The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


It’s a sailor’s superstition… Isn’t N afraid of boats? Hm. Hmmmmmm.





Damn N having long hair before, ahhh. And i never thought it wasn’t possible to love nat more-

wait i was wrong, i love her even more now

Why is this so adorable?!
piano playing
[N sitting down on a comfy leather couch]
N: Ah, another well done piece by Robinson Crusoe-
F kicks down the door: NNNN, IM BOOORED, and there’s nothing to do, and M threw that lava lamp I found earlier out the window.
[M shouting from the other room]: Well maybe don’t shove it in my face after I told u the first time to stop


Jeez ur right! And ik this seems easily taken out of context but…didnt it say somewhere that if unit bravo could dress up for Halloween N would be a pirate becuase they find something about those swashbucklers romantic and enchanting?! Alright that probably has nothing to do with the theory yall are coming up with but i just wanted to mention it :joy:.


I’d go with naval officer for N.


This ask right?
Perhaps their fear of boats derived from them being captured or forced to work as a sailor, ever on the sea?


Or what if that is how they died? I mean, assuming a human has to die first in order to become a vampire. What if they were caught in the middle of a storm when they weren’t even adults (saying this because their height before being a vampire was short enough to be a teenager) and almost drown? What if while they were in the water, some vampire found them and tried to save them with their abilities, but they didn’t survive, thus turning into vampires?

I mean, I know this is very far fetched, but one can wish :joy:


No, I don’t want N to have suffered like that. They already had one of the most awful transformations. No more pain for N :disappointed:

And if anyone interrupts N’s quiet time after they’ve had a long, hard day…\

Detective with pepper spray —> ( ゚Д゚)ノ占~<巛巛巛


I…wish it were that simple…
Eyes book 5


( ゚Д゚)ノ占~<巛巛巛 Book 5


That’s a good theory.

I was thinking maybe their dad was a captain in some royal navy, maybe from Scotland or Scandinavia (that’s the region the whistling thing seems to come from), and something happened to him at sea?


I think Sera said in an ask that vampires are alive and not dead or undead. But maybe N was whistling at sea because they didn’t know of the superstition, got shipwrecked, then almost died and the only way to save them was turn them into a vampire??? WHAT IF N IS A TITANIC SURVIVOR


Yeah, I do remember saying that, but I we don’t really know how the process of going from human to vampire goes… Maybe is a near death experience or something?

In fact, @Seraphinite , if you don’t mind me tagging you, can you explain what things are necessary to transform into a vampire? If it’s not spoilery for some reason?


[crawls up from the shadows]
[slap this ask down]

Anonymous asked: With an MC who’s clumsy af and keeps tripping/knocking over things, who out of the UB wouldn’t mind catching or moving them away from potential bumps everytime, and how’d they hold them?? :^)

N would be aware of the trait if it showed up a lot and would likely try to ease things for the MC, but not necessarily in an obvious way :smiley:


Nate subtly moving Charlotte at the last minute before she runs into anything dangerous.

[Charlotte and Nate walk down the street, chatting.]

Nate: [suddenly grabs Charlotte and whips her around for a kiss]

Charlotte: [dazed and starry-eyed] I—wha…? What happened? Did I die again?

Nate: I…I simply…felt the overwhelming urge to express my affection! [laughs nervously while clutching Charlotte a little bit closer]

[Meanwhile, a stray piano skids down the road behind him, where Charlotte was a moment ago.]

[crawls back into the shadows]


I kinda was wanting to leave this for people to learn about in-game as a lore kinda thing :smiley:

It is linked pretty deep with some of the vamps backstories.

But vampires in Wayhaven don’t die in order to transition into a vampire. Vampires in the world of Wayhaven are alive and not undead or anything like that.

The transition is extreme though (and it doesn’t happen everytime a vampire bites. It’s a choice the vampire can make to do it) and most don’t survive it, which is why vampires aren’t running around everywhere ;D

Hope that helps a bit!



I don’t think F needs to worry about the MC not getting the same attachment in returned because DANG. How can you not fall for that?! :heart:


Awwwwwww rebecca :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I honestly thought someone like her would be kinda disappointed or rather uncertain about getting pregnant at a younger age and also be working 9-5, but to hear her be all happy about having the mc it just makes me think that Rebecca is such a SWEETHEART.



Would love to be invited to the NSFW thread! Thanks.


From what I’ve heard the thread’s public now, but you have to be in the adult readers group.