The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


what…I’m Shoooooooocked…

no pome-ranian joke ?


Oooh. My. Goooooosh!!! A (good) shiver just ran down my spine. Comparing A to Mr. Darcy…:heart::heartbeat::heart_eyes::kissing_heart: You just made my year (that is - for 2019)! lol

Mine, too. Even Kira, who does NOT get along with her mother. At. All. But, Kira loathes the Mayor, so… I suppose that would make sense. :joy:


Poe-Nah-May :smiley:

But yeah, @bobsmyuncle is right! It was a placeholder name that just stuck for her, lol. Kinda couldn’t change it after years of being in the novel :rofl:


Douglas, well, I don’t know. They’ve not really experienced hugs…wow, that made me feel sad :confused:

Poor Douglas. Geez, what kind of parent is the mayor.


Now, I will not get this from my mind. My immature side thanks you. :two_hearts:


A is not a big fan of hugs. Kind of lots of tensing and awkward staring, lol. Unless they’re in the right mood.

I’m So with A on that…Hug is the best way to get cooties!!! :sweat_smile:

Rebecca likes to try with hugs with her family, but wouldn’t initiate or respond to any given by others and would likely stop it before it happened :smiley:

lol unless its the MC…I got a mushy MC who keep hugging Mom lol

N is all up for hugs of any kind!
Hugging Tall peoples…is akward…I always reach the bewbz area :smirk:


Me: h-



This is unacceptable. Please tell me there’s an option to give Douglas a platonic hug in the future. Poor kid.


A part of me wants to, but also he got a crush on my MC’s… and I can see that getting uncomfortable really fast :joy:


This made me laugh, and I can totally see it:

M likes feisty–they made that clear in the final demo. I love threatening to put Mason’s cigarette out with a fire extinguisher, for no other reason than because he likes the feistiness! M’s so much damned fun.

Not being terribly physically affectionate doesn’t make him a bad parent, though I still think the mayor sucks as a parent. Not everyone is all huggy-touchy-feely.

From that ask, I get the feeling Rebecca isn’t that type most of the time, either. Well, that and how she behaves in the game. My family is the type to one-armed hug when you’re coming or going (like you’re seeing them after a week or two or longer, not like “I’m going to the store hugs!”). Maybe a shoulder pat here or there (unless there’s some trauma). Most of us just aren’t comfortable with all the casual huggy touching a lot of people do. We show affection by needling the hell out of each other, or doing stuff for each other to help out. I think that’s another reason I get M so well.

But yeah, Douglas seemed to have missed out on any true show of care from his dad (and his mom, I guess?). That makes me feel bad for him.


and lets not forget the whole ‘Your father is the mayor…you gotta behave…uphold to certain standar’ stuff…like living in someone thumb/shadow forever . The pressure…and yada yada…


The problem is that, despite the whole idea of Douglas having to uphold certain standards, the mayor didn’t seem to instill any sort of work ethic into his kid. I get the feeling Douglas was kind of spoiled that way–the mayor didn’t show any real affection for him, but he gave him ‘things’ and expected nothing from him save for not getting into trouble.

He did the kid no favors with that. He should’ve given Douglas responsibilities and rewarded him for meeting them. Had he done that, the detective wouldn’t be stuck with a slack ass (in the paths where the MC didn’t go to the bar). In the path where the detective went out, it gave Douglas something to strive for–he has hero worship of the MC and UB, and he actually wants to impress the MC. I think it’s the first time in his life that he’s ever felt that desire to please someone else. That’s not really a good reason to do your job, but it’s better than being a slacker who sits on the phone all day instead of working just because "my daddy is the mayor and you can’t fire me’.


oh you can have that kind of pressure from everyone…but the person in question . Like have alot of peoples telling him to behave…and to uphold and do that and do this and talk about his father the mayor in a way that make him like a great guy . Yet…when he goes home , he is met by a father that barely notice his existance…unless he has a bill to pay for his expanse .

the mayor come off like a stern ambitious ass . its all about him and where and what he can achieve .

for that…he has to care and I dont think he care enough…


Yeah, none of my detectives like the mayor (or the captain, for that matter, because they don’t want to be stuck in the middle of their pissing contests). One of them is outright sarcastic at the mayor (and did the “yes my lord” thing and, in the demo, “you betcha!” because she just can’t stand the SOB and can’t control her mouth around him). The guy is a dick, to put it bluntly.

Agreed. You know, I kinda hope the MCs who didn’t go out get the opportunity to sit Douglas down and talk to him seriously about work and about what’s expected of him–and what he’ll get in return (“You want respect, kid? Then stop fucking around and do your job. Do that, and I’ll see to it that you get acknowledged for it. So you have a choice: either keep being a fuckup who lives in the shadow of his father or become your own man. But choose quickly, because you aren’t ten years old, anymore.”). I love that he tries in the path where you go to the bar, but the staying in scene is way better for M (and, honestly, for N, as well), so I can’t bring myself to get at least two detectives to go out. If they got a chance to put Douglas on the right path, regardless, that’d be awesome.



I wouldn’t say it that way . That would make him depand on you…and only on you . If you want him to fly with his own wings…then make him to look for that strengh within himself and find worth with your support but never depandant of you ! cose it could backfire badly…


Not dependent. But the MC is his boss, for all intents and purposes. So it is the MCs responsibility to ensure Douglas does his job, to groom him to be advanced into another position, and that he gets credit for the work he does.

Good bosses are, in some respects, like good parents: they have to see the talents in their employees and figure out how to use those talents to best benefit the company/organization they work for. In addition, they have to find a way to do that in a way that keeps the employee happy and satisfied ( for example, if you have someone working for you who enjoys research, then giving them problems to solve helps you and them and the organization). Bad bosses, on the other hand, will force employees into positions in which they aren’t comfortable, and will fail to recognize an employees strengths and weaknesses and how to best use them.

So yeah, it’s not in a dependent way, but, rather, making Douglas see that, as his boss, you can help him and want to help him. But to do that, he has to pull his weight and do his job to the best of his ability.


dont forget he has a crush on the mc…

that change the variable of ‘wanting to be a mentor’ with a drooly horny gushy douglas :sweat_smile:

then don’t forget the animosité between the captain and the Mayor…

even say you wanna do right by the kid…do we even have that kind of power ? to promote him and such ?

Ohh…it will be delicious either way…

I’m betting on the old capt’n ! Go get him!


Not in the path I’m suggesting this opportunity. Douglas only has a crush on the MC if the MC went to the bar instead of staying in. In that path, there’s no need to try to get through to the kid, since he’s already trying to impress the MC.

In the path where the MC stays at the office, Douglas is still a slacker and has no crush on the MC–and that’s the path where I said I’d like to get a chance to sit him down. So there’s no problem like you speak of in that path.

Even if you can’t promote him, you can groom him in the job he’s in so he could take his talents elsewhere, if he wished. Somewhere where he wasn’t stuck being ‘the mayor’s kid’. But for someone else to hire him, he has to stop being a fuckup.

This is one fight where I’m all for mutual destruction. I can’t stand either one of them!


lol the old capt’n remind me of a stern Turiant…and the mayor…a volus lol

hahaha dunno why I have ME3 in my head right now…


Man I wish mc who is stuck with slacker Douglas can have a chance to sit down with them and be all “ok kid, we gotta talk. This is a place of work, and you really gotta start treating it like one” I mean even my mc who is pretty “bleh” about paperwork and not really focused on following rules is slightly irritated of the fact Douglas keeps playing on his phone xD