The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


spits out soda But-But i thought N drank less on purpose. The whole “i don’t want to take more than i can survive with because every extra drop can be used to save lives” and all that masochistic, but morally good stuff…
And now you tell me the Agency has been making them eat less?! (*set the Agency relationship -50%)


This took me a hot second to find (cause tumblr’s search system is ~awful~), but from the phrasing in this ask Sera answered it sounds like N drinking less than the others is indeed something enforced by the Agency, rather than their own choice

The rest of Unit Bravo, and other vampires in general, are provided with a regular amount of blood for dietary requirements by The Agency.

Nate/Nat is given less than they are.

As to why…well, that’s something you’ll have to find out during the course of the series :wink:


I was thinking about it and don’t you guys think the rest of the team wouldn’t be okay with the Agency forcing N to eat less?

A and N are like siblings so i think A would be on N’s side.
M is more loyal to UB members than the Agency so on N’s side as well.
F seems like they don’t care as much about rules as about a friend so i think they’d be on N’s side as well.

I think the rest of UB would have stood up for N and get the agency to give them enough food or it would have put the whole UB at odds with the Agency which wouldn’t have been all that good for their productivity.

So i don’t think the Agency can force N to drink less without N wishing to do so as well. Maybe they feel guilty or something? I am not too sure. What do you think?


Could be a very valid reason For N’s lack of blood. There’s no way to know (yet) how N feels about it, or how badly it may or may not affect them, nor if it’s something they want or something that’s enforced upon them. If there was a good reason, I think A would back the agency, so long as it wasn’t ‘hurting’ N. :thinking:


I highly doubt is a punishment. If N has less is because there is a good reason behind it. Either because N so wants to, or because is better for him for unknown reasons.

It just doesn’t sit well with me that the Agency would punish them on this considering the image Sera is giving us about the Agency.


That is a good point.

If N’s nutritional needs are met, I don’t see how UB could say much. My biggest reason for thinking it’s involuntary is that it seems to be a sore spot for N. A loves N, but they trust the Agency. Unless N is complaining, I don’t see them challenging it, whether they like the situation or not. I think M is likely to let N take the lead as well in addressing the issue. F would be a little more proactive, which is why they poke at it, I think.


Less blood option simply comes in fancier blood bags decorated with intricate, artful patterns that captivate and leave N mesmerized.

“Oh, woe is me, the eternal prisoner of all things beautiful!” proclaims N, while grasping a cute little blood bag. Again.


Yes, this is it exactly!

N only drinks designer blood taken from the Finest™ Swiss athletes.


N drinks less because they care about their figure, darn it.

I don’t think we need to be too worried. N does say that they need to drink enough blood in order to enjoy human food, and since N and F are the only ones who endulge in human food I would think that means they get enough.


We might be getting the demo soon so excited!!


strangled noises of excitement



That sums up the excitement in the most eloquent way possible. :joy:


Although I know its probably going to be that N just take less by choice, but it would pretty cool if the story went in another direction like N take less blood because they went rogue one time and this is their punishment or something similar to that.

That’s exciting, but i hope she takes all the time she need to with the editing and the other stuff. (After all a writer or anyone working on something doesn’t need to be pressured.)


screams into eternity

I’m squealing at my house with this news. Baby vampires, we are coming back, we are getting closer :sob:

Grabs the vampires, presses their heads to the screen, whispers creepily
See, you can’t run away from us


Considering the number of times a good deal of us seemed to have played Wayhaven: Book 1 since its release and how active this forum is, has anyone even left? :laughing:


pokes head through a wall

A demo coming soon? Oh boy, count me in!


See the book 2 WIP have hundreds of comments under a week. It’s going to be difficult to keep it tidy over there lol.

Everyone, now that the first demo is close, j would like to remind all of you that when Sera creates the WIP, it would be incredibly appreciated if all of us tag her only to give useful feedback. There is going to be many comments and lots of excitement there, but remember the WIP is also so Sera can have our help on the creation of the book, and those type of things will help a lot if she doesn’t have to dig through lots of comments to find feedback.

Thank you all <3


So we need to get all our excitement out now so we can be calm and rational when the demo drops…




I don’t wanna be rude, but this isn’t a WIP thread, it’s just a discussion thread.

Yes, absolutely.

We’re a very talkative group, and while that’s fine for hanging out and discussing characters and scenarios and other fun things, it’s hard to trudge through all the comments to find the people who are giving feedback about bugs or continuity errors when there’s hundreds of replies a week.

It would be very nice and very helpful to Sera if we could keep the meta discussion about the series here, that way the WIP thread remains centered on actual gameplay feedback that Sera can use and look through more easily, and to especially only tag Sera when necessary for reporting bugs or errors.

I know she appreciates all our love and support, but it’d be nice if we could focus it in an orderly manner that won’t overwhelm her or useful comments. :blush:


I talked about this Ask in the NSFW post, but I realise, this thread would open my question up to more people.
Question: If you could choose a love triangle with any 2 UB members, who would it be with?

  • Adam & Nate
  • Adam & Mason
  • Adam & Felix
  • Nate & Mason
  • Nate & Felix
  • Mason & Felix
  • None, I prefer just one single LI
  • Can I have a love square or pentagon instead

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