The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


I can’t keep this to myself, I love it simply too much!
I love the name the community gave A: Angst du Mortain.
Because I life in germany and the word “Angst” is actually the german word for “fear”.
It is maybe not the original meaning of this nickname, but I find it fitting. I love it! :joy:


You live in Germany?! Germany is on my list of places to visit before I die. lol Actually, a fair bit of Europe is on my list. I just need to figure out where I want to go first. :joy:

I know!!! I totally gushed in the comments. hahaha

Oh my god, you guys, I found this gif and it got me thinking…
What IF, in a book farther down the line, Bobby tried asking your MCs out again, and your MCs were just like…



You mean Angst Du Morepain :joy:

Oh God, that would be awful. I’m probably one of the few people in here who doesn’t really hate Bobby all that much and my main MC Jonathan, though he resents all that happened, kind of has a hard time letting go of the past.

Especially if it happens during the LT route… I can imagine poor Jon saying ‘Fuck this shit I’m out’ and going into exile forever from the overload of the drama lol.


Oh, god, that’d be awful. lol
Most of my MCs say “It’s in the past,” and they don’t have much trouble with him, but I have (if I remember correctly) two that hold grudges because of the crap he pulled while they were dating and they would just revel in turning him down. They’d probably start laughing, then, realizing he was serious, they’d probably say something along the lines of, “If you think we’re ever getting back together, you’re more delusional than I thought.” :rofl:


My character had always have a grudge against her, but when she would ask me to come back, before I could do much as simply say no, my LI would probably “scare” her away :wink:


well only two of my detectives dated Bobby… Rido (F) I think would just be confused and wonder why because he’s alright with Bobby. He sort of sees everything as a ‘past is the past’ type of thing and wouldn’t understand why Bobby would want to try again when it didn’t work out the first time.
Blaire (M) on the other hand it would hit him pretty hard because his relationship with Bobby is Complicated and even now still denies they even dated in the first place. He’d just get v angry and frustrated and would lock himself back up in his room for days again. It’s not so much as he would give Bobby a second chance bc he wouldn’t, but it’d open up an abyss of resentment and hurt he’s been trying to ignore.


Oooh, man. I wonder how each LI would react if they heard Bobby trying to get the MC back…
:scream: New ask for Sera…? lol
…And I have officially asked Sera my first question (EVER) on Tumblr!


Just a quick sidenote: It is best we don’t discuss Patreon content on here. There’s a community page in the Patreon site. Perhaps, patreons could discuss it there?

My MCs on both my Adam’s and Mason’s routes have Bobby as an ex-bf and both considered it one of their disappointing decisions they have experienced in their life but they are open to forgiveness, eventually… Overall, they don’t want to experience the same mistake again. :joy:


I personally don’t think there should be romance interaction with Bobby IF MC doesn’t have a choice to say Yes or No on the matter :slight_smile:

If a story plot is written in a way where MC is presumably automatically “Reject” Bobby when Bobby is asking for reconciliation , it could feel like MC is “force” into accepting/rejecting preset romance route… since the spirit of HG/CoG is that MC be given choice when romantic approach occur…

Perhaps it is better just to remain Bobby as supporting character in the story line :slight_smile:



i am so hyped for chapter 7


Does anybody temember those candy cigarettes from when they were a kid? The hardened sugar ones with the food coloring at the end to look like it was glowing, and the packages look like ‘real’ cigarette packages?

The detective’s kid wants to be like Uncle/Aunt M, so they wear exclusively dark, long-sleeved shirts, stand in the corner of the room, and stick little candy cigarettes in their mouth. They just follow M around and try to mimic their actions.

Also, if the romance is supposed to be, like, the vamp’s soulmate, and they only have One, then does that mean in the LT, that A and N have tye same soulmate? And if so, does that mean whoever the MC doesn’t choose is doomed forever? Or is it that whoever the detective doesn’t choose just wasn’t their soulmate?


Oh, god, could you imagine that? One of UB not being with their soulmate… :frowning::sob:


Your post was making me really happy, and then so quickly made me really sad. You just gave me emotional whiplash, you monster!

I would hazard a guess that it is the former :sob:


That gives me a thought. What if some rogue supernatural UB was assigned to hunt down had invented cloning? They offer to clone the MC in the LT route if UB lets them go. :eyes::eyes::eyes:


Oh, I love how Mason knows that it’s “going to take the long game to have some fun with” Kira. :joy:


Hmm might need to slap that clone button few dozen extra times for good measure


I’ll be a buzz kill for this comment but I don’t think A or N will be willing to be part of this plan since they are not into polygamous relationship, I think this will apply to with the cloning concept. A cloned MC is still the same one.


Ahhh! I’m getting so frustrated! I saw Sera answer a question about who Cara interacts with (she said it’s randomized), but so far in all my playthroughs of the demo, she has interacted with Nate the most (about four times, now), then Adam (two or three times) and Felix (once). I haven’t seen Mason interact with her yet and I’m DYING of curiosity!!! lol


Then simply make a save in the scene direct before this one, and each time it’s randomized.So I got all of the four scene’s


It will be exciting to know which scene we will get once the full game will be released.