The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


I feel like Doug might’ve grown up without a mother, especially since the Mayor seems to have a big ol’ crush on Rebecca.

The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)- Full Demo Now Out!

Not to say I was never hugged, but I wasn’t hugged very often growing up, and now that I’m an adult, I’m very awkward about giving/receiving hugs and very selective about who I do hug. Pretty much, as long as I consider you a friend, you get a hug. If not - “Nooo touchy”… lol

And oh my gosh -
Imagine Adam after listening to Felix saying something (Adam thinks is) stupid…



I have other reasons I’m kinda touch averse, but yeah. I try to be understanding of the fact that for most people friendship and good feelings means it’s time for hugs.

I just want to bake cookies for Douglas and fix his hair and teach him to tie a tie. He’s a good boy :cry:

Did anyone else love the idea of guys mansplaining cars to Ava? It can’t just be me right?


I love the way she shuts them down. Just. Ava sitting there, listening to some dude like a tenth of her age trying to tell her about cars–trying to impress her with their knowled? And then just interrupting them with, “No.” And then doing it better than they could? That’s Legally Blonde levels of awesome.


Exactly! The real reason she hates humans. At this point as soon as a guy starts bragging about his Charger within Ava’s earshot, Farah has already pulled up a chair and a bowl of popcorn.


Er I really don’t want to assume that I’m pretty sure that Adam get those types of comments as well as same for ava with girls.

@DontJudge I dont think you can ask about release dates on the fourms(also it’s not released yet just an updated demo.)

in the first days of cars
So... is it safe to assume that sera was talking about when cars were invented? If so that means A is at least 133 years old. However she may be talking about when cars starting becoming more common or available to the public, which would be around early 20th century or around 1920's.



Yeah, after sera said A was the oldest I had assumed as much already that they were super old but now I’m pretty sure they’re way older than like 100.


Well, yeah, but we’re just hypothesing on one possibility. :slight_smile:


Yeah, definitely I’d say ur right. Since even back then gender stereotypes were still pretty strong, and the ask is hinting at Ava being especially proud at the way she handed those dudes their asses after fixing up one of those cars.
Them shook: “wtf hOw DiD sHe-hOW”


I mean, that conversation is taking place because Sera did specify that it was Ava the one getting those comments :smiley:


Yeah, I guess I just saw ‘people’ so I just assumed it was just people telling her that not just guys but maybe I’m wrong. But usually I don’t like hearing about these related stuff because they can easily turn to “whether men get unnecessary comments or not” (which is for another thread at another time.)

But nevertheless I can’t see A being just 100 years old(same with N)it seems the way they talk and how somewhat shocked or prude they seem about modern subjects they would be at least 200+ but I don’t think cars existed in the 1800s


They were actually! Karl Benz invented the first car in 1885. Also never technology has changed so much that they probably would be shocked even if they were “young” vampires. My grandpap isn’t even 60 yet and he can’t open an iPhone. And A didn’t necessarily need to be a human during the early days of cars, so they could have been older.


Oh my god, you guys… I just found Mason in Book One when the MC stops outside his room (before he looks up and smirks at her)

Mason really does enjoy flustering our MCs, doesn’t he (or for those of you who like Morgan, “doesn’t she”)? lol


Lol I couldn’t make a flustering mc for m for some reason. I guess it just that since m doesn’t get flustered(unlike all the other ros really, I think F actually get flustered in the book two demo, and N just a blushing mess at times)it would seem like m would be winning. But the comments you guys post when using a flustering mc is great.


I’m using a romanced-shy MC for my Mason route and I find it very entertaining to be honest. :joy:


I know, right?!

I usually always start out with a shy MC cuz I’m shy (AND introverted - they are similar, but not exactly the same, despite what a lot of people think) and it’s funny to see Mason react to that same shyness the way a lot of my (guy) friends have in the past. It’s got me wondering…:face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking: lol

But then I do a runthrough with a bold MC and it’s just like, d*****mn! :joy:


I kind of envy the people who can play with shy mcs, I remember back when book one was still a wip I played with a shy mc but after reading the authors tumblr, all I could think is “I want to see A,F and N blush”. I still play with a shy mc from time to time but their not my main mcs.(but never with m’s route really.)


I love the blunt approach to M, not gonna lie, I just like giving them of their own medicine, with a sprinkle of feelings here and there to throw them off lol!


In the demo, I chose the more genuine, happy responses, like “Smile and say, ‘It’s nice to see you again, Mason,’” and to thank him instead of reacting in any definite way (bold or shy), just to see what would happen… Hooooly crap. It was hilarious! :joy: He was just like…