The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


I think (or I hope) that we will get a choice as to who leads, even if it ends on a fight for control :joy:

Mostly because I think the general personality of the MC doesn’t necessarily reflect how the MC will act on a romantic moment.

I think, if Sera is up to make all the different scenarios depending on if you are good at dancing or not, and if you want to take the lead or not, it would be an awesome scene! But it would also be a lot of variables.

But I don’t think we will get the chance to dance any time soon, and who knows, maybe by the time that scene appears in the books, Sera is dedicating full time to Wayhaven and then we can enjoy all those scenes!


I am ridiculously excited for dancing guys, oh my god. I always imagine Samir (my M-mancer MC) as a really good dancer so I’m happy he’ll get to dance with Mason :relaxed:

I wonder what other cute stuff M will do for the MC?!


fight for control ?

god…my mc gonna either do the shepard dance…or just run for the hill :rofl:


Throwing a blanket at the MC when they are asleep on the sofa is a must. Then just staying in the same room as them to “keep an eye on them” and totally not because they miss them if they can’t see them :rofl:


Wait till M discovers casual intimacy and affection.

M: So I can just… hug you anytime and it’s fine?

MC: Um… yeah?

M: … holy shit

Or, MC walking past behind them, and bending down to give them a quick kiss on the top of the head


M, grabbing MC before they have time to leave: What was that?
MC, confused: A kiss…?
M, silent, frowning, and thinking for a long time, still not letting go of MC: I like it. Do it more often.
M carries on doing their thing like if nothing happened after it


MC: shows M affection

M: Gross…

M: …

M: Do it again.


Why does M sound like a robot?


Because we are exaggerating some of their characteristic for humor!


I don’t like it… do it again


what about Ava…?

she is always tense…barely know what ‘relaxing’ mean…

think she can dance ? would she dance with the mc ?


Probably get A wasted or just drunk enough… for them to relax I think


A can dance, though doesn’t unless the moment really calls for it- their style is much more on the formal side of things- like waltz


hahaha…that would be a miracle ! lol…

she is too professional for her own good…

wasnt she drinking wine back in book 1 ? can you get drunk from that ?

maybe farah can help…:smirk:


I think that M just processes emotions differently than most people. I’m sure the whole immortality thing had a hand in that, but I think that’s also just how they are, same as A.

Once they’re able to trust us with some details about themselves and their pasts, piecing all of that together will be quite fun. A lot of MCs will be making internal dissertations lol :rainbow:


if it meant for job related “undercover” “blending in” purposes then they’d have to do it? but the tenseness will still be there! but I’d like to imagine them get lost into their own (with our MC) world as the time goes~


Vampires can’t get drunk, sadly.
…I can sort of see them getting swept up in the moment when dancing with the MC. Though they’d likely only agree if it had something to do with their job.


so mc gotta be a good liar lol

imagine in middle of the carnaval! no less ! :rofl:

mc: H-hold me ava!!

Ava: raise an eyebrow

mc: just do it…quick!!

Ava: should I remind you we are in the middle of an inv-…

(Mc cuddle to ava who look like she could break her spine trying to back away but is held on the spot by the mc arms)

mc: Shhhh , they are watching us !! don’t look !

Ava : (is totally hyperventilating…screaming…kicking inside)

mc: so…cough…nice weather huh…(start swaying slowly))

Ava: Smooth detective…( detache herself and start walking)

mc: you should’ve seen the look on your face , so worth it!



A is too internally conflicted about being a secret MC fangirl-- like Mr. Darcy, it’s gotta have some perks. :wink:


Sorry to break the dancing discussion but the confirmation that the Mayor has a crush on Rebecca just put all my MCs on a fight or flight response fgsjvsnbd