The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


lolol you could see it from Orbit for pete sake…

hahaha that ask was hilarious though…lol…

any chance for Sera to rename him to that ? Pretty pwease !


The only one who hates this more than the MC is probably a Douglas crushing on a female MC.

How he is supposed to woo her if she’s his step-sister?! Come on, DAD


tsk tsk…step sister and step brother actually can marry lolol


Welp, looks like I’ll be whipping out the taser AND pepper spray. :grinning:

Also Yay! thanks for answering my ask @Seraphinite!

I had a funny feeling that the Mayor had less than professional reasons for his interest in the group of Detective Mc’s mom; guy wasn’t all that subtle about it (It’s like watching a lazy dog jumping up and down when presented with a tasty treat). Certainly makes me like him even less (isn’t he married though).


like that would stop him…

I dont think he got the hot for rebecca…

she is a big package of influence as well…

he is imbitious for a small town mayor…


Douglas pls but at the same time I wanna see MC and Douglas intervene to interrupt/ruin any attempts the Mayor makes. Rebecca can handle herself for sure, but even she cannot deny that’d be hilarious to see.

My MC Blaire would step in immediately and try to recruit UB to help. “Listen this is definitely threatening on my life, help me ruin this date or SO HELP ME-”


Yeah, I don’t think even the Pacific Ocean would be able to drown that ego of his. :sweat_smile:

Now as the professional Detective that my MCs are, we’ll need to gather some blackmail reasonable evidence to ‘persuade’ the Mayor that he should keep his eyes focused on the job he never does.

…Mayor Friend Chicken kinda sounds like Bobby right now (interest in Rebecca’s high position and influence), if that’s what most of his interest comes down to: getting attracted to someone for the ways he can use them while having a extremely inflated view about themselves (while viewing very little of others).


I wouldn’t be surprised if he was in cahoot with Bobby…


So it’s possible to have both the Friedman men crushing on the detective and Mom. Weird.


Most of the times I think of M as a dog that hasn’t been socialise as a puppy and then doesn’t know how to interact with other dogs, thus, being either aggressive or horny towards other dogs :joy:


Pretty sure he’s still a bit pissed at Bobby about the fact the reporter used Douglas to spread that last story (not because he was worried about his son, but because Bobby took momentary control away from the Mayor and it put to risk that ‘beautiful’ public image the mayor created. :sweat_smile:


Technically, they can get drunk, but for the MC to manage to get them drunk… I don’t see that happening lol


[whispers] OH my GOD why is that so accurate

Especially with all the dog/wolf comparisons that M draws from characters and fandom alike :joy:


It is isn’t it? :joy:

That’s why it will take so long for the MC to earn their trust and why M will be so loyal once they do, just like a distrusting dog lmao.

New title for M romancers, the M whisperer.


That is simultaneously super funny and super adorable. It’s why that scene at the end of the s2 demo is so cute :hugs:

MC: [sideeyes M’s cigarette]
M: [sighs and puts it out]
F: …how tha fuck
MC: What
F: How have you already learned how to silently commune with The Beast of Bravo? That took me YEARS
MC: I am the Whisperer…
M: I am literally right here


If M is a dog that explains why they like…


( •_•)>⌐■-■

(⌐■_■) To Bone.




Just started another read of book one and I struggle again with the name of Tina how would Poname be pronounced is it an english or a foreign Name? (In german the name means buttname by the way :joy:, yeah sometimes it is easy to amuse me)


It’s made up. It was a placeholder name that stuck (It’s short for Police Officer Name).

I haven’t really settled on how to pronounce it. I just think of her as Tina.


I always think of apple’s because in my mind sounds similar to pomes, which means apples in valencia (another language of my area in Spain)