The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


To be fair to Rebecca, the MC knew about Murphy at that point and still got captured. Also, if you work for an agency that has the specific job of keeping supernaturals secret…Rebecca could have faced a far worse punishment than she did with the DMB if she told her daughter confidential information just because, especially since it didn’t really matter until Murphy, maybe even lost her job. The MC has a lot of good reasons to have a poor relationship with Rebecca–the whole situation sucks. Personally, I tend to be sympathetic to her, since my parents worked long hours and were young, and I think a lot of her flaws stem from that. But back on topic, the MC’s feelings are definitely valid. And yeah, she is a bit hover-y. Maybe a lot hover-y, lol.

Lol, I wish I could RP like that. Instead, it’s this mishmash of “I/you/we.” Sometimes I’m the character, sometimes she’s somebody I’m guiding, sometimes it’s a “we” thing.

That’s a good point. Honestly, I think that A’s sniping about the MC acting without all the facts…when they didn’t have all the facts…was more ‘come on, now’ than the actual secret keeping.


But they were probably hugely busy during those two months so it makes sense to let the MC recover from the event and let Wayhaven return to a sense of normalcy while Rebecca and Unit Bravo dealt with setting the base up, dealing with Murphy either by trying to hunt him down again or trying to get information from and sending him else where, and Rebecca dealing with whatever punishment she was given for going against the Agency’s rules… I mean, when you really look at all the stuff they probably had to do, especially if Murphy escaped, I’m surprised it didn’t take longer for them to get things set up.

Plus Unit Bravo have been just the 4 of them for… who knows how many years (10 we think??). Its not gonna be easy to integrate a new member, human or otherwise, into such a tight-knit group, especially with A and M being how they are. Again, Rebecca knows them better than we do, they are HER team, if she thinks easing them into this new arrangement is best I think we can trust her judgement.


The same here, but my reason is, that I am a mum myself, so I can in a way relate to what Rebecca does.
After reading the demo, I think I understand her even better.

I imagine that MC´s dad is not really dead, as they told her as a child, but that he is lost in some way. So I think Rebecca has been so long off to work, to find a way to save him, not only for herself, but to give her beloved child the family back. I think she sees herself in fault for not saving him, and is therefore tottally afraid to loose her only other familymember to the supernatural world to.


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This is true, but my point was that, had the MC known the truth, she might have taken one of the team with her to the hospital instead of going alone. At the very least, had she known what was going on, she might’ve suspected something weird with Murphy and called them from the hospital. Had they caught Murphy then, the MC never would’ve been taken. A lot of ‘ifs’ going on there, but it would’ve decreased the possibility, at least. The MC was in the dark for too long. Way too long.

On a personal level, I sympathize with her having to be gone for work a lot and not being around for the MC growing up. My dad traveled a lot when I was a kid. And, when I say a lot, I mean he was gone three out of four weeks of the month. Sometimes, more. There were times he’d come home, stay long enough to get his clothes washed and pack another bag, and then he’d be leaving again. It sucked. My mom worked on and off, so I was alone a lot (my brother was older and out of the house). But it didn’t bother me. Others, in the same situation, were bothered. It depends on personalities, I think, and also how the relationships go with the parents when they are around.

Anyway, despite sympathizing with her for that, I think Rebecca has made a lot of other mistakes, particularly in the way she treats the MC. You put it well here:

She’s way too hover-y. Dezh is 26, soon to be 27–she doesn’t need her mommy taking care of her or hiring bodyguards for her, especially when she never had that growing up. Rebecca’s shows of affection don’t mesh with her, I think. Dezh likes physical contact (it’s why Mason draws her in), and words mean nothing to her without action to back it up. Rebecca isn’t a physical type person and when she tries it, it rubs Dezh the wrong way. So it’s just an ugly situation (Nyx doesn’t really like touching people much at all, so Rebecca’s methods are fine with her, lol).

I can’t do that. It’s funny–I write a lot and have been for years (finally actually finished a book with a friend and we’re doing edits). When inspiration hits with characters, I walk around the house playing it out, dialog and all. My family is mostly used to it now. They come in and I may snap their heads off for no reason and they’re like, “Working out a scene with Gwynne?” Me: “Yes!” I end up with a bunch of random tertiary characters because my mains won’t do what I need them to do. They can be such assholes.


