The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Omg, am I the only one that can totally see A slipping for a moment and saying this?


I do! I do! She is a goddamn Big softie lol and she has been slipping in book 2 already :sweat_smile:


And to not make more cluster of gifs…

M the first time that meets ex-Bobby


Gif Reactions



I forgot that I asked this. But anyway, so cute <3


N: Modern music is Trash.

MC: singing modern music




do we know if any of them play an instrument ?

man…if Natkins play the violon…that would be sooo droole worthy :hugs:


N plays any stringed instrument. M plays the piano, the bass, and the saxophone. A can’t play, and F is too impatient to learn.


gold find!


Nate/Nat: Most string instruments, particularly guitar, sitar, violin (favourite), and harp. They can also play the piano.


Felix/Farah: The triangle? Lol :smiley: None. They tried to learn the recorder once, N was teaching them, but M walked in, broke the recorder and left. A thanked M for it. N consoled F…and the F forgot about it and immediately moved onto the next thing to interest them, lol.

thats just HILAAAAARIOUS :rofl:


Yay! They (or, at least some of them) can play instruments! I used to play piano, but I was never able to find another piano teacher during High school. :slightly_frowning_face:
Oooh! I wonder if we’ll be able to decide if any of our MCs can play an instrument…And what kind…? :smile:



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Headcanon time! :smiley:

Ok I really think A would do a spit take, then reprimand the MC for barging in on them, cause they don’t want to seem monstery to the MC. Also it would be perfect for ruining more of the MC’s stuff.

I bet N would try to hide it or claim it’s some sort of smoothie. If the MC wanted some they’d probably get flustered and make some awkward excuse and run away.

Silly straw for F. Also offering some to MC.

M: Sup [continues drinking]


Oh my god, you guys… I think I might have a heart attack! I just read something that @Seraphinite posted on Tumblr and she hinted at something and…I’m just…OOOOH my goooOOOOOoood!!! I think I’m gonna hyperventilate so much that it’s going to kill me!!! :rofl:
I, legit, got goosebumps and started shaking cuz I REALLY hope she actually does do this after she finishes the Wayhaven Chronicles!!! :joy:
I need help calming down. No joke. :laughing:


Shall we communicate with Morse Code?


Imagine Nate doing something he regrets, and your “N MC” trying to comfort him, like…



Rejoice, my fellow M-mancers! We may get to dance with M too!! :heart:


Yeah I can’t wait for that :heart_eyes:


There is always a point in time I start thinking. ‘I can’t get anymore excited it’s just not possible to hold any more excitement’.

You proved me wrong again Mewsly how could you :persevere::heart: