The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


Oh my god I love it.
The school’s going to need protection if the MC doesn’t get a good grade on that one…


Rebecca: So? Did you get your paper back?
MC: Yeah… but they docked points for the whole “Elvis and Dracula are the same person” thing.
Rebecca: …
Rebecca: stands up
MC: Mom, don’t-
Rebecca: putting on her coat and grabbing all her notes
MC: Mom, please.
MC: Mom, vampires aren’t-
Rebecca: slams door
MC: Real…


MC: remembers this conversation
MC: …I can’t believe…that Elvis was Dracula…this whole time



Dracula is the King of the Vampires. Elvis is also referred to as “The King.” People don’t think Elvis really died, just like a vampire would totally fake their own death if they got famous. Also Elvis wore sunglasses a lot, like a vampire would.


…A turned by Dracula/Elvis confirmed?


i guess now we know why M only wears long sleeved shirts


With all the crazy theories we came up with i feel that’s rather anticlimactic…


yeah that’s probably only part of the reason why but I just think it’s funny if it turns out that that’s the ONLY reason why M wears long sleeves, with all the theories we made :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Right! I was so banking on some wild scarring, but oh well. at least that’s another possible theory item crossed off the list


you’re the one who came up with the theory that M is an experiment, right??


So… If N leaves then not only is F going to be sad but A will fall apart, the Agency will be freaking out, and M will be the only one who could hold things together? N really is the group mom…


I’m the one who wrote it up and posted it, but all the actual theorising was done mostly thanks to and together with @SomethingSome, so I can’t claim all the credit!

Edit: And @Mewsly, this made me wonder why exactly the agency would be antsy about N leaving. Losing one of their best agents is an option, but the first place my mind went to is that they might consider N too big a danger to let loose into the world?

i just… want all of their backstories sera please


I can’t imagine that N is “dangerous” to most people. They hardly seem to have a mean bone in their body, and while the blood thing may be an issue, it might be a red herring. Remember that we all thought N drank more blood than usual, but Sera comfirmed that they were given less. We do know from an ask about Rebecca and UB’s relationship that N and Rebecca disagree on the way the Agency handles some things. Caging is likely a point of contention. From arguments between N and A, we know that N is “too soft on the humans” and was willing to break a direct order–revealing the truth, or at least part of it, to the Detective. N misses humanity. N has a strict moral compass. The Agency seems to have good intentions, but it’s likely they cut corners now and again for the “greater good,” such as the whole process of caging.

This is a lot of babbling, but I think that N isn’t so much dangerous to the common people as they can be a loose cannon. How can the Agency be sure that they won’t reveal secrets if they think it might save lives? The easiest way is to keep them close at hand. The blood is a way to control them.

Do I sound like a conspiracy theorist? Because I’m pretty sure I do.


~Puts on tin foil hat with @Hannah_Minger~

Go on…

I like to think that Nate has been around for so long that he’s (or she in Nat’s case) just a wealth of information and experience. But your theory makes sense. Detectives assemble! :female_detective: :male_detective:

We need to crack this wide open…


But Sera also said that N “has more to them than is just what is on the surface” So maybe he’s not all that innocent. Maybe he could be dangerous


True. Someone alive as long as them must have skeletons in their closet–no one never makes a poor choice. I just can’t imagine giving them less blood too be anything, but a method of control. What could they have done that’s so bad they need punishment?


Does sassy count as mean? Because N is hecka sassy, lol.

I think the Agency is less worried about what N will do if they leave and more what the hell are is the Agency gonna do if they leave??

I mean, without N, A crumbles, F runs wild, and M…is M.
Without N, Unit Bravo loses its effectiveness as a team. I think that’s why the Agency would be antsy, because N leaving all but guarantees that Unit Bravo is disbanded, or at least demoted…maybe even down to Unit Whiskey, lol.

Without N as the people person, A will either intimidate the humans, or F will get distracted by the humans, or M will sleep with the humans, and then they’d never get anything done!


I appreciate the lightening of the mood.

Still. There is a secret to be uncovered. And we will find it, with all our collective brains.


idk man, we all thought that about M and their long sleeves and it turns out they just dont wanna brush up against strangers, lol


You know, I read the ask where Sera explained that, if the MC left for good, M goes with them because his loyalty is more to them (by that point, way way way way way down the road) than to the Agency (despite being loyal to the Agency), and I squealed and did a happy dance. Then I read this…

And all my dancing and squealing turns to meh. Not that I expect M to have any emotion whatsoever by the time book 1 ended (it’s M, after all), but I was hoping for some kind of attachment, even if M didn’t realize it! Oh well. At least M didn’t want the MC to be dead, even if it was only because they were afraid they’d never get to see the MC soaking wet again, and they really were more upset over a soggy cigarette than the prospect of the MC dying. :stuck_out_tongue:


Though now, I kinda feel sorry for the MCs who do the deed with M, since they’ll feel something for M way before M feels anything for the MC (other than “wanna bang??”). I can picture it now… the MC is all putty-like after a few hours with M and M, being done, gets up and walks out without a word.

Better hope it’s not in M’s room at the facility or it’ll be like Quagmire on Family Guy, “Why are you still here?” or worse, “I’m done. Get out.” LOL.