The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Wonder if M’s any good at smooching. I’m sure they are, but it’s a thought. :thinking: I know M’s good at…other things.
It’d be funny to me in M’s kissing game wasn’t great.


And don’t forget Tina or Verda because I bet they will be there and you must tell them you are on a date to stay incognito, and Tina will go about this forever, so we must try and be convining later too, not only on the carnival then!
My only question is, which on of us will say it first, my detectiv or my partner, with A this is going to be interesting :blush:


I’m not kissing M…eww no thnx! lol …

But I wonder if I could get A to do it…

I think F would be game…and N would…(for charity or whatever)…


Okay but I really wish we could take F with us to the carnival as our wingman.

MC at the aforementioned kissing booth, F is poking A in the ribs with their elbow.
F: “Gonna stand in line for our detective?”
A, gritting their teeth: “No. And I did not bring money.”
F: “Good thing I came prepared!” (F proceeds to pull giant wads of bills out of every available pocket, out of their shirt, out of their beanie, out from behind a bush)

Same scenario, but with M:

M: wordlessly grabs every single bill out of F’s hands, stalks to the front of the line and slams down the entire pile of money “You’re booked up for today, sweetheart.”

(Meanwhile F looks on sadly because there goes their money for the rides.)


Ah man listen any reason to get some action with M I’ll take it, trust me. But that kissing booth scene would mean we have to go through that with the LT. I um I just don’t know about that one chief. I still got a lotta life left to live and death by love triangle is one weird cause of death.


12 hours later…

MC, dizzy and coming up for air: I think the carnival is closed, M.
M, points at the money and goes in for more: Who cares? I have more money.


Pssst, Guys:



well…unless…I find a way to trick A…:smirk:

although…if A doesn’t wanna do the booth…I’m dragging her cute butt to the photo-booth…regardless…


Now you’re giving me ideas. Okay, so we all know N would be more than happy to take MC up on the kissing booth offer. They’d make sure MC is alright with it first and their kiss would be soft and tender with just a hint of heat behind it.

Now A, in the LT, would repress the crap out of their feelings as usual. I’d assume they wouldn’t come anywhere near the booth and simply brood from afar. But if, for some reason, they absolutely had to take part…
You know they’d force themselves to lay the most chaste and quickest kiss imaginable on the MC. Planning on just a quick, apathetic peck - but we all know A would end up lingering despite themselves, just a moment too long to pretend it didn’t cause fireworks.

So much delicious angst.


The A smooches will be worth the wait. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

although…if A doesn’t wanna do the booth…I’m dragging her cute butt to the photo-booth…regardless…

Hehe, just fifteen pictures of A glaring into the camera.


as long as we snuggler her…she can glare all she want…:hugs:


As long as Tina, Verda and his family, and Douglas are safe, sure.


Good point, oh first voice of reason in this discussion :rofl:


Verda and his family already went there more than once I’m afraid. imgine poor Cara getting sick
Tina expressed her love for the carnival so she’s sure to go there.
Douglas is safe…for now…


Here’s hoping he doesn’t find out MC/UB are going and IMMEDIATELY begin frequenting it every night in hopes of fan!stalking them :sweat_smile:


Oh my god. Douglas with a crush finding out when the Detective and their love interest are going and “accidentally” bumping into them at the carnival. Then trying to flirt. Right in front of the member of UB. I feel like F would be genuinely delighted/amused by such a scenerio.


One saving grace is so far seemingly not everyone who goes is getting sick.


Yeah Verda and his family seemed to be okay. We also don’t know when the effects of the illness surface. I mean fingers crossed nothing happens to Cara because if she gets sick hoo boy :rage:


And if the sickness were to make her ill and lethargic… that would be one truly evil foreshadow, huh?


But u right. Surely not EVERYONE who goes will get infected-- there has to be a method and a plan behind this.


Could apply to M too lol