The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


I mean, any opportunity to get closer and grab the MC is a good opportunity for M.


What part of the MC would M grab though :thinking:


What part wouldn’t M grab?


I really love how Sera address people’s concern about M. True that in real life, some of their attitude were red flags but I have faith in Sera that M-mancers will not experience an abusive relationship with them.


Shall we call it “Schrodinger’s grab”?


There was never any doubt in my mind.

My fellow M-lovers, don’t let someone’s theories get you worked up or convinced that we’ll miss out on romance. :hugs:


Honestly, whenever someone doubts M all I can think of is the ask about which of the ROs would miss MC the quickest deep into the romance - and the answer was M.

M would also be the only one feeling uncomfortable with and being unwilling to pretend to be broken up with the MC. (According to another ask.)

So like…why even worry, M is gonna love MC like heck.


a big YES to all the comments about M and ugh everytime an ask is made about who would feel some type of way for the MC I love M even more :hugs:


M: I don’t need anybody, I’m a lone wolf.

MC who M is hugging onto to: You tell ‘em, Babe.


I actually envision M to be carrying the MC ala like a groom carries the bride, of course during a dangerous situation, with the MC saying “My hero!” and M just grunting in approval.

On a related note, even though I play M as a female, I never once characterise their behaviour as abuse. Sure, I’d argue encroaching on my MC’s space, but I rationalise as them just being forward and direct kind of way (was going to suggest amorous but don’t think that’s the right word here).


Being “Blunt” should be the word?


It’s not so much blunt as it’s…they want a good time (?) and the MC is conviently attractive enough to either tease with (if you the shy type) or enjoy having suggestive word play with them (if you are the bold type). Disclaimer, I don’t often do the bold style of flirting.


Yeah, I don’t get the whole thing that M is abusive. M can be a jerk (we all can) and rude (so can F and A!), but never abusive. And I like M’s whole overbearing thing, and the fact that they’re kinda in your face about being attracted. I like direct, and you don’t get much more direct than M. Plus, out of all of them, I think M’s the one you wouldn’t actually have to tell outright what you like in a physical sense–M would figure it out and read you, and give it to you… give it to you good. I mean, for the MC, M is totally willing to give up sex and sex is what M lives for pre-MC, so they’re definitely good at reading the MC and going along.

That said, I’m slightly shocked about the dancing thing (only slightly). But I’m happy I was wrong! I still think it’d be fun to go with F to some snooty dance while M grinds their teeth, but I’d rather M dance with the MC without that.

I also love that it seems to be M-day for asks. Whee! :heart_eyes:


my mc gonna totally nail the dance floor ! (I wouldnt in real life…since I’m a klutz)…



My MC with Mason can’t dance worth a damn (unless it’s pole dancing or stripping, because she took a class in college, but she’s so NOT doing that on a dancefloor), so she’d likely end up stomping all over his feet unless he pushed her around the floor like a dust mop (or just gave up and groped her, she’d totally be down with that).

My MC with Adam is a pretty good dancer. The MC with Nate… not so much, but better than the one with Mason (and pretty much like Shepard in that gif!). Felix will have the most fun–when Jax dances, she looks like she’s having some sort of seizure.

That said, did you ever play the Garrus romance? When he dances with Shepard? I could see F doing that (maybe N, too!). With the MC just completely shocked as hell, lol.


I did…I love garrus…even if I’m a Lesbo lol

yeah , I kinda want that with Natkins ! omg…a Valse…it be her thing…



ooh this makes me want a choice if our MC is good or bad at dancing and/or who gets to take the lead…


I am 90% sure we will have the option. I mean, we had the option to be good at technology and be able to fix the coffee machine, and we also have the option to be good at languages, so I guess we will have the option to see how good we are at dancing?


maybe it be a mix of ‘the personality you pick for your mc + personality of the romances’’ ?

like say…an easy going flirty mc with Natkins…could be the one who try to lead ?

wonder if the heigh would play a role during this XD


Prior to the final demo release, I always doubted N’s ability to take the ‘lead’ in anything romance-related and ended up sticking a fairly badass, yet emotionally stunted and sexually shy, MC with Nate (because he just seemed too meek for a bold MC). However, after the demo, I think N could take the lead if that’s what the MC needed/wanted. N will never be as bold as M, but they can apparently step up when it’s warranted.

But like @Meira_Litch said, it’d likely be an option whether or not your MC can dance or not. And from there, it’d somehow be figured out which one would lead, be a choice or based on personality (I’m kinda hoping you get to choose so my bold as hell MC with Mason can still go along with him leading!)