The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Chp 7 is probably the carnival! I hope my mc can go on lots of rides even if the UB member he’ll go with might not like them (so every agent but Felix lol)


I think that scene is still going to be random. Which, honestly, I like. It’s nice to see the others members of UB we aren’t romancing getting some love!

Personally my favorite of the scene’s is F’s or N’s! It’s so cute!! Though A’s is also good


They would be in the instant after, but chaos theory will take over from there. After a while the 2 MCs would be quite different.


I know that it will be random in the official release that’s why I am curious to know how each of my playthrough will end up. =D

Now I wonder… Would you guys and girls would restart at the very beginning just to get a specific scene for your official save or not? =)

I will get their scene eventually. I haven’t seen A’s and M’s scene so far. :joy:


Would depend on the scene…in this instance though, nah. I like all the interactions.


Assuming that it was an exact replica, personailty and all, wouldn’t they make the same choice romantically as well? To magically alter their mind to love the other one, making that essentially their sole purpose for existing seems a bit skeevy—I don’t UB or Rebecca would go for that.


@Mewsly i enjoy you. That is all. :heart:


It’d really depend on how much they drift apart and how quickly. If they spent a lot of time together they probably wouldn’t be that much different. But if they were always doing different things all the time I imagine their choice could be influenced, since A and N are on equal footing, it probably wouldn’t take much of a difference in personalities to change the outcome.

Although I imagine it would be really heartbreaking if both the MCs made the same choice :cry:


I rarely ever do that and I won’t do it for this game, I will just let the scenes that happen, happen and then replay and see if I get something different


I totally would . Romance related or not…if something nag me…I would delete a whole game save for it lol . which I did many time in the past XD

Sigh…thats how I end up hoarding so many save in the end lol…

perfection is impossible…but fun to keep trying at it .

Awwwwwwww thanks!!



Considering I will probably replay each Book way too many times to count I’m thinking of replaying A or M’s routes again because I am weak and I will need my “canon” runs for each RO I don’t think I would. Considering any randomize scenes will probably just be fun flavor as long as I get to see them all at least once I’ll be pretty happy!

Unless, like… One is F getting a plush unicorn or something equally cute that I will have no choice but to have in all of my canon runs. I’ll do it for F…


I’m having trouble with not getting hurt by Murphy during the fight. Anyone get it?


You could see some tips over the second post of this thread. =)

The main point is to play to your strength. If your MC is a physical fighter, make sure you chose the choice with a physical aspect to it. Same with the others.


Guuuuuys… Nate’s route is making my knees completely useless. He’s turned them to jelly! My - everything - can’t function anymore!!! :joy:
And if he knew what he was doing to my MC, Emma, I imagine that adorable little punk (I call a lot of people “punk,” don’t get excited. lol) would be like…

…just to make it worse! :rofl:


Do you think, when we romance or are good friends with F, we can call N also “Natkins”?


Lol, I’m not sure if there will even be an option to call N Natkins/Natey in their route but I don’t think they would have a problem with it at all, whether the detective is friends, or romancing F or another member.


thats very Awww of Natkins lol …


desire for Bobby to show up in Chapter 7 intensifies


folds hands Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is for Bobby to get frickin’ crushed to tiny pieces when they realize that MC has got a hot new girlfriend/boyfriend who actually treats them right. Give me jealous, hurt-pride Bobby. Also give me possessive/protective UB claiming their Detective. Thank you Santa

(I love Bobby and they need to suffer okay)


Can we not just simply manipulate Bobby? cough cough