Well, I disagree here. I get the timing (I think that was more of a author thing than a story-dictated thing, since Sera didn’t want our first contact with UB post-Murphy to be offscreen), but it still sucks. And “easing” the MC into the team isn’t going to work if Rebecca encourages the team to leave the MC out of everything as often as possible. The MC is either part of the team or they aren’t. When you get a new job in a place, it doesn’t matter if the team there has worked together for two months or twenty years–you’re part of the team now, too, and everyone has to figure out how to make it work. If it was an ‘easing in’ thing, no one would ever hire new people.

And the real problem is that Rebecca doesn’t like the MC being part of the team, and makes that abundantly clear to the MC. Given that the team is a bunch of vampires, with the ability to sense reluctance and doubt, as well as other feelings, it only stands to reason that they sense that from her when she’s talking about the MC’s involvement. She makes it seem, when the MC first meets her at the warehouse, that the team is doing their thing without the MC and don’t need her at all, except to meet every now and then. In fact, she makes that creepy comment about the team “watching” her all the time. Um? What??? She’s clearly pushing that attitude on the team, as well, which is unfair to the MC.

A is bad enough as it is (I’m leaving M out right now, because you can actually start gaining M’s respect already, at least to some extent), so for Rebecca–who the entire team respects and admires–to exude the attitude that the MC is incompetent and worthless against anything supernatural (or otherwise, really), is uncalled for, unprofessional, and extremely demeaning to the MC, especially in circumstances where the MC helped take Murphy down.

Personally, I think Rebecca has some stuff she needs to work through herself–guilt over not being there much for her kid growing up, the fact that her kid has a dangerous job whether or not the supernatural is involved, and the fact that she needs to back off and let her kid work with UB and find their place there.

She can’t make up for what happened when the MC was growing up, but she can show some professionalism and respect to an adult who is doing whatever they can to prove themselves. Undermining the MC with the team is shitty, whether or not it’s intentional or comes from good intentions. Rebecca needs to think about how she’d feel in that situation. Putting the MC in bubble wrap isn’t helpful (unless it’s Charlotte, I suppose!), but helping to guide the MC–with training, information, encouragement to really be a part of the team, and support in the form of confidence in the MC’s abilities (both when they’re alone and when speaking to UB)–is helpful. I just don’t think that’s who Rebecca is, unfortunately, at least not where the MC is concerned. And she needs to work on it if she wants to have a good relationship with some MCs.


To be fair to Rebecca there was a clearly powerful supernatural in town who was looking for us specifically. If Unit Bravo wasn’t around I think its fair to say that all of our MC’s would not have made it through book one as anything more than a living energy drink dispenser for Murphy.

Its probably fair to say we had some sort of protection growing up. At least somebody keeping an eye out. After all there is a Agency facility rather close by and our parent was at least somewhat important to the Agency. I doubt our mom would know about the supernatural world, and know there were supernaturals opposed to the Agency, and not have at least basic measures in place to protect them.

Correct me if I’m wrong here but I thought we were a liaison for the Agency not a official member of Unit Bravo. Our job isn’t really to hunt down supernaturals or do protection detail like they would be assigned to. We have a very different job than the rest of Unit Bravo, and while we might work together, we aren’t required (or perhaps even authorized) to be informed of everything they do.

We are only human. Unit Bravo takes part in extremely dangerous missions that would most likely see a normal human dead in minutes. Heck, Murphy killed an entire team of demons on his own. These supernaturals are something we are not ready to tangle with. UB was almost defeated by Murphy. All four of them. Yes we helped take him down but we all almost died. I don’t think Rebecca is implying were useless. I think she knows that we’ve known about the supernatural for less then a few months and sending us off to fight powerful supernaturals with UB will put both us and UB in danger. Its like if somebody flew a model plane so NASA gave them a position on a lunar mission. Our lack of knowledge and qualifications could lead to the death or harm of both us and everyone around us.

I also think we need to remember she just saw her kid nearly dead at the hands of a supernatural villain. Her team wounded and all but defeated. I think that shook her. If I saw my sister like that, I’d want to stick her under 24/7 Agency protection. Instead she allowed us to take a position at the Agency and (correct me if I’m mistaken) assigned Unit Bravo to the town so we could continue to work with them and see them. I think that shows that she does trust us. A lot more than many people might. She just doesn’t want to see her kid hurt by letting them rush head long into danger.


