The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Oooh. Okay. Thanks for the tip! :smile:

OOOOOH SNAP!!! Nate’s reaction after they take down Murphy in Book One (before he rushes to the MC)…


man…I remember that guy from the Gilmore’s Girls…he look so…different XD …

my mc trying to decide…(not happening!)

here a good one I saw the other night…lol…


MC: I wanted to get you a book you didn’t have Natkins , b-but…you just have so many…I gave up…after 500 ! :sob:
Natkins: Awww come here…:kissing_heart:


Oh my god - I know!! lol My mom loved “Gilmore Girls,” but I saw “Supernatural” first, so when I finally saw (young) Jared Padaleki in GG, I was like, “Oh my god! Baby Sam!!!” hahahaha

And that gif is just :ok_hand: Well done! :clap:


it had its good moments…funny…sad…

I couldn’t connect with the setting or characters…but it was a good Tv show though . Heck , I even got some good soundtrack from it…there were some lovely songs in there . :relaxed:

omg speaking of GG…this song from it…would fit the LT…so muuuch


Oh man, @Diman, if you thought that gif I had for Adam was heartbreaking… What about this one for Nate (I imagine in Book One after Murphy takes the MC)…?

I can’t take it when I see a guy cry. It makes me :sob:


Why do you do these things to me :sob:?

I love it haha.


Speaking of songs, I was on a Disney song marathon yesterday when this came on the playlist; and I kept imagining A as Meg and F as the muses and I couldn’t stop laughing. This fits Ava so much xD


hahahaha ava won’t fall for peer pressure for goddamn sure XD


That’s actually one of my MCs on Adam’s route! :rofl: She’s my most stubborn of ALL my MCs…!


omg…y’know what this remind me of ? lol…of BUFFY! lol Imagine if everyone break in Songs lol cose of a demon…

:rofl: insert here incoherent screaming


It is not wise to notify Buffy of UB because she is a Slayer :wink:


UB? whats that ? ohhhh


no no no lol we arent calling the slayer…to come and kill our Smoochable vampires lol that be baaaaaaaaaaaad for the romantic lol and the Smoochies .


Adam when he rushes to the MC after dealing with Murphy in Book One…

Oh god… :sob:


lol…I think you are past kleenex now…:sweat_smile:


Just thought of the perfect quote for (a straight male) Adam (but I’m going to be myself and edit it a bit): “Spending an extended [amount of] time in female company can be mentally disorienting and physically confusing.” -Ed, from Ed, Edd ‘n’ Eddy
(It’s even funnier when Ed says it! :joy:)


Hopefully this means Cara is safe. Because if not… the betrayal of Verda will haunt us all.


What about the sleeping baby tho… :no_mouth:


Lacey will be fine. She must. Only good dreams for her. But, uh, we’ve only met two of Verda’s kids and he has three. So. Who is the last baby Verda and where are they?


I’m slammed with work today and don’t have time to respond about Rebecca yet, but regarding Verda’s kids…

Guys! This is Sera! She’s not going to let anything happen to Verda’s kids! If–and this is a huge if–she wrote it so one of them got ill, you can guarantee they’d be fine in the end. And :angry: on all of you for making me–the worrywart from the pits of hell–be the positive one! Ugh. I need a shower.

On a different note, those of you who are supporting Sera’s Patreon, did you see today’s update??? I’m ready for 12/29 already.


Maybe they were outside? :thinking: