But detective, would it not be better if I…”
MC: “NO, you are too nice!”


I think N can throw some subtle insults when they want to


booby :rofl:


It was so funny. And F’s added dialogues… WOW!!! :rofl:


:eyes: So UB have been together 7 years… but I recall there being some event 10 years ago… could that be when F came to our world? If they been in the human world only 10 years that’s not a very long time for them.


I think the 10 year event may be how long Rebecca has been working with most of them. I remembered the same thing and went and dug it up:


Oooooooh myyyyy god A, you have no shame :joy:


yet remain in total denial with a straight face :rofl: