The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


I’m not 100% sure if it got worse, but they’re definitely NOT close at all. Their relationship is like, the lowest it can be. Kira isn’t openly disrespectful to her mother, but they’re more like tense acquaintances/coworkers vs. mother/daughter. But man, when Kira first found out why her mother was never around when she was a kid - she was nooooot happy. She was mostly mad at Rebecca, though.
However, my kindest MC, Keela (N route) chose the “How could you keep this from me? You’re my mother” option and when N kind-sorta tried to make her feel bad about “blaming Rebecca,” she was so hurt by everyone lying to her that she told him that she blamed all of them. It legit got me all choked up. lol


I think I’m in the minority. All my four MCs have good relationship with Rebecca. I can’t seem to have it otherwise because IRL, I have a good relationship with my own mother. :thinking:


Rin is my only MC who has a bad relationship with Rebecca which huuuuuuuurts and I plan on making her and Rebecca slowly mend their relationship over the course of the games.

pls don’t hurt my mommy, Sera


Irl, my mom and I were pretty close, despite some major dysfunction. Maybe having MCs who have bad relationships with Rebecca is my way of seeing how my own relationship with my mother could have gone…? But I’m glad that irl, my mom and I were close, despite certain things. :slightly_smiling_face:

^ YES!!!


I was planning to switch it up a bit just to have variety.

Alexa is the oldest and the most understanding of my four MCs, hence why I pair her up with Adam so she will have not much of her problem with Rebecca.

Teresa is the most emotional and impulsive so I could see her have a bit friction with Rebecca but she still value her mom.

Lisbeth’s same with Alexa. Surina… I am not so sure.

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I just noticed how understanding everyone’s mc’s is towards Rebecca. Pretty much none of my mc’s have a great relationship with Rebecca except for one and that’s mainly because she’s someone who puts family first.



pls god, sera, not the babey, she is Too Good


I was planning to switch it up a bit just to have variety.

Alexa is the oldest and the most understanding of my four MCs, hence why I pair her up with Adam so she will have not much of her problem with Rebecca.

Teresa is the most emotional and impulsive so I could see her have a bit friction with Rebecca but she still value her mom.

Lisbeth’s same with Alexa. Surina… I am not so sure.

Please… T-T


Same, really. Only one MC that feels neutral, the rest are on good or great terms.


I try to vary it for everyone too. My MC for Adam was super pissed when she discovered everything and I picked every option of the variant of blaming UB and Rebecca for letting an innocent life be taken. It felt bad but good. (Telling Nate ‘I blame you for everything too’ was pretty brutal though. I really want to see what happened in that room after the MC stormed off.)


My MC’s are a mixed bag, ranging from a great relationship with Rebecca to one that is so bad the MC can barely tolerate being in the same room with the woman. I have a great relationship with my mother IRL, so much so that she’s one of my best friends, so I don’t see real life having an effect on it. It is just a matter of character clash, really, and three issues: whether or not they feel abandoned (when they were children), how forgiving they are about being lied to (which includes whether or not they blame Rebecca for Murphy kidnapping them, since some feel it wouldn’t have happened if Rebecca had been honest), and, finally, whether or not they feel Rebecca is respectful to them.

Yeah, I get that. At the end of book 1, Dezh ended up with 9%, I think, and 6% of that came from her refusing to leave the team–that had nothing to do with Rebecca, though, and everything to do with her wanting to help UB.

Putting the rest in a drop down, since I’ve been through this with others in the past. If you’re a huge Rebecca fan, I suggest you ignore it and move on.

My MCs and Rebecca

Jax, honestly, doesn’t care–she feels that Rebecca is her mother and that buys her a get-out-of-trouble-free card. Plus, she never really cared if Rebecca was there or not because she had so many friends, she barely noticed. So no abandonment issues, she doesn’t expect Rebecca to be honest with her or share everything with her, and she figures her mother respects her well enough.

Wolfe is so damaged that she will forgive people she cares about for almost anything except direct physical abuse, so it really doesn’t matter what Rebecca does. That doesn’t mean she’s very close to her, but she’s close enough… better than neutral.

Nyx is pretty neutral. She was close to her before the whole reveal (and never felt abandoned), but she has trouble trusting her now, because of the lies and hiding things, as well as due to feeling that Rebecca disrespects her and treats her like a child in front of UB. So their relationship is strained. I’m not sure if it’ll get better or not–it’s a matter of Rebecca earning Nyx’s trust again, and proving that she can behave professionally instead of like a ‘worried mom.’ That said, she stills loves Rebecca, even with the distance between them now.

Dezh just… no. She’s the only one of the four who feels absolutely nothing but hatred for her mother (though she doesn’t get that her hatred of Rebecca stems from pain and a true desire to feel like she has a mother). She has abandonment issues from being a kid and Rebecca not being there, she hates being lied to, hates people who hide things from her, and is pissed off that Rebecca treats her as incompetent. She also feels it’s Rebecca’s fault that Murphy got her. That Nate wanted to tell the truth from the beginning earned him a great deal in Dezh’s eyes–he’s not her BFF outside of Mason, but if he needed anything, she would do it for him without a word.

But Rebecca? I don’t see it getting better between them–Rebecca is too disrespectful in Dezh’s POV and she isn’t trustworthy. She figures all the sudden declarations of love and how she’d break rules for Dezh are nothing but Rebecca trying to make up for things she simply can’t make up for. Dezh doesn’t believe any of it.

Unless Rebecca drops the whole “UB is there to protect you!” crap, Dezh will just hate her more, because she’s not treating Dezh like a part of the team and, instead, an object to be guarded. All Rebecca would have to do is say something akin to, “Yes, you’re in danger because of your blood, but you are a part of this team. You watch there backs as much as they watch yours. And I’m sorry for making it seem otherwise.” And say it in front of the team–acknowledge the fact that her daughter is more than competent in her own right and that she is a valued member of the team, not a child requiring a babysitter. That doesn’t seem to be Rebecca’s way, though, so I don’t see things ever getting better between them. As it stands now, Dezh would be happier if someone else took over as handler for UB and she never saw Rebecca again in her life.


Sorry if I didn’t elaborate enough. XD I meant was that I have a great relationship with my mom in real life that I felt it is unjust for my characters to throw blame around them especially to Rebecca, knowing as a reader that Rebecca meant well. I tend to think logical when I play this type of games that it hinders my RPing abilities.

I am currently trying to vary my choices in order to see every possible scenes in TWC. I hope in the end I could make all playthroughs different in their own way. But sometimes, I just don’t want too much family drama in my MCs. :joy:


I understand that, but it makes me think of that old saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Rebecca can’t control certain things–like being away for her job (as a single mom, she had to support herself and her child) and the orders she receives to keep things to herself. The latter is more of a choice than a necessity, though.

Since she was willing to use DMB, she’s willing to ignore the rules when necessary. Using DMB would not have been necessary had she been honest with the MC about the danger they were in, so logic dictates that she made a poor choice, one she doesn’t seem to learn from.

And the way she beats a dead horse with the ‘you must be under protection!!’ is just overkill (I’m speaking from a purely reader perspective, not a character perspective, at this point) and, although she is the MC’s mom, she should also understand–both as a woman and a professional–that appearances matter. Therefore, treating the MC like a helpless child who has to have babysitters–instead of treating the MC as a part of UB that is useful and can take care of herself but needs people she can trust to watch her back given the possible threats around her–is unforgivable, as far as I’m concerned. In the initial freak-out over the MC being kidnapped, fine, but afterward? It’s time to give the MC some credit and lead the team by example, showing and telling the entire team that the MC is capable and that they aren’t a charge or a ward.

I RP like I write–the character takes over. It’s really cool in one way, but emotional scenes can wring the hell out of you. It’s bad when I want a character to have a certain reaction, but the character has their own ideas. But I don’t know how else to play or write, so it’s what I work with.

Understood. I prefer not to have family drama in my MCs either, but it is what it is. And the characters are what they are, so I prefer to let it play out organically, even if it leaves me shaking my head at them. That said, I can understand Dezh’s feelings about Rebecca, even if I think she’s much too harsh about it. The two of them are like oil and water. They just don’t mix.


That’s why I hope in the future I could do what you can do to let the characters take over.


well…I personally go with which mc I’m playing and who they are romancing…

for exemple…I have 2 mc for Natkins…one mc is in harmony with her mom…and is very touchy-feely…and another is a brat that can’t stand her mom and is broody around her .

I think Rebecca is awesome…and she is the one my mc hide behind when M is around :smirk: so very Important role in the story :sweat_smile:


I don’t think that necessarily fair. There’s no way for Rebecca to have known going into it that if she had told the MC anything that would’ve kept them safe. It might be logical in hind-sight but she didn’t have that benefit at the start of Book 1 when all she knew was “some vampire is killing people with this blood type for some reason.” You can equally blame Unit Bravo for not telling the MC anything because they easily could’ve made up a lie like “he had a habit of targeting law officials so you need to be careful.”

Rebecca has been a part of the Supernatural way longer than the MC has. She knows things that not even we, the player, know. If shes worried then its probably not without reason. The MC did almost die, after all. Considering in Book 2 she only shows concern for the MC when they’re alone but makes it very clear in front of UB that the MC is part of the team I don’t think shes projecting that the MC is a burden to them.


I’m kind of hoping the relationship with Rebecca affects the relationships with the UB. For example, my detective with N doesn’t get along with Rebecca at all and with N and Rebecca being close, along with the fact N likes to play peacekeeper it would be interesting to explore how the tension with Mom affects the relationship.


Eh Parts of me kinda hopes not I don’t think a relationship should be based on how well you get along with your parents and one of my mc is extremely friendly but doesn’t exactly get along with Rebecca so that would be weird. But the drama in that kind of situation would be interesting.


I think they just mean…they wish for more interaction based on choices we made with Rebecca .

for exemple in book 1 at the hospital…you can tell N that you blame them too (or don’t tell me how to deal with my family) .

and in book 2 demo , there are tiny little things…reactions about your greeting to each member of the team…where rebecca either notice or don’t .


You’re right. I’m looking at it from the reader perspective, with full knowledge of what happened. That said, N repeatedly pointed out (to A and the rest of the team, at least), that ignorance isn’t safety. It is something that should’ve occurred to Rebecca, too, especially if she was aware that her kid wasn’t the type to give up, no matter how many obstacles she and her team put in front of said kid.

Agreed. And, as a reader, I did blame A and M for insisting on keeping the MC in the dark. I credited N (and, later, F) for trying to get A to see sense.

From a character standpoint, Dezh is the only one to blame her mother for the kidnapping (though Nyx doesn’t trust her anymore due to the lies, and actually blamed UB, too). The only reason Dezh gave UB a pass was because she twisted it around in her head that they were ‘only doing as they were ordered’ (by Rebecca, of course). And, of course, she didn’t give Rebecca the same pass when the same was true of her (she was doing what her superiors told her to do, keeping the MC in the dark, I assume). But that’s more a matter of her already having a bad relationship with her mom and blaming her for a myriad of other things, not all of which were Rebecca’s fault. I think their biggest problem, at this point, is lack of respect from Rebecca to Dezh (as she sees it) and the constant overcompensating with mothering (which Dezh didn’t feel she had when she was a kid and wanted it).

I didn’t really take it that way (the part about her making it clear that the MC is part of the team). Maybe I need to go back and play again to read that section better. But the fact that UB is patrolling around and not including the MC in anything (for the last two months, at least) kinda left me with that impression, too. But I don’t mind playing again to check! I’ll just play with someone other than Dezh–since she will just be in antagonistic, no matter what, lol.