The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)



thats kinda cute …

add ‘breaking bone of Bobby while singing Jingles Bell song’’ …:joy:


Did the author ever say if the romance options are going to become possessive? Because I don’t know if I’m going to romance any of them if that’s the case. Sorry I don’t know if some of the things you guys saying are theories or I don’t know.


Sera has confirmed on multiple occasions that possessiveness and jealousy aren’t going to be in the books. So no worries there!


I think it’s mostly wishing ? (unless anyone can dig up something from the author)…

and honestly…I see all the romance as grown up . Jealousy is often a ‘insecurity’ thing . Which happen in human . But our romance are Vampires . I’m not saying they can’t be possesive or jealouse…I’m just saying…that they had years and years and years to deal with that sort of thing IF it were to happen .

And beside Tina and the doc…they would also need some back ground about Bobby before popping a veine . So far…she or he know about them…but do A, N , F and M know about Bobby ?


I found an ask on it (well its mostly about jealously):

Its not going to be a huge issue if it does pop up and if it does its probably going to be more in the vein of “RO stands close by the MC when someone is flirting with them or mistakes friendly conversation for flirting and gets a little embarrassed” and never “RO tells the MC to never talk to certain people again ever.”

Jealousy will probably crop up mostly with an Ex-Bobby and more on their side than the ROs.


The love triangle may have more issues with that, though!



Sounds like Verda only has the two kids! No mysteriously missing third child, thank goodness!! :relieved:


Yeah, I changed my mind on this as I came to write them, lol! I just couldn’t see Verda, work-aholic that he is, having time to dedicate to career and 3 kids. But he could balance 2 kids and work, hehe!


Just a funny question: How long do you think the detective’s car will last, because it is clear it will get more and more damaged.
Personally, I imagine it will be destroyed in book 3 or 5.
Propably by the vampires by trying to save the MC.
(Please someone draw a picture about A throwing the car away and the detective screams “MY CAR!” :rofl:)



I think it take a beating from everyone comment…

I swear…if it crack wide open underneath my MC butt…A will buy me a car !!!


This also applies in the friend and non-friend or non-lover route.

No MC is safe from Bobby


I don’t know if it will be destroyed… Sera is deeply in love with the car, so I don’t know if she would ever get rid of it :joy:


Bobby is perfect for crushing. (And not in the romance way.) They’re gonna have their ego torn to tiny little pieces and it’ll be glorious.

My MC holds a giant grudge and would totally be down for torturing Bobby, ngl. (Perfect reason to go for M: MC spots Bobby “M, quick, take me against this wall!” M has their shirt off before MC even finishes the sentence


So there’s a little bird that flies to end of the universe and pecks at a mountain…


Wonder if that means Bobby thinks they are irresistible to anyone and everyone. Or Bobby secretly hopes the MC to either rekindle or develop feelings for them. Of course they would be too proud to admit the latter :grin:

Of course it could be a mix of both that would be a surprise



Supernatural: But isn’t it true that-

M: swing FIRST

Edit: Sorry for the wall of gifs, I couldn’t seem to get them under a hidden tag with the actual gif appearing :sweat_smile:


For M I thought of this scene when I read that ask :rofl:


Sooo good…

Let me add my own XD

she is very logical . Like sera said…she wouldn’t agree…but…there will be doubt there I think. Not to agree !!! but if this ‘Our blood’ thing become a big deal or something more…she be the 1st to hide us down in a basement and lock the door …for our own good lolol (with her!) Lol

I think Natkins…would find the idea repulsing…and would shatter her mind…and her heart…give her lot of kleenex…and she be super overprotective after that lol

Farrah…would probably goat the supernaturel on…

and M…


N at whoever is saying that stuff:


*imagine Bobby saying that * lol