And from what it sounds like Rebecca has every intention to let the MC train and be part of the team. When we see Rebecca at the Infirmary she is very professional with the MC and doesn’t question their competence at all in handling Bobby. When we see Rebecca at the start of the Book 2 Demo its the first time they seen each other since the MC, her child, almost died. I’m sorry but I don’t think its really fair to expect her not to show them any concern at all. During Book 1 she was trying to protect her child from a killer while also keeping a huge secret from them. Rebecca and the MC are only just now on the same page.

At least she told the MC that UB would be watching them. She could have just not told them and, considering UB are vampires, on of which is trained at infiltration, they would be none the wiser. Rebecca has been very upfront with the MC during Book 2, including of the dangers that they will face.


All in all, guys and gals, it just depends on how each individual MC looks at everything.

For example, one of my previously mentioned MCs, Kira Lin, has a very bad relationship with her mother, even though she likes most other people. But because her mom was gone a lot while she was growing up, she already wasn’t that attached to her. After finding out her mother had been lying to her her whole life - even if Kira doesn’t want to acknowledge the fact that it was because Rebecca was trying to keep her safe - she now feels like she can no longer even trust her mother. BUT, deep down, she knows she loves her mother and she’d do anything to keep her mother safe, too. (It’s also kind of funny cuz Kira absolutely hates the Mayor, who seems to have a “thing” for Rebecca. lol)

However, Keela (also previously mentioned) was very close to her mother growing up because, since her mother was gone a lot, she wanted to spend every second she had with her while she was able to. But, despite how close they were, when she found out that her mother had been lying to her her entire life, she felt betrayed; she felt like her mother thought that she wouldn’t have understood or that she couldn’t have handled it (or something along those lines). And Keela became very close with all of UB before finding all of this out - yes, even with A and M - so she felt betrayed by them, too, and wondered if everything they had told her was a lie. That’s why, after expressing to her mother how hurt and angry she was (“How could you keep this from me? You’re my mother!”), she also let UB know how hurt and angry she was by telling N that she blamed everyone - not just her mother.

It’s all a matter of how the MCs view things. While Kira and Keela felt similarly when they found out about everything, because Kira and Rebecca already had strains in their relationship, it worsened. However, Keela ended up forgiving her mother, even if she feels she can’t completely trust her anymore (and that goes for UB, too - cuz Keela’s “fair” like that).

OH! And… I just had to share something with all of you…

Nate in the LT routes after talking with the MC...

And Adam in the LT routes after Nate starts to head back inside...

Did anyone else just go weak in the knees? :wink: lol
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Dear God. That second gif was heartbreaking. Wow.


all I know…is…I’m TOTALLY gonna go burn in hell for doing the LT route…

And it gonna be Gloriiiiiiiiiious…

the guilt…oh its mighty and heavy…such a burden…



I know… :sob: :broken_heart:

I KNOW!!! But that’s why I have to do A’s route first for the LTs, cuz Sera said that in the LT routes, we’ll date N, but later have to decide if we want to be with them or A, and I just hate the idea of dating N first and dumping him for A, sooo… Yeah, A’s LT route first; N’s LT route second. And then F’s, M’s and N and A’s single routes. lol


lol I did Ava and Natkins first…well…their separate route…then braced myself for the impact of the LT…

and I probably gonna chicken out when it is time to make a decision lol…click restart

imagine if the game lock that button when you have to choose :rofl: oh it be so priceless…


I’m probably going to sit there for twenty minutes each time and just cry and feel like a major @$$hole. :sob: lol They may be fictional characters, but I hate the idea of hurting either one of them.


I plan to do the LT route when all the books are out. I don’t think I could manage to wait every single time.


yeah…I’m used of LT that…well…cough…y’know…you don’t have to choose…lol…

but here…I gotta choose and omg…I just can’t…I can’t bring myself to choose between the 2 .

I love them both equally…

So yeah…gonna bail and run for cover when its time to make a choice lol

@resuri08 , I’m a glutton for angst lol…I have a history of doomed heartbreak anyway…(not that I do it in purpose…but I always fall for that romance thats either locked for me…gonna die…turn me down…ya name it lol) .

I survived samara , aribeth…shandra…I can survive this…got ton of duct tape! :heart_eyes: for the broken heart and soul!


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