The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Me until the demo drops:

Me after Brazil lost the Cup yesterday

I don't know if somebody said this before but I'm replaying the Book 1 after watching plenty of Vikings I'm sort of associating this character to Mason


I just want to mention a slight correction. That snippet on tumblr is from Chapter 2, not Chapter 3.

She is really good about doing that. She’s constantly going back and adjusting and fleshing out things. Even during crunch time in the beta game, she was still changing things up. I normally don’t come on here to comment on stuff like this, but I thought I would this time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for mentioning that! It was a very long day yesterday, and I think my brain got frazzled by the time I did the update. Hope everyone enjoyed the snippet anyway though :rofl:


an M & F love triangle will be interesting since F is way too flirting ( i can see my mc getting those nosebleeds so famous in anime haha)


@djisma69 Yeah, M & F would be interesting. I voted for just one LI, but, honestly, I would love a LT with M & A, but that one is as impossible as they come! You have one of them refusing to acknowledge feelings and the other completely unaware of them when they finally pop up. That triangle would make the N & A route easy as pie in comparison!


well since A already have one triangle route with N, it would be more fair for the others…:smirk:


Just wanted to drop here this thing I thought about today, while thinking of book 2 demo.

MC to A: you need to relax, perfection doesn’t exist.
F, exists
MC: you know what, nevermind.


MC to A: you need to relax, perfection doesn’t exist.
F: Not true, I exist. :wink:
MC: …As I was saying…
F: rude…


I’d shamelessly play every single triangle that would exist so i’m not sure how to vote. Maybe all? :smiley:

Germany fan here so that put a smile on my face sorry


No biggie, they lost before us and to Korea, and scored zero goals against them :yum: but I’m a German descendant anyway.

Had to answer that, sorry for running from the topic :smiley:


I wonder if Wayhaven celebrates stuff like the World Cup…

Oh my god, imagine Wayhaven having a Pride Parade.


xD There are like four people.


So with UB it’s doubled! If 3 is a party than 8 is a parade!


:thinking: True! :blush:


You can’t look me in the eyes and tell me F would not love going to a Pride Parade. Who are we to deny them that? Imagine A or M decked out in Rainbows. Could it happen? No. Would it be amazing? Yes.


Well, I have no idea what Sera intends to do in the next books but I suppose there is a chance of having a few scenes outside Wayhaven. So who knows, maybe we can get a parade :smiley:


I present:

Verda with rainbows. Verda’s husband and children running around with little flags.


I mean, I may not talk much at all as I initially did but I’m still here reading most of what you guys say.

Still though, Demo for Book 2 soon? I’ve already read Book One 500+ Times.

Guess I’ll be living on the Demo till Full Release lol.


I made the mistake of letting my sister play on my phone… she only got to the part where she pepper sprayed A and I don’t want to delete her progress. It’s been 3 weeks… Help.